Breast Implants and pregnancy, your expectations.

Breast Implants and Pregnancy

breast implants and pregnancy

Breast Implants don’t need to affect your pregnancy

Many women have doubts as to whether breast implants and pregnancy affect each other in some way. Generally speaking, having breast implants does not in any way affect your pregnancy, nor does pregnancy cause any harm to your breast implants. Whether you are planning to have a breast implants in Thailand or Australia, as long as you have a reputable hospital and surgeon, you can be sure that they will correctly advise you on what to do after taking your needs into consideration.

Having a breast implants after pregnancy also has an additional benefit that you can shape your breasts and lose all the extra tissue that it has accumulated during pregnancy. Post pregnancy implants enable, your breasts to look both firm and voluptuous.

Breast implants before or after pregnancy?

When deciding whether to have breast implants before or after pregnancy, you need to keep a few points in your mind. Usually, women feel that their breasts have lost volume or shape post pregnancy. This is not the case for women with breast implants – their breast shape often remains in shape. However, it is advisable that you do not have your breast implant and pregnancy within a short period. You should ideally space out both these events. Most surgeons will ask you to wait some months.

  • Pregnancy after Surgery: During pregnancy, your breasts will naturally enlarge. And if you already have an implant, then your breasts are likely to sag. However, if you have naturally small breasts, then having implants before being pregnant can turn out to be good for you since your breasts can become more firm and fuller.
  • Surgery after Pregnancy: If you have recently become pregnant, then you should put off having your breast implant surgery for a 6-9 months. Since you will be lactating during this period, having Breast Implant surgery can increases the chances of infections. It is ideal that you have the breast implants after pregnancy.

Breast Implants During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does not affect the breast implants, although the tissue and skin will experience some level of changes.  To minimize its impact, avoid excessive weight gain to limit stretching of the tissue and prevent the saggy appearance.

Take note that gaining too much and too fast during pregnancy could lead to breast ptosis or sagging, which requires mastopexy or “lifting” after giving birth.

During pregnancy, your breasts will somewhat become tender and larger in preparation for breastfeeding.  For this reason, it may have an impact on the appearance of your breasts to some degree, but not always to the point that you will need a Breast Lift.


Will my breast implants affect my ability to breastfeed my child?

If you have a breast implant, breastfeeding your child should not be much of a problem. But, if you plan on getting pregnant after the implants, just make sure that you tell your cosmetic surgeon about this so that he can conduct the surgery accordingly.

More often than not, after weaning your breasts will return to its original size without drastically affecting the result of breast implants.  While deflated-appearance in the upper poles and sagging may occur to some degree, you can minimize the impact of pregnancy on your augmented breasts by controlling your weight through balanced diet and light exercise.

Because it may be hard to predict the exact impact of pregnancy on the result of breast augmentation, some doctors advise their patients to postpone the surgery. Especially if they are not yet done having children or at least do not consider getting pregnant in the near future.

Where should I look for cheap and safe breast implants?

Many Australian residents have now chosen to have their breast implant in Thailand. The main advantage of having your cosmetic surgery in Thailand is that you can save money even after factoring in your travel and accommodation expenses. The cost of breast implant in Thailand will come to around $5,500 for surgery, flights and hotel. The price is incredibly cost effective when you consider that you will have to shell out about $10,000 for just the procedure in Australia.

Considering the cost of a Breast Implant done in Australia, cosmetic surgery holidays in Thailand are a clear cut choice. Plus, hospitals like the Phuket International Hospital offer world class surgeons with an international reputation. If you want to know more about getting a breast implant in Thailand, then you can contact an experienced medical tourist agency like Destiny Meditravel. Visit their website at for further information.

Mummy Makeover =Pre-Pregnancy Body Back Post Pregnacy

mommy makeover thailand

Mummy Makeover – Get Your Groove Back

mummy makeoverWomen who have recently had a pregnancy may find that their body has changed drastically, ruining their perfect look. This can cause discomfort and even depression. However, cosmetic surgery provides an easy solution to these problems. A mummy makeover surgery is a combination of cosmetic procedures that seek to shape your Body and Breast as per your desires. It aims to remove all excess skin and tissue you have accumulated during your pregnancy that you have been unable to lose through diet and exercise.

There are many options to consider that can address each of the concerns that you have about the toll childbearing and pregnancy have taken on your body. You may feel that your breasts are too large or too saggy, so perhaps a breast reduction or breast lift is something that you may find of interest. Perhaps you have excess skin and fat deposits that won’t respond to diet and exercise, so you may decide to combine procedures like a tummy tuck and liposuction. Maybe you are concerned about wrinkles, sagging and lines around your eyes or face, so possibly an eyelid lift or facelift would be appropriate. Mums can customize their makeover to address almost any range of concerns.

What surgeries are usually done post pregnancy?

Some of the surgeries that are usually required by women post surgery include the following:

Breast Lift: Most women carry extra tissue in their breasts during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Post Pregnancy breasts are more likely to sag and droop, creating an unpleasant look and feel. A breast lift surgery will take care of this problem. The excess tissue will be removed through a surgical procedure, and your breasts will look firm and natural. You may opt to have an implant at the same time if you have lost breast tissue and want the fullness experienced when Breastfeeding.

Cost: Breast Lift Cost Australia $15,000 Breast Lift Cost Thailand $4900.

Tummy Tuck
: This is a much requested cosmetic surgery for mummy makeovers. After pregnancy, women may have excess skin around the abdomen. Even after a strict diet and exercise routine, chances are that the excess skin will remain. A tummy tuck surgery will remove the excess skin and if required can tighten the muscles, making your abdomen look flat and athletic once again. Combined with a breast lift this can be the perfect makeover package.

Cost: Tummy Tuck Cost Australia $18,000 Tummy Tuck Cost Thailand $6400.

Mini Face Lift: A facelift is done to reduce the prominence of wrinkles and other fine lines in your face. This can either be a surgical or non-surgical Liquid Facelift. The procedure will help you regain a youthful appearance of your face. In a surgical procedure, excess fat will be extracted from under your skin so that the skin wraps around the muscle groups in a well toned look. In a non-surgical facelift, injections like botox will be used reduce wrinkles.

Cost: Facelift Cost Australia $20,000 Facelift Cost Thailand $5000.

Vaginoplasty: Due to childbirth, a woman’s vagina can loosen up. This can cause problems during sexual intercourse. To correct this, you can opt for a vaginoplasty. This procedure will tighten up your vagina muscles and can improve your sexual relationships. An additional surgery called Labiaplasty can be performed on the labia or the lips surrounding the vagina.

Butt Lift: As the name suggests, a butt lift is a cosmetic procedure intended to firm and tighten the butt by removing the excess tissue and skin that has accumulated during pregnancy. Post the surgery your butt will have a shapely appearance.

mummy makeover 97% worth it

The best place to do a mummy makeover cost effectively

You can undergo a mummy makeover in Thailand. This will help you to save tremendously on costs. The cost of mummy makeover in Thailand will be well below half of what you will have to pay in Australia. And these cheap rates are the exact reason Thailand has been a top medical tourism destination for Australians for the past many years. If your not sure what surgeries you may need to achieve the results you are after  you can do a free surgical assessment from one of the highly experienced Thailand Plastic Surgeons from Phuket International Hospital.They then can provide specific surgeries for your mummy makeover and associsated cost.

One must remember that low-cost of Mummy Makeover in Thailand does not mean low-quality service. In fact, top hospitals like the Phuket International Hospital offers world class surgeons with excellent international reputations. Surgeries are conducted using the latest high tech medical equipments, and you will usually have a full-time medical attention available at your beck and call.

If you wish to know more about having a Mummy Makeover or any other cosmetic surgery in Thailand, then you can seek the advice of medical tourist agent Destiny Meditravel. Their experience will ensure that everything from your travel, accommodation and surgery is scheduled and carried out with minimum fuss. If you wish to know more about them, just visit their website at

Breast Feeding After Breast Implants

Breast Feed with Implants

You might be planning to breastfeed your baby when born. If you are considering having Breast Implants in Thailand prior to having your baby, there will be many questions to ask. You may wonder if breastfeeding is possible if you have breast implants and if so, will your implants have an effect on your ability to breastfeed and the amount of milk you can produce. Finding the answers and preparing yourself will help you make better decisions about breastfeeding with implants.

Below is an excerpt from a article that explains some crucial issues raised by breastfeeding after breast augmentation.

Can I breastfeed?
Most likely. It depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn’t cause any trouble. A “smile” incision around the areola increases your risk of having breastfeeding problems.

You won’t know exactly how your milk supply has been affected by breast augmentation surgery until you try to nurse. If you still have feeling in the nipple, you have a much better chance of having a full milk supply.

If you’re able to produce only a portion of the breast milk your baby needs, you’ll need to supplement with formula or donor milk.

Most mothers who have had breast surgery can breastfeed, at least to some extent. Some find that they:

  • Can breastfeed adequately (i.e., without the need to supplement).
  • A galactagogue might help (depending on the reason for a small supply)
  • Can partially breastfeed (i.e., with the need to supplement somewhat).

There is no clear way of knowing before the birth that of the above groups a mother, who has had breast surgery will fit within. How the surgery was done can impact upon how it may affect breastfeeding. For example, breast reduction surgery is more likely to cause milk supply problems as compared to breast augmentation surgery. It is particularly the case if the nipple was moved to a new position during the surgery as this disrupts the nerve supply to the nipple and areola.

What else should I know about my breast augmentation procedure, If I want to Breast Feed?

When you breastfeed, you can expect your breast skin to become looser. Thus, there’s the possibility that the implant-breast relationship will change. Some women will experience negligible change, but there are those who will see that the position of the implant has changed considerably.
What can I do if the implant’s positions changed after breastfeeding?
You have plenty of options for restoring your breast’s pre-baby appearance. One of the most popular options is a breast uplift procedure. Surgeons highly recommended that you wait six months after you finish breastfeeding before you undergo this type of restorative procedure for your breasts. A consultation with a Shreveport breast augmentation surgeon will provide you with the best information on how to proceed with your implant-related concerns.

The Top 3 Reasons Women Get Labiaplasty


The Top 3 Reasons Women Get Labiaplasty

  • They want their bodies (labia) to function better.
  • They want to look better in clothes and out of clothes.
  • They want to feel better about themselves and their bodies.​​

It’s a delicate subject, but an important one for your health and satisfaction. Simply put, childbirth causes many changes to your vaginal area. New Mothers and Father worry about everything returning to normal “down there” after child birth.

Following vaginal births, a lot of women experience ‘laxity’ of the vaginal canal and perineal muscles which sustain a lot of stretching at the time of delivery of a baby’s head. Those tissues lose their normal strength especially as women age which cause women to experience a decrease in vaginal sensation/gratification during lovemaking. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures aim at correcting the problem by tightening and repairing the damaged muscles returning them to normal

For years, cosmetic surgeons have been able to correct stretched or sagging skin in this area, but recent media attention has prompted many more women to consider this procedure. Surgeons use labiaplasty to correct large or misshapen labial skin and to enhance the external appearance of the vagina. Ultimately an intimate, private decision, women considering this surgery often seek guidance from a Surgeon proficient in this procedure.

If you are considering this or any other Cosmetic Surgery procedure in Phuket, take the next step and receive a free consultation when you request your surgeons appointment schedule . If you’re unsure about scheduling a face to face consultation, but you would like additional advice and information you can trust, you can still complete the Patient registration or send your enquires via our confidential online form.

Common Vaginaplasty Surgical Procedures

The most common surgical procedures associated with vaginaplasty are:

  • Labiaplasty – A reduction in the size or removal of pigmentation of inner or outer lips to improve function, appearance and sometimes comfort
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginal Tightening (with or without a laser) – Tightening of the vaginal canal and entrance to a pre-child or virgin-like state
  • Clitoral Hood Reduction – An increase in stimulation by removing or lessening of excess tissue around the clitoris
  • Hymenoplasty – Reattaching the hymen (most commonly for religious purposes or as a celebration of a strong union)
  • Liposuction of Mons Pubis – Removal of fat pad that covers the pubic bone
Why have labiaplasty?

Mothers are often unhappy with stretching of the exterior vaginal area caused by natural childbirth. Extended labia can cause discomfort when engaging in physical activity, or even when sitting for long periods of time, and may make you uncomfortable or self-conscious in intimate settings.

How it works.

Labiaplasty is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or twilight sedation supplemented by local anesthesia. Skin and fatty tissue in the labia are carefully sculpted depending on your surgical needs. Immediately after the procedures, you may experience swelling and discomfort, which is controlled through medication. After about five to seven days, you should be able to return to your normal routine, though you must avoid the use of feminine hygiene products and sexual activity for several weeks.