March Group Surgery Tour

March 2016 Group Surgery Tour~Limited Places


Join our March 2016 Group Surgery Tour to Phuket and know that you will be looked after by our specialist team of experts. If you don’t have someone to travel with this  is ideal as we can assist you to be partnered with another traveller.


When working with Meditravel you know that you will have a choice in the surgeon you wish to use from a selection of the most experienced Thailand Surgeons. Our Thailand surgeons are among the best at Phuket International Hospital.
Our Surgery Groups choose to stay at the 5 star Avista Hideaway Resort, where you can recover in a relaxing and peaceful setting.

  • Discounts on Food and Beverage at the Hotel
  • Free  Scheduled Shuttle Bus to Patong and Paradise Beach
  • Free Wifi
  • Buffett Breakfast Daily
  • Discount on Spa treatments
We don’t like our clients left wondering where they have to be and when so we arrange all your transfer based around your travel, surgery and appointments. We organise to collect you from the airport on arrival and deliver you to your hotel and then to returrn you safely back to the airport to head home.All transfers to and from the hospital are arranged on your behalf from your initial consultation right through to all your check ups and final appointments. All nominated transfer are free of charge to Meditravel surgery clientele.
All Meditravel  Services are included in this package which covers all services in Thailand and Australia pre and post-surgery – with no additional Fees! We will coordinate all your surgery and travel arrangements and provide you with a copy of all documentation.

Your Consultant will remain with you at the Hotel for 10 days in Thailand to assist you through appointments, surgery and into your recovery.

Prior to your departure every Meditravel Client receives a personalised ‘Client Information Folder’ with your personal travel details which include – Hospital, Clinic, surgery, payment option, transfers and other documentation and records required to make your Surgery travel stress-free. We will include our client information booklet that covers checklist before your depart, money matters, recovery information and other essential travel-related hints and tips.If you require post-surgery garments these will be sent with your folder.

Your Next Steps~Moving Forward

No matter what procedure you want to get done, or where you want to get it done, you will need to get a surgical assessment done first. This is approval by the surgeon and a confirmation that you can get the procedure done at the advertised prices.Every client is required to undergo an assessment to ensure they are a candidate.Having this valuable information is essential in a client’s research as it greatly assists in qualifying the financial viability of traveling to Phuket for surgery or staying within Australia for surgery. You will know up front what surgery is advised and all the associated costs.We will not hide any fees or associated cost as we don’t like our clients getting any surprises.In this package every client is required to undergo an assessment to ensure they are a candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery. This includes providing medical and personal details together with submitting the required photographs.
A free Plastic Surgeon assessment by one of our highly experienced and qualified Plastic surgeons at PIAC Hospital is available to all our surgical clients.The first and most essential step to a successful surgery is for the surgeon to learn as much about the patient as possible.The surgeon assessment allows  you to know all the information you can up front about your surgery choices.Firstly it is good idea to ensure that they are a candidate for your chosen surgery and second to enable a qualified Plastic Surgeon to provide you with professional recommendations.You will know up front what surgery is advised and all the associated costs, recovery time and surgery date availability.We will not hide any fees or associated cost as we don’t like our clients getting any surprises. All that is required is that you complete your Patient registration providing all your personal and Medical information.It is important that you take all the required photos as per the instructions so that the surgeon can provide an accurate assessment and recommendations.You can view and download the photo requirement for Face surgery by clicking the image .If you have any issues uploading the photos into the form you can choose to email or text them through to us and we can manual add them for you.face Image Required

After submitting your registration form and the required photographs, these are sent off to our Thailand Plastic surgeons to provide you with an assessment.

We ask that you be patient as this can take 5-7 days to receive a response from the Plastic Surgeons. Whilst this is happening we continue to work with you to look at appointment availability and assist with travel arrangements to Phuket. 

If you would also like to look at options in Australia for your surgery using Meditravel Exclusive Discounted Plastic Surgery Cost with our surgeons in Sydney, please let us know.

You will be emailed a copy of your surgical recommendations once they are received from he surgeon. One of our consultants will then be in touch to discuss further the recommendations and to commence the booking process.

October Phuket Group Surgery

surgery group thailand

Phuket Group Tour

After ten years of sending clients successfully to Phuket for surgery, Meditravel understands that there is still that traveller who still have many concerns about travelling for surgery and feel safer travelling with an experienced Meditravel Coordinator. Group Surgery travel to Phuket is a great option for clients for many reason, which is why our Thailand Surgery Group tours fill up very quickly. Our surgery  group tour is a fully escorted Surgery and or Dental tour, with up to no more than 10 clients PLUS partners or companions.

At Meditravel we think it is important for client safety and satisfaction to keep the number low with our surgery groups to ensure that each and every client has the attention that they need and don’t just become a number and will feel they are well looked after throughout their stay.

Phuket Group Surgery Tour

Your Group Surgery Tour pricing will be customised to your specific surgical and travel requirements, ensuring that you stay the recommend recovery period all while saving you money. Your Escort will be with you for surgical appointment to assist with your questions, payments and admission to hospital through to your discharge and recovery period.

Your Escort will be with you for surgical appointment to help with your questions, payments and admission to hospital through to your discharge and up to 10 days into your recovery period

At Meditravel, we believe that all our clients safety and wellbeing is paramount to a successful surgery and recovery. Our Client Managers are there to ensure each and every client follows the surgeons recovery instructions and provide support to clients any way they can during the recovery period in Phuket.

Meditravel Phuket group surgery packages are not limited to one specific surgery our Meditravel Group Managers are highly experienced and capable of managing Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lifts and Face Lifts  and Dental clients consecutively to name a few.

Phuket Group Tour Dates

Each Group Tour only has 10 places available.

2015 Dates Remaining Places
OCTOBER 25th Oct 6



Group Surgery Travel Thailand Embraced By Australians

Group Surgery Travel

Plastic surgery certainly ranks high on the list of surgeries that are commonly performed by Australians. The power of undergoing a certain change, in order to look better, does appeal to everyone at large. This is totally appealing to both sexes, and a large number of them decide to undertake them every year.

Every year also throws up newer and unique trends that dominate the plastic surgery scene in Australia. Now, while there are numerous surgeons and clinics in the country, that offer the option to undergo cosmetic surgery. A huge number of patients are beginning to embrace a rather new, and yet very appealing, trend.

Plenty of prospective plastic surgery patients, these days, opt for medical tourism as an option, based on 50% saving on the cost alone. Group Surgery Tours is about travel to another country, in order to undergo any surgery. While this may pose the question, of why travel to a foreign country for a surgery, there is certainly a lot more to it than just the surgery cost alone.

One of the first things that come to mind is that a cosmetic surgery in another country allows for tourist activities, and as such, they can even be undertaken during your recovery period. Therefore, one can go through a successful recovery and then get back to the country, before resuming normal activities.

Group surgery travel, which involves traveling for surgery in a group, can also prove to be largely beneficial for many people. These tours are headed by a manager for the medical tourism company, who is appointed by the agency initiating the program. As such, group surgeries can offer numerous advantages:

  • Single travelers can largely benefit from group travels. As a single person does not have to foray into an unknown country alone. Group surgery travel also make up for good company during tourist activities.
  • Travelers, for whom a trip may be the first one, can overcome any fears in the presence of a surgery group.
  • People who need company and help during their recovery period can greatly benefit from group surgery travel.
  • If you are in a group of few friends or relatives, who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery, group travel comes across as a very fabulous option.

 Group surgery Travel with Destiny Meditravel

Destiny Meditravel, is a very well-known Australian agent for Thailand cosmetic surgeries, send their patients to Phuket in Thailand. Now, Phuket is a very attractive destination for Australian tourists and also boasts of numerous tourist activities that one can choose to opt to do once surgery completed. With great hotels for accommodation and, top class hospitals and surgeons in the area, one can be in for a very fruitful trip, to say the least.

Besides, every group surgery tour is always headed by client managers, who know the conditions and make every effort to make patients feel comfortable. These managers also stay in Phuket, initially for up to 10-14 nights, so that everyone receives extra assistance during the beginning of the recovery phase after surgery. Considering that these managers have local experience, you won’t have any problem pertaining to any assistance needed in Phuket.

Group Surgery accommodation is in 4 or 5-star hotels, including transfers from the airport, and the hospital are also handled easily. Fees that you usually pay are all-inclusive of surgery, flights, and accommodation. Despite that, you’d notice how it is still way cheaper than what you’d pay for a similar surgery in Australia.

Group Surgery Travel for cosmetic surgeries in Thailand has been gaining largely, in popularity. As more people seem interested and opt for Phuket as an ideal destination for plastic surgery and tourism, Destiny Meditravel always has future travel dates drawn up, just in case anyone is looking for them.

The next Group Surgery Tour, if you want to join, is scheduled for May 10th 2015 where the surgery group will be staying  in 5 Star accommodation at the Avista Resort, Patong. There are limited spots left so if your interested contact Destiny Meditravel and register.


Thailand Surgery Packages

May Surgery Group

Next Surgery Group Departs 10th May

Our next Surgery Group to Phuket Thailand is departing on the 10th May.

Group Surgery travel is an excellent option for clients for many reason, which is why our Thailand Surgery Group tours fill up very quickly. Our group tour is a fully escorted Surgery and or Dental tour, with up to 12 clients PLUS partners or companions. Our Groups traveling to Thailand for surgery are accompanied by one of our experienced Meditravel Client Managers whom all have had surgery themselves, they know what you’re going through.These ladies are there to ensure that you have everything you need during your recovery.

Who should join a group a tour you ask?

  • Single Travellers.
  • First Time Travellers
  • Few Friends travelling together
  • Those wanting unique surgery travel experience
  • Wanting a little extra TLC
  • Or those who just want to have some additional company available in their recovery period.

Take Advantage of some of our great package and Join us in May!


Breast Implant PackageBreast Lift/implant PackageBreast Lift PackageFace Lift + Neck PackageFace Lift PackageNose Correction PackageTummy Tuck Package Mummy Make Over PackageLiposuction Package

Download Flyer :May Group


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What is a Surgery Group Tour?

Group Surgery

This has become a very popular form of travel in the past few years for Australian wishing to have Surgery in Thailand. It is a great travel option for for many reason, which is why Surgery Group tours fill up very quickly. A group tour is a fully escorted Surgery and or Dental tour, with up to 12 clients PLUS partners or companions. These groups depart through out the year so there is always one that you can join to have your cheaper surgery in Thailand.

Meditravel Groups traveling to Thailand for surgery are escorted by one of our most Experienced Meditravel Client Managers, who have had surgery so know what you will be going through.These ladies are there to ensure that you have someone there when you come back from surgery and then to oversea your recovery. They are their primarily to assist you through the surgery day and return back to your hotel. On the surgery day they can sit with you in the consultation to ensure that you understand everything that is discussed. Many times patients end up like bunnies in the headlights when discussing the surgery. They get caught up in the realisation that they are finally going to have the surgery they have been planning for months and forget to ask some of the more important questions.

After surgery once you are able to look after yourselves, you are returned to your hotel for your recovery period until your check up 7-10 days later. During your time at the hotel the escort is on hand should you need them to ask questions or need assistance with medications and bandages. The escort is not there as a social event  coordinator but as a guide to assist client in knowing what restrictions their surgeries will have on their ability to engage on tourist activities. Having travelled to Phuket many times the escorts knowledge on the area and all things shopping is invaluable to clients.

Who should consider joining a Thailand Surgery Group a tour you ask?

  • Single Travellers .
  • First Time Travellers
  • Few Friends travelling together
  • Wanting a unique surgery travel experience
  • Wanting a little extra TLC
  • Or those who just want that extra reassurance of someone on hand.

Within a few days of returning to the hotel clients rarely need the assistance of their escort, however knowing that they are staying with them at the hotel make them accessible and easily contactable. As not all client will have surgery on the same day the first few day for the escort is very hectic and they still always make sure you know how to get in touch with them at the Phuket Hospital when they are there, should you need.

Stay tuned for our blog for the post  coming up from a client who just returned from the latest Phuket Surgery Group Tour…