Breast Augmentation for Athletic Women

Breast Implants Athletic Women

Even those who engage in highly aerobic activities such as running that lower body fat and thus reduce breast mass — can achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results. The surgery is done in several different ways to accommodate the athletic pursuits of the patient.

Women who regularly engage in athletic activities often find that their breast size is affected by any accompanying weight loss, as breasts being partially composed of fatty tissue. To maintain a feminine figure while engaging in a serious exercise regimen that lowers body fat percentage, athletic women may choose breast augmentation. Designing the appropriate surgical approach, as well as the type of implant used, depends on a variety of factors, to be discussed with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Placement. In particular activities, such as racquet sports, golf, or weightlifting, the body mechanics involved may increase the chances that an implant is noticed. An implant interferes less with muscle activity and is not as visible when placed under the muscle (sub-muscular). The surgery takes longer and requires more recovery time than an implant placed above the muscle (sub glandular), but the more natural-appearing results are worth the extra effort.

Implant type. Implants filled with either saline or silicone gel. Silicone gel implants have a more natural feel, particularly for trim women who typically have less skin and tissue to cover the implant. Each body is different, however, and the choice of breast implant type should have input of a plastic surgeon.

Profile and location. Implant profile can be an important decision for the active woman; the profile refers to how far the implant projects from the body. A rock climber, for example, may prefer a moderate profile that will allow maximum mobility. Implants placed too broad on the chest wall could interfere with arm movement.

Size. To restore natural proportions, the athletic woman who has lost breast mass as a result of exercise should consider her initial breast size and the size of her frame. Smaller framed women may find that going too large will cause back pain and discomfort, while women, who were more well-endowed, may only want to return to their previous cup size.

Performance. Large, heavy implants could negatively impact runners and swimmers while the added weight of implants can affect the biomechanics of the body, particularly posture. Fuller breasts for runners and other athletes are possible after consultation with a plastic surgeon, who can help design the appropriate surgical approach to reach the desired results without compromising performance.

Recovery time. As with any surgery, some restriction of activity is inevitable. Because athletic women tend to be healthier, recovery from breast enhancement may be somewhat faster than normal. A patient should discuss her recovery timetable with her medical team.

Because implants are engineered to withstand stress and force, breast enhancement shouldn’t be a hindrance to any athletic activity. Breast augmentation for athletic women can help restore a feminine silhouette without compromising a healthy, active lifestyle

How Big A Breast Implant Can I Have?

Choosing Biggest Beast Implant

We all know by now that the size of breast implants is measured in cubic centimetres (ccs), and they increase the size of a woman’s breasts on average one cup size every 175 to 200 ccs. It all well an good saying that you would like to go from an A Cup to a DD, but physically can you? This is all determined by your Thailand Plastic Surgeon  based on a number of this one being, your anatomy and chest measurements that he will take during your consultation

Measure chest to get bigger breastimplants

Your key dimension for determining your breast size is the width of your breast. The breast width is measured (in cm) from the cleavage area to the outer part of your breast, next to your arm. This is measured in a straight line and is not curved around the arc of your breast. Most women’s breasts are about 11-14 cm wide.

Once your Surgeon has done your measurement and knows the width of your breasts you can now discuss with them the dimensions of breast implants that would be best for you. An implant slightly narrower or about the same width as the width of your breast is usually a good choice and should fit you well. So, if your breasts are 12 cm wide, you should choose a breast implant with a diameter of about 12 cm. If your implant choice is within 1/2 to one centimeter of your breast width, you should do well. But, it is best to select an implant that is slightly narrower, rather than wider than your breast. So, in the case of a 12 cm wide breast, an implant with a diameter from 11-12 cm should be satisfactory.

Your Plastic Surgeon will refer to a Matrix Sizing Chart for Breast Implants. These are distributed by the Breast Implant Manufactures, all of the available implants are listed in a logical format that allows an easy comparison between the different profiles of implants.

Example Only – May differ from each Manufacture and type of Breast Implant


Volume (cc)

A Diameter (cm) The Base B Projection (cm) Outward off Chest
120 cc 9.4 2.5
150 cc 10.1 2.7
180 cc 10.7 2.9
210 cc 11.2 3.0
240 cc 11.7 3.2
270 cc 12.2 3.3
300 cc 12.6 3.5
330 cc 13.0 3.6
360 cc 13.4 3.7
390 cc 13.6 3.8
420 cc 14.0 3.8
450 cc 14.4 3.9
480 cc 14.8 3.9
510 cc 15.1 4.0
550 cc 15.4 4.0
600 cc 15.8 4.3
650 cc 16.0 4.5
700 cc 16.4 4.6
750 cc 16.8 4.8
800 cc 17.2 4.9

What limits how big a Breast Implant you should go?

  1. Your current breast size. This matters a lot because you’ve got to have enough existing breast tissue to cover the implant. If you haven’t got a lot to spare, some implants may just be too big to fit.
  2. Your chest and shoulder width. Fortunately, implants come in different base widths so you can get a size that works well with your frame.

Knowing and understanding the dimensional characteristics of breast implants by your surgeon is very important in determining which implant is best for you. In majority of Breast Implant surgery in Thailand, moderate profile implants are used and usually fit the average size patient best. Moderate profile implants tend to create nicely proportioned, natural appearing breasts.

What is Cost of Surgery in Thailand?

surgery thailand

Cost of Surgery in Thailand

We have all seen the media reports about the cost of Surgery in Thailand and the Cost of Dental treatment in Thailand are well below what we have been paying in Australia. But really is there a real difference once you factor the cost to actually travel to Thailand for flights and hotels for the duration of recovery.

In short the answer still remains as, “Yes Cost Of Surgery in Thailand is Cheaper”  when we compare that a cost of having Breast Augmentation is Australia can be upwards of $10,000 and in Thailand cost of Breast Augmentation is a mere $3800 AUD. A travel  10-day package to Phuket for flights and accommodation can be picked up for around $1400 per person these days. When we look at $3800 + $1400 is still only equates to $5200 well below the $10,000 almost half the cost in fact.

The $10,000 cost for Breast Implant in Australia just gets me that the surgery! My $5200 Breast Implant Package to Phuket get me the surgery plus 9 nights accommodation, breakfast and flights to Phuket. We should be asking ourselves why is it that Australian Doctors are still charging such ridiculous fees for Cosmetic Surgery compared to other countries?

Most Popular Surgery Procedures in Thailand
Phuket Price* (THB) from:
Phuket Price* (AUD) from:
Nights required in Phuket
Breast Augmentation (Round Gel) 115,000 (under 500cc) 3,833 9
Breast Augmentation (Tear Drop) 145,000 (under 500cc) 4,800 9
Breast Augmentation (Duel Plane) 130,000 (under 500cc) 4,266 9
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation (Round) 130,000 (under 500cc) 4,266 9
Breast Lift with Implant (round) 210,000 7,000 16
Revision of Breast Implant 150,000 4,925 16
Breast Reduction 160,000 5,000 16
Breast Lift 130,000 4,250 12
Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) 80,000 2,667 10
Tummy Tuck (Standard) 165,000 5,415 16
Tummy Tuck +2 Area Liposuction 190,000 6,300 16
Liposuction (first Area ) 60,000 1,965 9
Liposuction (secondary area/ extra area ) 20,000 655 9
Labiaplasty From 20,000 From 655 9
Face Lift 130,000 4,266 16
Forehead Lift/Brow Lift 110,000 3,610 16
Mid & Lower Face Lift 200,000 6,666 16
Eyelid Lift (upper or lower) 28,000 920 9
Face Liposuction please inquire please inquire
Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty) 150,000 4,920 16
Neck Lift 80,000 2,625 16
Prominent Ear Correction (Pair) 48,000 1,575 9
Home Bleaching Kit / Opalescence Bleaching Gel 11,000 367
Zoom Whitening 12,000 394
Porcelain Crown / per tooth 10,000 331 9
Composite Veneer / per tooth 5,000 160 10
Porcelain Veneer / per tooth 11,000 (1-5 teeth) & 9,000 (6+ teeth) 367 or 300 depending 10
Root Canal Treatment 10,000 331 7
Gum Surgery (flap operation -per visit) 5,000 166
Partial Denture (per piece) 15,000 496
Simple Extraction (per tooth non surgical) 1,500 50
Dental Implant (with final crown -per unit) 80,000 2,600 12-14
Periapical Xray 200 6.67
Panoramic Xray (OPG) 700 23.33

Please note: listed prices are for standard, non-complicated procedure patients only. Prices may be subject to change depending on the specific requirements of each individual case. The final price will be set during face to face consultation with the surgeon. 

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4 Way to Enhance Breast Naturally

natural cleavage

You may be unhappy with the size of your breast or even about how you can make your boobs larger naturally, or if it is even possible. With the scientific and technological advancements available today, there certainly are some things you can do to get increase breast size, without surgical breast implants! However if your serious about having a lot large boobs then your only option would be to have Breast Implant. If you don’t have $10,000 spare then you can consider the option of travelling for surgery to Thailand. The cost of Breast Implant packages in Thailand is only $3800 making it a lot more affordable than surgery price of Breast Implant in Australia. If surgery is not an option you may want to consider other natural option to increase breast size.

1. Breast enhancement creams 

Breast enhancement creams work to make your breast bigger by penetrating the layers of you skin, targeting boobs tissue. Most breast creams contain all natural ingredients, and are also extremely efficient for firming the breasts. If a breast cream is applied topically along with a regimen of oral breast augmentation pills, the combination is usually extremely efficient

2.Breast Enlargement Foods

Appropriate food consumption can make a difference when it comes to physiological changes of your boobs as well as other parts of the body. Your efforts to enlarge your breasts’ appearance and health can be aided with the consumption of certain enhancement foods. In this respect, plant / phyto-estrogen rich foods are known to help enhance a woman’s boobs. To get a fuller and firmer bust line, consider taking foods such as , apples and tofu, various seed types, wheat germ, oats.

3.Breast Enlargement and enhancement pills

Breast augmentation and enlargement pills – These techniques are widely used and are known to be extremely efficient. Numerous of the pills in the market are very functional and high yielding. For the vast majority of women especially those who are not allergic to herbs, they are extremely efficient. If you have other medicines that you are taking, do clarify from your doctor that the two can go together and they are safe for you before you use them. Its a nice means to make your boobs bigger.

4. Massage to make your boobs bigger

Massage works wonders for firming and enhancing your breasts because it increases the blood flow to the chest area. A gentle, circular motion performed for a few minutes every day is all it takes

Pregnancy After Breast Implants

breast feed with implants

Do you wonder what would happen if you became pregnant after travelling to Thailand for a breast augmentation? Will your breasts change again? Can you breast feed?

Here are the answers to your questions.

Will your breasts still get bigger if you are pregnant?

When your body is preparing to nurture a child, your breasts grow larger so the milk can come in. After having breast implant surgery in Thailand it is likely that your breasts will grow even larger than if you didn’t have the implants.

Can you breastfeed after a breast augmentation?

After having breast surgery, you should still be able to breast feed normally and there should be no problems with your milk coming in. However, a visit to a lactation specialist may be able to help as he or she may have some recommendations to make feeding easier. You won’t know how your milk supply has been affected until you try.

If you are concerned about your ability to breastfeed you should talk to your surgeon as different approaches and the placement of your incisions can impact your chances. For instance, incisions made through the armpit will be less likely to cause problems than those made through the areola.

When the nipple is moved to a new location after surgery, it may also disrupt the nerve supply to the nipple and areola and the milk glands and ducts. However, nerves can often regrow – it is best to talk to your surgeon about any concerns you may have.

However, there may be an increased risk of mastitis, when breast tissue becomes inflamed. This means your breast may become red, sore and hard to the touch. However, this condition can affect any mum, whether or not you have had surgery.

Will my breast implants look the same after breastfeeding?

Every woman is different and there is no way to predict whether your breasts will look the same after breastfeeding. Some women find there is no great difference and they do not develop stretch marks, while others notice some sagging.

Tighten Your Sagging Breast Naturally

Over your lifetime, the shape and size of your breasts are going to change. When pregnant, they will swell up. When you lose weight, they will go down in size just like the rest of your body. All of these changes in your life can cause the elasticity in your skin to decline, the wall ligaments in your chest to weaken and your breasts to deflate or sag. Even though you aren’t going to be able to correct a large amount of sagging alone, making changes in your lifestyle can help make your breasts appear tighter and fuller.

Get Rid of the Excess Body Fat

At times, the breasts begin sagging because they are simply far too heavy to hold themselves up any longer. Take your time and start losing weight slowly. Don’t lose more than a half kilo or kilo per week. By losing weight slowly, you give your skin the time it needs to shrink down as the size of your breasts decrease.

Build the Pectorals with Strength Training Exercises

You should spend time every day doing some strength training exercises to help boost your pectorals and increase their size. If you have larger muscles, it will help to push the tissue in your breasts forward and fill any excess skin , thus making your breasts appear fuller and tighter. Doing pushups, incline presses and chest flys will help to boost your chest muscles. If you can’t do them every day, aim for at least two times in the week.

Drink Plenty of Water

Increase the amount of water you are taking in to the point where you are drinking a minimum of one Litre of water every day. When skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its elastic and supple nature. By hydrating your skin, it will help to improve elasticity, strength and appearance.

Sports Bras Aren’t Optional

Whenever you go out for a jog, cycling or any other type of exercise, you need to make sure you are wearing a sports bra. Properly supporting your breasts will help to prevent any damage to all of the ligaments that work to keep your breasts in place.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Spend some time submitting your images to one of our certified plastic surgeon in Thailand about having breast augmentation surgery done. For some women, their sagging breasts are far more severe than others. While the aforementioned tips might help some, surgery is the only option for others. Combining breast augmentation surgery, proper hydration, strength training and weight loss will provide you with the overall shape you desire.

Breasts lift surgery in Thailand can help to put your breasts back where they belong and eliminate the sagging appearance that has plagued you for so long. Even though it might be frustrating now, there is hope when it comes to restoring your breasts to their original position. Once you have the chance to speak with the surgeon when you arrive in Phuket, you can determine what procedure is going to work the best for your specific wants and needs. Before you know it, your breasts will be where they are supposed to be.

Will a breast lift cause scarring?

Scars from Breast Lifts

If you are want your breasts to look perkier, you may be considering breast surgery in Thailand where you can get a breast lift and implants for 1/3 the cost of Australia.

A breast lift is a simple procedure that can allow you to enjoy firm and youthful looking breasts for years to come.

However, you may be concerned about scarring, particularly if you want to get back into your bikini in record time.

All plastic surgeries will leave some scarring, whether you decide to have the procedure done at home or somewhere exotic.

World class surgeons, such as those who operate out of Phuket International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital Phuket, are trained to only leave minimal scarring and to place this in areas that are likely to be concealed by your bra or bikini top so you can enjoy your new look.

You can talk to him or her about your concerns and see which breast lift techniques will work best to get the look you desire.

Most women find their scars begin to fade over time and eventually they may become virtually unnoticeable to the human eye.

Are there any ways to reduce scarring?

If you are concerned about scarring, there are a few ways to limit the marks after surgery.

At first these cars may appear red and lumpy, but you can use cortisone cream to reduce their appearance. It is best to discuss this with your doctor before trying it for yourself.

Keeping your breasts out of the sun – at least for the first few months – may also help to minimise the risk of scarring as the bright sun can cause these to become stronger and more obvious.

Make sure you stay healthy after your breast surgery by attempting light exercise in line with your doctor’s recommendations and eating a balanced diet. These activities will help your body to recover more quickly.

Reduce Scaring after Breast Surgery

If you are looking at having breast augmentation surgery in Thailand, you might have a few concerns about scarring.

Here are some of the ways you can minimise this so you will be bikini ready in no time.

Choose a good surgeon

An internationally accredited surgeon will be able to perform surgery in such a way that he or she leaves behind a very minimal scar.

The doctors in Thailand use the very latest in equipment and technique in order to reduce the chances of scarring.

Are there products that can be used to minimise scarring?

Your surgeon will offer you advice about how to look after your skin to prevent scarring.

While no product can completely remove a scar, they can help to minimise the effect on your body and protect it from irritation that can lead to scarring.

Often silicone-based sheeting can be used to reduce the thickness of scars, but it is essential to ask your doctor about this before attempting it.

Another great product is Hyper Heal Scar Cream that can be used Post Surgery after any stitches are removed to accelerate healing and improve scar appearance significantly.

Stay out of the sun

The sun’s harmful rays can cause scars to become thicker and darker, so where possible avoid the sun on the affected areas.

For the six months following surgery, you should keep the area covered and use an SPF 30 sunscreen to ensure the area is protected.

Use a pressure bandage

Following your surgery, you will be advised about what kind of bandages you need to wear, but keep in mind that pressure bandages may be able to flatten scars.

Consider vitamin E supplements

This vitamin has been known to assist with scar tissue management, so might be able to improve the appearance of your skin.

Before you take anything though, it is essential to run it by your surgeon to make sure it won’t interfere with any of the medications you have been prescribed.

Breast Lifts Improve Breast

A woman’s breasts help define her femininity, and with the vast differences in shape, size, and appearance, breasts further help to define her individualism. Therefore, changes to the breasts can be dissatisfying and make women feel as if they are losing some of their femininity and youthful vitality.

What causes breasts to change shape?

Although there are many factors that can contribute to sagging of the breasts, the ageing process and the effects of gravity play a primary role in these changes. Just like facial skin, the skin around the breast loses its elasticity in response to a gradual breakdown of the skin’s support network, which causes it to become lax. In addition, the suspensory ligaments that attach the breast to the chest wall weaken and stretch in response to gravity.

The breasts also enlarge during pregnancy and breast feeding, which further causes the skin to stretch. As the breasts reduce in size following pregnancy, the skin that was once stretched, is now loose and sags.

Lastly, fluctuations in your weight and even hormonal changes can cause your breasts to change in appearance. In combination, these factors can cause the breast to droop and sag, or in some cases rotate in a downward direction.

Vertical technique

Majority of Cosmetic Surgeons use the vertical technique for all kinds of breast reductions , breast lifts and Breast Lift with Implants. It involves a v-shaped incision that extends around the top of the areola and down the midline of the breast.

Although this procedure is less invasive, as they reduce the scar (no horizontal scar), it also achieves a large degree of lift. This technique gives a better projection of the breast and a long-lasting result compared to the ‘anchor’ technique. Therefore, this type of incision is appropriate for individuals with larger breasts and moderate to severe breast ptosis (drooping).

Breast lift recovery

It is recommend that patients wear a type of compression garment following their procedure. This tight-fitting garment will help to reduce swelling by preventing fluid build up, as well as provide comfort and support as the patient heals. You will likely have to wear the compression garment for several weeks.

Most often surgical drains are present, they along with any bandages will likely be removed within 24 hours, while any dissolvable stitches may stay in place for one to two weeks. You may experience some minor pain, bruising, and swelling, as well as numbness around the areola-all of which should subside in several weeks.

Although you may feel well enough to return to work in approximately one week, you should continue to avoid strenuous activity such as exercise for three or four weeks after your procedure to allow your body sufficient time to heal.It is a requirement that client remain in Phuket for at least 16 days after surgery date for recovery.

Breast lift results

Patients will be able to notice a dramatic difference in the shape and position of their breasts immediately following your procedure and may continue to notice a change in the appearance of their breasts as swelling subsides and they settle into their new positions. In fact, it may take up to one year before the final results from the procedure are apparent.

Although there will be permanent scars following a breast lift, the scars will slowly face to thin white lines with time. It is important to realise that if you become pregnant after having a breast lift, the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding may compromise the results and cause your breasts to sag and change shape.

Although a breast lift cannot stop the ageing process, it can help you not only improve the position of your breast but restore the fuller, shapelier appearance that you desire for years to come.

Why have a Breast Lift in Thailand?  Cost of Breast Lift in Thailand?

One of the most convincing reasons is the price of Breast Lift  surgery in Thailand We do not like our clients to have any unexpected surprises with pricing when they arrive in Phuket to have their Surgery or dental we are always aware of being transparent about pricing. . We provide pricing both in Thai Baht (THB) and Australian Dollars (AUD) Our Pricing is provided direct from the hospital in Thai bah which we convert to AUD for the convenience of our clients

Breast Lift  Surgery Procedures

Phuket Price* (THB) from:

Phuket Price* (AUD) from:

Nights required in Phuket


Breast Lift 130,000 4,250 12
Breast Lift with Implant 210,000 7,250 14-16

#1 Plastic Surgery Package Thailand 2014

Breast Implants Phuket

Having many of the more popular plastic surgery procedures in Thailand like Breast Augmentation has gain media attention over the years growing with popularity increasingly. This then lead to putting together surgery packages that included flights, hotels and Surgery making the booking process as steam line as possible for clients.

#1- All Inclusive Breast Package

This package was the most popular Thailand Breast Implant package for 2013 and looks to take the title again in 2014. This package incorporates having Breast Implant Surgery in Phuket at Phuket International Hospital, Return airfares from capital cities in Australia and 9 nights at Kee Resort Patong. Prices starting from $5550 from Perth. The package price of $5550 is less than half what someone would expect to pay for just Breast Augmentation Surgery with any popular Plastic Surgeon in Sydney or Brisbane and this package includes having a forced recovery holiday, (who doesn’t want one of those lol)

This package includes 9 nights accommodation at Kee resort Patong including breakfast daily .All Destiny Meditravel Thailand Surgery Holidays include the minimum amount of time required by the hospital surgeons specific to the surgery. It is a requirement with all surgeries that a minimum recovery time is adhered by to be covered under the hospital Surgical Guarante

Having an Overseas Cosmetic Surgery Holiday has numerous benefits that extend beyond just the cheap cosmetic surgery available in Thailand.

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