Breast Augmentation Scars How To Reduce

Breast augmentation Scar Treatment

Breast Augmentation ScarsHave you recently had your breast Implant surgery in Thailand and wanted to minimise the minor Breast Augmentation scars left after surgery? Then, this article is for you.

There has been a significant boom in the number of medical tourists from Australia, who have their plastic surgery in Thailand. A dominant chunk of the surgeries primarily has to do with breast implants, augmentation, etc. The primary driver of the demand is the fact that in Thailand, surgery costs are far cheaper when compared to Australia.

Breast augmentation procedure can result in scars along the incision area, which may be under your armpit or in the breast crease.  These scars usually fade over a period. But until then, they can be uncomfortable and unpleasant..

Breast Augmentation Scars Reduction

For those who have undergone a breast surgery procedure or breast augmentation in Thailand and have developed scars. As a result, the following measures can help you minimise them–

  • Vitamin Supplements: These can assist in improving the overall condition of the skin and can contribute to rapidly healing your breast augmentation scars. For example, Vitamin C triggers a healthy formation of collagen around the scar. Similarly, Vitamin A intake can strengthen the fragile skin located around the scar. Vitamin E is also helpful in minimizing your scars. Remember to consult your physician before you start taking the vitamin supplements to know the correct dosage.
  • Skin Creams: Various creams are available in the markets that are very useful for lightening the resulting breast augmentation scars. Creams containing cortisone can significantly help you soften and reduce them. But you can only begin applying them only to the surgery wounds have healed. Ask your doctor to prescribe one for you.
  • Silicone Bandages: Using silicone bandages on a daily basis on your scar will help you reduce the thickness of the scar. You will be able to see visible results in less than two months. You can also use silicone gels instead of the bandages in order to deal with the scars. These are available at most chemist as they frequently used for burn patients
  • Skin Resurfacing: Another good way to reduce breast augmentation scars is to do a skin resurfacing treatment. Procedures like laser therapy or microdermabrasion help to remove the uppermost layer of the skin that holds the scar tissue. The new cell growth will then be nearer to your overall skin tone and will significantly reduce the visibility of the scars.
  • Avoid Sun: This is a precautionary measure to prevent Breast Augmentation Scars rather than a treatment. If you have recently undergone the surgery, then it is advisable that you avoid exposing your breasts to the sun. Constant exposure to the sun can thicken the scar and cause discoloration that can later be very hard to hide. It is better if you generously apply sunscreen onto your Breast Augmentation Scars area even if you are clothed.

The above measures are sufficient to majorly improve you Breast Augmentation Scars. However, if the scars persist and look still concern you, then you may have to undergo another surgery to remove the implant and then get rid of the scar tissue. You can avoid such complications if you choose your surgery hospital well.

When considering your cosmetic surgery package in Thailand, make sure that you are not blinded by the cheap costs or a flashy website. There are many world-class hospitals in Thailand that may be slightly more expensive than other Phuket Thailand hospitals, but their surgeons expertise will ensure that you have as little complications from the surgery as possible.

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