Dr Sanguan Kunaporn PIAC

Dr Sanuguan

Dr Sanguan 

Dr Sanguan

Specialise in Breast Augmentation, Gummy Tuck and Gender reassignment

Thailand Plastic Surgeon

Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC)

Dr Sanguan Kunaporn, has a well-known and well-deserved reputation in plastic surgery, and particularly in the field of Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment surgery. In Thailand Doctor Sanguan trained under the guidance of Doctor Preecha Tiewtranon, regarded by the Transgender community as the pioneer of Gender Reassignment surgery. He studied and trained in America before opening the PPS clinic in Phuket.

Dr Sanguan expertise has been heavily documented over the past decade with extensive media coverage, including documentaries on the National Geographic Channel (internationally), MDR (Germany), ABC (Australia), Star TV (Hong Kong) and 20/20 (New Zealand). These programs have given transgendered clients the opportunity to pass on their personal experiences and their decision making process in undertaking Gender Reassignment Surgery.

His plastic surgery experience extend to be a sought after plastic surgeon for Breast Augmentation and Abdominal surgeries such as Tummy Tucks.

“I guess just about everyone thinks that their surgeon is the best. All I can say is that it’s difficult to imagine anyone better than Dr. Sanguan and his staff at Phuket International Hospital. Everyone was so kind, considerate, gentle, and good humored. And the standard of care was second to none.”

Dr.Sanguan Kunaporn, M.D

specialties include:

Breast Surgery
Abdominoplasty Surgery
Transsexual Surgery
Gender Reassignment Surgery.


Dr Sanguan Education and Degrees

Chulalongkorn University Medical School, Bangkok, 1978-1982 – B.S.
Chulalongkorn University Medical School, Bangkok, 1982-1984 – M.D.
Qualification Thai Certified Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 1984
Internship: Rayong Hospital, Rayong, 1984-1985

Dr Sanguan Experience

General practitioner: Koh Samui Community Hospital, Koh Samui, Suratthani, 1985-1988
Residency training: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Chulalongkorn Hospital, 1988-1991
Full Time Plastic Surgeon, Vachira General Hospital, Phuket, Thailand, 1991-1999
Plastic Surgeon, Phuket Plastic Surgery 1992-present
PConsultant Plastic Surgeon, Phuket International Hospital 1992-present
Founding Plastic Surgeon, Phuket International Aesthetic Center 2006-present

Dr Sanguan special interests include:

Instructor and Lecturer in Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery, Department of Surgery, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Medical college and Vajira Hospital, Bangkok, 2006-2011

Dr Sanguan International Experience:

Fellowship: Tampa Craniofacial Center, Tampa, Florida, USA, 1991

Dr Sanguan Scientific Activities:

CFree tissue transfers; A way to do it., Chula Surgical Proceeding, ISSN 0857-314X, page 93-96
Alar nasi reconstruction by free vascularized chrondrocutaneous Composite ear flap, 2nd Triangular TST meeting in Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery, 1994
Free vascularized osteocutaneous fibula flap; unusual techniqueIn anastomosis with vein graft, 2nd Triangular TST meeting in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1994
Transsexual, Law and Medicine in Thailand, Journal of Asian Sexology, Volume 2, June 2001

Dr Sanguan Honours and Awards:

Outstanding Resident in Surgery, 1991, Department of Surgery, Chulalongkorn University Thailand.
Local Chairperson, 6APC-ICPRS, Phuket, Thailand, 1996
Secretary (Thailand) International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Dr Sanguan Certification and License:

Medical Licensure: Medical Council of Thailand, 1984, #12287

Board certification:

Thai Certified Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1991

Dr Sanguan Memberships in Professional Societies:

Thai Medical Council
The Society of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery of Thailand
The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Thailand
International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Dr Sanguan Reviews and Resume

Who is the best surgeon breast augmentation Thailand

Best Surgeon Breast Augmentation Thailand

We already know that Thailand offers some of the world’s best value for money for Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand and Plastic Surgery in Thailand. Major procedures can be 50-70% cheaper there than in Australia, and the country had as many as 1.2 million medical tourists last year, making it the top destination.

The #1 Plastic Surgery performed in Thailand is Breast Implant. You ask Why?  Why wouldn’t they as the cost is only $4100 AUD a better option than the 10K plus Australian surgeons expects Australian to pay for Breast Augmentation?

The skills alone of Thai surgeons and health care professionals, the technology and hygienic and safety practices of the International Hospitals are world class. Majority of the surgeons have obtained training and experience in the United States, and some are internationally renowned in their respective specialisations. All have extensive experience in breast augmentation (breast implants), Liposuction, Tummy Tucks and Facelift (Minimal scarring), and each specialises in their preferred areas of Plastic Surgery.

If we were to list the Best Surgeon Breast Augmentation Thailand Phuket then I would say we would have to lead with many of the surgeons found in the two International JCI accredited Hospitals in Phuket

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