4 Way to Enhance Breast Naturally

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You may be unhappy with the size of your breast or even about how you can make your boobs larger naturally, or if it is even possible. With the scientific and technological advancements available today, there certainly are some things you can do to get increase breast size, without surgical breast implants! However if your serious about having a lot large boobs then your only option would be to have Breast Implant. If you don’t have $10,000 spare then you can consider the option of travelling for surgery to Thailand. The cost of Breast Implant packages in Thailand is only $3800 making it a lot more affordable than surgery price of Breast Implant in Australia. If surgery is not an option you may want to consider other natural option to increase breast size.

1. Breast enhancement creams 

Breast enhancement creams work to make your breast bigger by penetrating the layers of you skin, targeting boobs tissue. Most breast creams contain all natural ingredients, and are also extremely efficient for firming the breasts. If a breast cream is applied topically along with a regimen of oral breast augmentation pills, the combination is usually extremely efficient

2.Breast Enlargement Foods

Appropriate food consumption can make a difference when it comes to physiological changes of your boobs as well as other parts of the body. Your efforts to enlarge your breasts’ appearance and health can be aided with the consumption of certain enhancement foods. In this respect, plant / phyto-estrogen rich foods are known to help enhance a woman’s boobs. To get a fuller and firmer bust line, consider taking foods such as , apples and tofu, various seed types, wheat germ, oats.

3.Breast Enlargement and enhancement pills

Breast augmentation and enlargement pills – These techniques are widely used and are known to be extremely efficient. Numerous of the pills in the market are very functional and high yielding. For the vast majority of women especially those who are not allergic to herbs, they are extremely efficient. If you have other medicines that you are taking, do clarify from your doctor that the two can go together and they are safe for you before you use them. Its a nice means to make your boobs bigger.

4. Massage to make your boobs bigger

Massage works wonders for firming and enhancing your breasts because it increases the blood flow to the chest area. A gentle, circular motion performed for a few minutes every day is all it takes

How To Look Younger Without Surgery

Botox Thailand

Now you don’t have to look your age and you don’t have to have plastic surgery or other invasive treatments and procedures to regain that youthful look again.

Defy the signs of ageing with BOTOX® and various Fillers and injectables. Now you don’t have to look your age and you don’t have to have plastic surgery or other invasive treatments and procedures to regain that youthful look! Thailand Surgeries and Clinics  offers various cosmetic treatments and non-surgical procedures to help you look and feel your best with zero to minimal downtime or discomfort. If you are considering BOTOX®  Cosmetic or dermal fillers to add volume, reduce fine lines, wrinkles or just improve your appearance then we can help arrange that for you whilst you are in Phuket recovering after surgery or just having a holiday. The cost of having non-surgical procedure in Thailand is exceptional lower than what you would be charged in Australia for the same treatment.

Add volume, create angles and freeze the hands of time with injectable cosmetic medicine. As a smart alternative to cosmetic surgery or complementary procedure to help you look your best, learn more about your choices to figure out what might work best for you visit our website www.destinymeditravel.com.au


Ultherapy is a new type of non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin on the brow, face, neck, and under the chin

Fractional Laser

If you are looking for younger-looking skin, or to improve scars, wrinkles or sun damage with a reasonably comfortable treatment and with fast recovery, you may be a candidate for Fractional laser.

Lip Augumentation

Full, voluptuous and well-proportioned lips have always been recognized as aesthetically desirable features.A number of procedures and injectable products can be used to enhance the lips to create a more youthful look

Thread Lift

The advantage of a thread lift is the absence of visible scars and the very short downtime from routine activities. Clients opt to have a thread lift to reduce signs of premature ageing, especially sagging skin on the face and neck

Facial Fillers

Botox is the most popular wrinkle treatment — in fact, the most popular cosmetic procedure of any kind .This treatment consists of injections of tiny amounts of the substance  directly into the muscle that lies below a wrinkle

No Service Fees Meditravel

Our agency has been offering Surgery in Thailand for over 9 Years now and we want to give back to our client who many of have become our friends or referred their friends to us over the years. When we started the agency in 2005 we had no idea how big Medical Tourism in Thailand would become growing yearly. We  have seen many agencies come and go over the years, all thinking that it is such a great job and not that hard. They all found out the hard way and often their in-experience and mistakes was at the expense of clients safety and results.

Yes! we all know surgery in Thailand is Cheap but it does not mean comprising on client safety. Having the knowledge of the right surgeons,  as well have the right support service in place both her in Australia on your return as well as in Phuket after your surgery.

Did you know that Meditravel can arrange for you to see a doctor for a check up when you return should you require it? Well we can more times than not it is not necesary but it is nice to know it is another service we are able to offer our client.

Booking frees and Agency fees has been what has allowed us to grow our business and get all these things in place. It has even allowed us to be able to send a client manager with our groups to ensure that single travelers and those with little experience or no international travel knowledge are well looked after.

As we believe in giving back  for the next 6 months we are not charging any admin, booking, registration fees but still offering all the same services and that include those joining our Group Surgery Package for Thailand. Our Thailand Breast Surgery Packages have just got so much more attractive knowing that you have an extra $395 to spend on new bras after your Breast Augmentation surgery in Phuket. Why Wait book now

4 Things about Facelifts

While you might know what kind of procedure you want to get when you head to Thailand for plastic surgery, there may be a few things you should know before you go under the knife.

Here are four surprising facts about face lifts that you might otherwise not been aware of.

1. Your facelift may help your migraines

In fact, strategic injections of botox may be able to prevent migraine headaches, in those who have more than 15 headache days a month.

Although it is not yet understood how botox can help to reduce the frequency of migraines, the most common theory is that it is able to inhibit the release of peripheral nociceptive neurotransmitters that may have a knock-on effect on the central pain processing systems that cause the headaches, according to the Migraine Trust.

2. The first face lift took place in 1901

Eugene Hollander is believed to be the first surgeon to perform a face lift surgery in Berlin, Germany in 1901. He lifted a portion of the facial skin, removed it and then sutured up the wound.

The techniques have been further developed since that time and the muscles and tissues are involved in this procedure, alongside the skin.

3. There are different types of facelift

You can either opt for a full face lift or what is known as a mini face lift, which involves less extensive movement of the skin and shorter scars.

If you have only slight, fine wrinkles this may be a better option than a full face lift, which is more invasive.

4. You can choose to be awake

When you have a face lift, you have the option of choosing a general or local anaesthetic. This means you can opt to be awake if you want to be aware during the procedure. (not often a choice people make)

If you choose a local anaesthetic you will be given a sedative and painkillers to make you as comfortable as possible.

#1 Plastic Surgery Package Thailand 2014

Breast Implants Phuket

Having many of the more popular plastic surgery procedures in Thailand like Breast Augmentation has gain media attention over the years growing with popularity increasingly. This then lead to putting together surgery packages that included flights, hotels and Surgery making the booking process as steam line as possible for clients.

#1- All Inclusive Breast Package

This package was the most popular Thailand Breast Implant package for 2013 and looks to take the title again in 2014. This package incorporates having Breast Implant Surgery in Phuket at Phuket International Hospital, Return airfares from capital cities in Australia and 9 nights at Kee Resort Patong. Prices starting from $5550 from Perth. The package price of $5550 is less than half what someone would expect to pay for just Breast Augmentation Surgery with any popular Plastic Surgeon in Sydney or Brisbane and this package includes having a forced recovery holiday, (who doesn’t want one of those lol)

This package includes 9 nights accommodation at Kee resort Patong including breakfast daily .All Destiny Meditravel Thailand Surgery Holidays include the minimum amount of time required by the hospital surgeons specific to the surgery. It is a requirement with all surgeries that a minimum recovery time is adhered by to be covered under the hospital Surgical Guarante

Having an Overseas Cosmetic Surgery Holiday has numerous benefits that extend beyond just the cheap cosmetic surgery available in Thailand.