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Fat Transfer or a Fat Graph takes your unwanted body fat via VASER Lipo or MicroLipo and transfers it to areas of the body where volume is needed. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to implants and fillers.

Billed as a natural and long-lasting alternative to implants and fillers, these fat transfers – also used to plump up sagging boobs, or a bottom that has lost its perkiness. Fat Transfers have become big business since being pioneered in the U.S. In the past year; it has been reported of a 15 per cent increase in the number of Fat Transfer treatments.

The two-in-one procedure involves removing anything from 20ml to 200ml  of fat from most commonly the inner thigh or stomach, slimming the area slightly in the process. It’s then injected into somewhere lacking in volume, such as the breasts, buttocks, eye area or hands.

While a certain amount of the newly-added fat gets reabsorbed by the body, most stays in place, ageing and depleting naturally alongside other body cells. Scarring is kept to a minimum as the skin need only be pierced with a small syringe.

It is estimated that 30 percent of fat injected won’t survive past the first month. The fat cells can die if they aren’t near enough to a blood supply to sustain them, so surgeons always overfill to compensate. This can cause initial swelling which usually settles down within days or weeks depending on how much fat has been transferred.

As the fat is softer and more fluid than synthetic fillers, the results from fat grafting look and feel natural, and there’s no risk of rejection. It stays in its new ‘home’ unless you lose weight quickly, in which case it behaves exactly like normal fat and gets broken down and reabsorbed. As a result, effects can last ten years or more compared to fillers which typically need replacing after 12 months.

Fat Transfer Surgeons Thailand

Two of the surgeons at Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC) which are part of Phuket International Hospital are trained in Fat Transfers and perform the operation frequently. Dr Visnu and Dr Rushapol have undergone extensive training in Fat Transfers allowing them to offer the option to Meditravel clients.

Face Fat Transfer Advantages

  • Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive procedure
  • Results are more natural-looking
  • Considerably less pain and no scarring
  • No lengthy time off work or away from daily activities

Fat transfer remains controversial although many plastic, dermatology and cosmetic surgeons offer various fat transfer procedures to their patients because the procedure is so well received by patients.

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Fat Transfer

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Fat Transferred from My Butt to My Breast

Fat Transfer

How many times have we amongst our friends said how about I take some of your big breast and add to my little breast and make everyone happy! Even better would be having fat taken from our expanding hips and added to our abnormally small breast area. Could all of this finally really be a possibility?

The new buzz word in the Media at the moment is “Fat Transfers” Fat Transfers is not exactly a new option just a new exploited version of the same thing that has always been available. In Short Fat Transfer, also known as Fat Grafting or Fat Injections is a natural, minimally invasive surgery for those seeking breast or buttock augmentation or replacing age-related lost volume and subtly smoothing out wrinkles. Fat is removed, using VASER Liposuction, from various parts of the body where there is a substantial amount, such as the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The fat is then centrifuged, or purified, to separate the healthy fat cells from the damaged ones, and injected into another area of the body that is lacking in volume.If you’re looking for a natural alternative to implants and fillers, the Fat Transfer procedures could be an option for you!

Before you start planning your newer version of yourself you need to ensure that you are looking at all the information not just the information you want to see. Like all good things there is a down side to Fat Transfers as much as an upside

The most import thing that you need to realise upfront is Fat Transfers are not a permanent solution. Up to 65% of the transferred fat may be absorbed by your body over the first few months. The remaining 35% will usually stay in place for years. You may require a “top-up” within the following months.The survival of the fat and longevity of the results depend on the surgeon’s skills, how the fat was harvested and purified, and how and where it was injected. To be performed successfully, fat grafting requires a surgeon with highly developed skills based on experience and knowledge of the technique. A process called micro fat grafting, although labor intensive, is the best way to ensure that the highest percentage of grafted fat will take. When done successfully, the injected fat establishes a new blood supply from your body and receives the nourishment it needs for survival.However, there may be a percentage of fat that does not take, which is why touchup procedures are sometimes necessary.

Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement
Fat Transfer procedures are being offered as a viable and more ‘natural’ alternative by some surgeons world wide to having the alternative of breast implants. It defiantly is a possibility under specific circumstances like, If you desire a modest increase in breast size, you are a good candidate for fat grafting to the breast, but your should be aware that your breasts should already have a nice shape and good skin tone. If you have poor skin, sagging breasts, or want a significant increase in breast size (more than one cup size), breast augmentation with fat transfer is not for you. The problem with only using fat for breast enhancement lies in getting large volumes of fat to predictably “take.” with the possibility of only 35% of the fat transferred being useable is it really worth the cost?


  • Autologous fat (from your own body), as opposed to dermal fillers, replaces “like with like,” reducing the chance of allergic reactions to foreign substances.
  • Fat transfer results are natural, long lasting and safe.
  • Fat transfer is a noninvasive method for achieving facial rejuvenation.


  • It is time consuming to prepare fat tissue before transferring it, compared to dermal fillers, which are prepackaged.
  • Though longer lasting than dermal fillers, fat transfer costs more.
  • For augmentation, you may require multiple sessions to achieve your desired breast or buttock size