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In 2014 we launched our new blog we have been overwhelmed at the interaction and reads we have received.

These are the posts that got the most views in 2014.

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Is Liposuction cheap in Thailand

Liposuction Thailand

We are constantly seeing well-known celebrity in the news such as Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Demi Moore being congratulated on their perfect bodies after having liposuction. The biggest factor, most people need to take into consideration when having Liposuction, is the cost. Having Liposuction in Thailand can reduce this cost by more than 50%. Prices for a liposuction start from $2000 for the first area and then only $700 per area after the first. An example would be Lower Abdomen (1st area) $2000, Hips (2nd Area) $700 Arms (3rd area) $700, Total of $3400 for three areas of Liposuction

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure to aid the removal of fat from deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube (called a cannula) with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. Liposuction can be accomplished either with the use of general anaesthesia or with heavy IV sedation, or totally by local anaesthesia

What Techniques are used for Liposuction?

There are now many ways to do liposuction; Liposuction can be achieved painlessly either totally by local anaesthesia or with general anaesthesia. In the realm of liposuction, maximum speed and maximum volume of aspirate are not criteria for excellence. Ultimately, excellence is measured in terms of patient happiness that is a function of safety, patient comfort, finesse, and quality of results. The important distinction between liposuction surgeons who are board certified is the liposuction technique that they use. The surgeon’s specialty is not as important as the surgeon’s technique, experience and attitude toward safety.

Today, a number of new tools and techniques exist such as the tumescent and super-wet techniques help provide selected patients with more precise results and quicker recovery times.

The new Vaser and Cool Liposculpture are third-generation ultrasound devices that help skin contraction and tightening. It is also ideal for patients having a second procedure. It is a Ultrasonic (UAL) liposuction procedure, meaning it uses ultrasonic energy as a means of fat removal. The ultrasound technology breaks up and emulsifies the fat that is then removed. Unlike other fat removal methods, it leaves the surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and tissue virtually unharmed.

What won’t Liposuction do?

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity and is not a replacement for regular exercise and healthy eating habits. It is also not an effective treatment for cellulite, the dimpled skin that typically appears on the thighs, hips and buttocks.

If you are bothered by excess fat deposits – located anywhere on your body – that don’t respond to diet or exercise, liposuction may be right for you

Who is the Ideal candidates for liposuction?

  • Adults within 30% of their ideal weight who have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone
  • Healthy individuals who do not have a life-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and specific goals in mind for body contouring

The success and safety of liposuction depends very much on your complete honesty on your booking form and candidness during your consultation in Phuket before surgery.

Medical Tourism #cosmetictourism #Meditravel

There is much to consider before committing to having Surgery or Dental in Thailand. One of the first things to investigate would be the quality and safety of healthcare in Thailand specifically Phuket.  When you choose to travel with Meditravel you know we care about you as the client all the way through the process, this means you will also have access post-surgery to partner GP’s around Australia. You can perform a quick search on the internet for “Surgery Thailand” and find a host of foreign hospitals, doctors, even other agencies marketing directly to the worldwide consumer with hopes of attracting them to their country.

Many May have watched the segment on Today Tonight Adelaide but did you know that Meditravel is South Australian Based and one of the pioneers in the Medical Tourism Industry?

Our personal advice – don’t go through the process alone. Utilise the experience of a company like Destiny Meditravel who has performed their due-diligence on your behalf. Traveling to Phuket for surgery, without the necessary knowledge, is much too important to take the chance of making any mistakes.

Researching and planning your post surgery recovery period can be an exciting and adventurous process. It helps to relieve your thoughts about your surgical procedure and focus on the enjoyment segment of your medical retreat. Please be advised, depending on your surgery, you may not be able to enjoy certain activities, so, our best advice would be to look into physically inactive forms of enjoyment.
Here are just some of the services we  will offer to guarantee  our clients  comfort and enjoyment when in Phuket:

  • Meet and greet arriving clients at the airport .
  • Private transportation to your hotel
  • Private transportation to-and-from doctor consultations
  • Private transportation to-and-from medical procedures
  • Interpretation assistance at hospital or clinic if needed
  • Provide communication assistance, such as mobile phone and contact number
  • Check ups on recuperating patient once procedure is performed
  • Provide information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities
  • Provide information about local culture and customs of Thailand
  • Return client to airport for departure
  • Arrange for Airport medical assistance upon departure if necessary
  • Upon return to Australia access post-surgery to partner GP’s around Australia
  • Copy of your Medical Records and your Before and After Surgery images


Top 5 Questions About Surgery in Thailand

surgery thailand

Destiny Meditravel has been sending clients to Thailand for Plastic Surgery in Phuket and in Bangkok for over 9 years.

During this time as you can image we have spoken will thousand of client who all have had initial thoughts, fears, concerns and questions. We don’t try and convince you that you need to have surgery in Thailand as that decision is personal and something you need to feel comfortable making. What we do though is provide you with the information to make an informed and educated decision if travelling for surgery is right for your situation.

Top 5 Questions

1.    Is it Safe?

The hospitals and surgeons we recommend are leading healthcare providers in Thailand, and all follow international quality standards. All surgeries are carried out in International Standard hospitals with English speaking International patient centers and attended by full medical teams, not clinics. The hospitals and medical teams are all of the highest standards, with many having international qualifications and experience. The hospital that we have had chosen based on our research and client satisfaction having similar if not better standards of private healthcare, as you will find at home, with the same high quality technical and health care equipment without the high price


2.   Why is Plastic Surgery so Cheap in Thailand?

The main cost advantage comes in with the low cost of living and wages compared to Australia, coupled with the fact that there is NO TAX paid on treatments. Also, the great exchange rate means that Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket is naturally less expensive than home.

The service is excellent – with low wages, the hospital is able to employ more staff which means you are guaranteed attention immediately. Also, there is no waiting list for private hospitals, as it is relatively expensive for locals, and therefore you can be guaranteed your service when you want it.

3.   How Much Does Surgery in Thailand Cost?

This primarily depend on what surgery you are looking to have and example is Breast Augmentation is $3800, Liposuction (first Area )$1900, Face Lift $4200, Eyelid Lift (upper or lower) $920 each, Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty) $4900 or Tummy Tuck $5400

Included in surgery pricing:

included in phuket surgery costAll standard Private Hospital Fees (Anaesthetist, Surgeon, Theatre and, Pathology,)

included in phuket surgery cost1 night in a single, private room or up to 4 as set by surgeon specific to surgery.

included in phuket surgery costAll inclusive treatments e.g.Gel breast implants, bandages, dressings, hospital meals and medications

included in phuket surgery costPre and Post-surgery consultation/s by consultant Plastic Surgeon

4.   How long do I stay in Thailand after Surgery?

The length of time you need to stay in Thailand after surgery depend on what surgery you are planning. As a guide the time can vary from 8 day for Eye Lift, 9 Days for Breast Implants and Liposuction or up to 17 days for Breast Lifts, Tummy Tucks and Face Lifts. This allows for your recovery check up 7-10 days post op and to ensure that you are covered under the surgery Guarantee.

5.   Do you offer any guarantee on surgery in Thailand?

At Destiny Meditravel we stand by the service that we offer believing that we have a responsibility to our clients long after they have returned home. We provide our clients with the assurances that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk by traveling overseas for surgery and that the Doctors and Hospital are of an acceptable standard to westerners. We have researched thoroughly our doctors and hospitals and can confidently provide these assurances to our clients.

However, we do realise as will clients who research their procedures prior , risks will inherently be associated with any surgery – which we try to minimise by selecting the best hospitals and surgeons. If you are healthy without prior medical conditions and have realistic expectations, followed your doctors advice and recovery instructions then you should be pleased with your results.

If, in the,case that a problem does arise as a direct result of the surgery or hospital admission that requires corrective surgery, Phuket International Hospital has a guarantee policy and review process provided to our clients. View online here or Download

Breast Implant Surface, Shapes and Profiles

breast implant surface, shape and profile

Until recently, most patients never discussed breast implant shapes or profiles with their plastic surgeons. If you chose a certain size breast implant, you would receive a predetermined amount of forward projection from that size implant. Now, you can choose a breast implant size and, if you like, have that size implant stick out more or less than the base diameter would usually dictate. Choosing breast implant shape may seem complicated since manufacturers have so many styles in their lineups. However, it’s really only a matter of making two choices. The first choice is the breast implant shape; the second choice is the implant profile. Shape refers to the actual shape of the implant, round or anatomical. Profile refers to the distance the implant projects off the chest wall. The third Choice is the the surface of the implant


round and smooth implantsBecause women’s breasts take many sizes and shapes, and because goals for breast enhancement vary from patient to patient, there are different breast implant shapes available. For some women, the round breast implant provides the best results; for others, a better choice is an implant shaped like a teardrop. The appearance of breasts is highly affected by breast implant shapes.


Considerations include:

  • The patient’s body type
  • The amount of breast tissue the patient has.
  • Breast implant placement
  • Surgical incision choice

Round Breast Implants

Of the two breast implant shapes, the round breast implant is the most common type used for breast augmentation. A round breast implant is shaped like a flattened sphere. Certain types of round implants can enhance the forward projection of the breasts, which would otherwise require larger breast implants with wider bases. For women who desire fullness in the upper poles of their breasts, the round breast implant is a good choice.

Many women choose round implants because they tend to provide the greatest amount of lift, fullness, and cleavage. Some women, however, feel that the results produced with round implants appear artificial, so they seek out more natural-looking alternatives. A round breast implant can have a smooth or textured surface. Due to a round implant’s symmetrical shape, it does not pose the risk of implant rotation. The cost of a round breast implant is generally less than a teardrop(contoured) breast implant.

Tear Drop Breast Implants

As the name indicates, a teardrop breast implant, also known as a contoured breast implant, is shaped like a teardrop. Breasts attain a more gently sloping contour with teardrop breast implants. Although the upper poles of breasts that have teardrop implants are not as full as those of breasts that have round implants, teardrop-shaped implants often provide greater projection by volume. Of the two breast implant shapes, a teardrop breast implant is more expensive than a round breast implant, a consideration for those concerned with breast augmentation cost. A teardrop implant requires a textured surface to prevent rotation because, with teardrop implants, breasts can become distorted if the implant rotates. This is not a concern with round breast implants.


smooth and textured breast implantsAfter you have made the choice to have breast implant surgery, you must decide between two breast implant texture options: smooth and textured. On this page, we describe the differences between the two types to provide you with a better understanding so you can make an informed decision.

There is great debate amongst surgeons which is better. Some studies have shown fewer complications – specifically capsular contraction – with textured implants, but others have shown the opposite. The shells of both saline and silicone gel breast implants are made of silicone elastomer (rubber), and the surface area is either smooth or textured. The main purpose of textured implants is to promote tissue adherence to the irregular surface and hold them into place. Therefore, a textured surface is used with contoured implants because they have a top and bottom, and rotation or movement distorts the breast shape. On the other hand, most round implants have a smooth surface because the breast shape is not affected if the implant rotates in the breast pocket.


Smooth Breast Implants

Smooth implants are used in roughly 90 percent of breast augmentation surgeries today. A smooth breast implant is able to move freely in the breast pocket in which it is placed. Many women  eel that smooth implants have a more natural feel and appearance than textured implants. Smooth implants usually have thinner shells than textured implants, which makes them the softer choice of the two. Additional benefits of a smooth breast implant include implant longevity, lower patient cost, and reduced risk of rippling.

Textured Implant

It was originally thought that the textured surface of an implant could reduce the possibility of capsular contracture, a potential complication of breast implants. However, because evidence is not clear and there is no consensus as to whether a textured breast implant actually reduces the possibility of capsular contracture, many doctors prefer to use smooth, round implants. Smooth implants are often placed under muscle tissue in order to help avoid possible capsular contracture.

Textured breast implants have an irregular surface that is intended to hold the implant in place. The scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant conforms to the textured surface and “grabs” the implant to prevent it from being displaced or turning in the pocket, which could result in distortion of the breast shape. A textured surface is used with contoured implants to prevent movement because the teardrop shape is distorted if any rotation occurs. Textured implants were designed to lessen the risk of capsular contracture, which is an excessive contraction of the scar capsule that surrounds the implant, by preventing scar tissue from forming around the implant in a uniform manner. However, studies have proven inconclusive and no firm evidence exists to support the theory that textured implants reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

If a patient requires implant removal due to capsular contracture or another complication, it may be more difficult for the surgeon to remove the implant because of the adherence of tissue to the textured surface. The shells of textured breast implants are slightly thicker than smooth implants.Textured implants are more firm and carry an increased risk of rippling that is visible or can be felt through the skin, especially for women with smaller breasts. There is also a small increase in the chance that the implant shell will rupture.


When breast augmentation patients meet with their Thailand surgeons to discuss the many implant options that are available to them, they not only need to decide on a specific sized implant, but determine the amount of forward projection that is appropriate for the patient as well. In the past, implants came with a standard projection, or profile, based on the size of the implant that women choose. Today, surgeons and patients can work together to select an implant that is not only the right size, but also provides the desired projection and cleavage.The most important criterion for profile selection is the base diameter of the breast.

This is easily measured by the surgeon with a calipers or measuring tape. The implant diameter must be less than the breast base, or it will be “squeezed” circumstantially. This will force it to scallop, or ripple around the outer edge, creating a range of other problems. Among these is visible rippling; It has been observed of much less rippling since the high profile implants became available, because the base diameter can be matched more precisely.

Low Profile Breast Implant

low profile implantThe low profile implant shell is wider (larger diameter) and flatter (less height or depth) than moderate profile breast implants. This implant style is commonly used for women who have a wide broad chest frame. The extra width of the implant shell will fill the chest anatomy correctly, achieving a natural look and realistic cleavage. The implant will not project as far off the body as other implant styles, making it the right choice for women who want fullness, but not an overly round and obviously enhanced look. The main criteria used to select low profile implants are the base diameter of the breast and dimensions of the chest. The implant should be smaller than the base diameter of the natural breast mound, which is often substantial in wider framed women.

Moderate Profile Breast Implant

moderate profile implant

The low profile implant shell is wider (larger diameter) and flatter (less height or depth) than moderate profile breast implants. This implant style is commonly used for women who have a wide broad chest frame. The extra width of the implant shell will fill the chest anatomy correctly, achieving a natural look and realistic cleavage. The implant will not project as far off the body as other implant styles, making it the right choice for women who want fullness, but not an overly round and obviously enhanced look.

The main criteria used to select low profile implants are the base diameter of the breast and dimensions of the chest. The implant should be smaller than the base diameter of the natural breast mound, which is often substantial in wider framed women.

Moderate Plus Profile Breast Implant

moderate plus breast implant

Moderate plus implants are a half step compromise between traditional moderate profile implants and popular new high profile implants. The moderate plus profile is perfect for women who want a bit more projection than is typically provided by a moderate profile, but not as much projection as is found with the high profile shell.

Moderate plus describes the distance the implant will project off the chest wall, once they are surgically placed inside the breast.

High Profile Breast Implant

High profile breast implants are a great innovation in breast implant design. First available in the early 1990’s, high profile implants have filled the specific needs of many patients perfectly, helping them to achieve a pleasing breast esthetics and an extremely natural shape and contour. High profile implants have also become a favorite of many cosmetic surgeons and are recommended to many patients due to their excellent surgical results.

High profile implants project the further off the chest wall, when compared to other common implant profiles. The high profile implant will achieve this projection by having a smaller base diameter than an identically sized (in cc’s) moderate or low profile implant shell. By decreasing the diameter of the shell, but keeping the same fill volume, the manufacturer is able to increase the depth or forward projection.

high profile breast implant

High profile implants are perfect for women with a narrower chest frame who still want a considerable size increase during their breast augmentation surgery. Instead of using a wider base diameter moderate implant, the doctor will choose a narrower high profile shell which will suit the patient’s anatomy and project out to accommodate the volume of the filler material. High profile implants are also commonly indicated for patients who are undergoing a combination breast enlargement and donut mastopexy procedure. This modified mastopexy, like many breast lift operations sometimes squares off the breast shape slightly, making it appear wider and less round. The shape of the high profile implant shell restores the rounded shape of the breast, while still allowing the considerable benefits of the mastopexy lift.

While some studies say that these high profile shells reduce visible wrinkling and rippling, the reasoning given is generally incorrect. It is not anything to do with the design of the implant which decreases this noticeable unwanted breast enlargement complication. it is simply a better anatomical fit. Wrinkling and rippling often occurs when a women with a narrow chest frame desires large implants. The base diameter of her natural breasts is smaller than the base diameter of her implants. Obviously, the implant will be compressed and distorted by the small confines of the pocket inside her breast. This distortion causes the wrinkling and rippling which can be so unappealing to many affected patients. By utilizing a proper fitting high profile implant with a base diameter smaller than the natural breast width, the surgeon can guarantee a good fit with no implant shell distortion. The patient’s size request is accommodated by the increase in forward projection creating a flawless augmented, butvery natural looking breast.

Ultra High Profile

Ultra high breast implantUltra High Profile implants available are through Mentor, this implant provides the narrowest base and highest projection. They are only available in Round shape and up to 495cc. Ultra High profile implants are perfect for women with a narrower chest frame who still want a considerable size increase during their breast augmentation surgery. Instead of using a wider base diameter implant, the doctor may choose the ultra high profile if the high profile is not enough projection. This may suit the patient’s anatomy and project out to be able accommodate the volume of the filler material.

There are two ways to increase projection in an implant. The first way is to add more volume to the implant. The other way to add projection is to make the base (diameter) of the implant smaller. Thus for any given volume, a smaller base has more projection. This is what ‘high profile’ implants do—they have a smaller diameter with a higher projection.


What is Cost of Surgery in Thailand?

surgery thailand

Cost of Surgery in Thailand

We have all seen the media reports about the cost of Surgery in Thailand and the Cost of Dental treatment in Thailand are well below what we have been paying in Australia. But really is there a real difference once you factor the cost to actually travel to Thailand for flights and hotels for the duration of recovery.

In short the answer still remains as, “Yes Cost Of Surgery in Thailand is Cheaper”  when we compare that a cost of having Breast Augmentation is Australia can be upwards of $10,000 and in Thailand cost of Breast Augmentation is a mere $3800 AUD. A travel  10-day package to Phuket for flights and accommodation can be picked up for around $1400 per person these days. When we look at $3800 + $1400 is still only equates to $5200 well below the $10,000 almost half the cost in fact.

The $10,000 cost for Breast Implant in Australia just gets me that the surgery! My $5200 Breast Implant Package to Phuket get me the surgery plus 9 nights accommodation, breakfast and flights to Phuket. We should be asking ourselves why is it that Australian Doctors are still charging such ridiculous fees for Cosmetic Surgery compared to other countries?

Most Popular Surgery Procedures in Thailand
Phuket Price* (THB) from:
Phuket Price* (AUD) from:
Nights required in Phuket
Breast Augmentation (Round Gel) 115,000 (under 500cc) 3,833 9
Breast Augmentation (Tear Drop) 145,000 (under 500cc) 4,800 9
Breast Augmentation (Duel Plane) 130,000 (under 500cc) 4,266 9
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation (Round) 130,000 (under 500cc) 4,266 9
Breast Lift with Implant (round) 210,000 7,000 16
Revision of Breast Implant 150,000 4,925 16
Breast Reduction 160,000 5,000 16
Breast Lift 130,000 4,250 12
Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) 80,000 2,667 10
Tummy Tuck (Standard) 165,000 5,415 16
Tummy Tuck +2 Area Liposuction 190,000 6,300 16
Liposuction (first Area ) 60,000 1,965 9
Liposuction (secondary area/ extra area ) 20,000 655 9
Labiaplasty From 20,000 From 655 9
Face Lift 130,000 4,266 16
Forehead Lift/Brow Lift 110,000 3,610 16
Mid & Lower Face Lift 200,000 6,666 16
Eyelid Lift (upper or lower) 28,000 920 9
Face Liposuction please inquire please inquire
Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty) 150,000 4,920 16
Neck Lift 80,000 2,625 16
Prominent Ear Correction (Pair) 48,000 1,575 9
Home Bleaching Kit / Opalescence Bleaching Gel 11,000 367
Zoom Whitening 12,000 394
Porcelain Crown / per tooth 10,000 331 9
Composite Veneer / per tooth 5,000 160 10
Porcelain Veneer / per tooth 11,000 (1-5 teeth) & 9,000 (6+ teeth) 367 or 300 depending 10
Root Canal Treatment 10,000 331 7
Gum Surgery (flap operation -per visit) 5,000 166
Partial Denture (per piece) 15,000 496
Simple Extraction (per tooth non surgical) 1,500 50
Dental Implant (with final crown -per unit) 80,000 2,600 12-14
Periapical Xray 200 6.67
Panoramic Xray (OPG) 700 23.33

Please note: listed prices are for standard, non-complicated procedure patients only. Prices may be subject to change depending on the specific requirements of each individual case. The final price will be set during face to face consultation with the surgeon. 

Download Price List


4 Way to Enhance Breast Naturally

natural cleavage

You may be unhappy with the size of your breast or even about how you can make your boobs larger naturally, or if it is even possible. With the scientific and technological advancements available today, there certainly are some things you can do to get increase breast size, without surgical breast implants! However if your serious about having a lot large boobs then your only option would be to have Breast Implant. If you don’t have $10,000 spare then you can consider the option of travelling for surgery to Thailand. The cost of Breast Implant packages in Thailand is only $3800 making it a lot more affordable than surgery price of Breast Implant in Australia. If surgery is not an option you may want to consider other natural option to increase breast size.

1. Breast enhancement creams 

Breast enhancement creams work to make your breast bigger by penetrating the layers of you skin, targeting boobs tissue. Most breast creams contain all natural ingredients, and are also extremely efficient for firming the breasts. If a breast cream is applied topically along with a regimen of oral breast augmentation pills, the combination is usually extremely efficient

2.Breast Enlargement Foods

Appropriate food consumption can make a difference when it comes to physiological changes of your boobs as well as other parts of the body. Your efforts to enlarge your breasts’ appearance and health can be aided with the consumption of certain enhancement foods. In this respect, plant / phyto-estrogen rich foods are known to help enhance a woman’s boobs. To get a fuller and firmer bust line, consider taking foods such as , apples and tofu, various seed types, wheat germ, oats.

3.Breast Enlargement and enhancement pills

Breast augmentation and enlargement pills – These techniques are widely used and are known to be extremely efficient. Numerous of the pills in the market are very functional and high yielding. For the vast majority of women especially those who are not allergic to herbs, they are extremely efficient. If you have other medicines that you are taking, do clarify from your doctor that the two can go together and they are safe for you before you use them. Its a nice means to make your boobs bigger.

4. Massage to make your boobs bigger

Massage works wonders for firming and enhancing your breasts because it increases the blood flow to the chest area. A gentle, circular motion performed for a few minutes every day is all it takes

Top 3 Reason Other Than Cost To Travel For Surgery

travel for surgery

While the low prices are often a major draw card for people considering plastic surgery in Thailand, there are plenty of other great reasons why Asia has become a hot spot for medical tourism.

Here are three great reasons to consider jumping on a plane and heading over.


While there are always risks associated with medical procedures such as tummy tucks and breast implants, you can rest assured you will be in good hands in Thailand.

Most private hospitals are internationally accredited so you know you will receive the best service on offer.

Not to mention, many of the doctors in Thai hotels were trained in Western universities or have spent time abroad. This may help reassure you that the world class surgeons will be treating you.


Want to be treated like royalty? Thai people are renowned for their friendly and hospitable service and you are sure to enjoy your stay with them.

According to Business in Asia, there is a plentiful supply of registered nurses in Thailand so jobs that may be performed by orderlies in Australia will be completed by nurses.

Almost all the doctors you will encounter speak flawless English and most of the nurses will also be proficient in this language.

This may help you feel more relaxed and comfortable ahead of your operation.


After all, you have headed over for medical tourism for the holiday as much as the medical procedure!

Thailand has much to offer and offers a beautiful location in which to relax, recover and recuperate after your surgery.

Why not spend time in a bungalow with an ocean view following your operation?

You will be just as comfortable, if not more so, than you would be at home.

Plus, you can send your family off on an adventure if you need a spot of peace and quiet.