How do I know if I need a Breast Lift?

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Have you thought about improving the appearance of your breasts? Do you wonder if you need a breast lift? How about a breast augmentation? Or do you need both procedures? How do you know which type of breast-contouring surgery you need? Wow that a lot of questions to get answered huh!

It all depends on whether or not your breast skin needs tightening, if your nipple and areola need lifting, and if you want your breasts to stick out further from your chest.

Some women joke about being able to tuck their breasts into their pants! Most of the time, it is not quite that obvious. Women are the biggest critics of their bodies. You know every fluctuation in your weight. You know when you’ve lost even a little bit of volume from your breasts with weight loss or when your cup size increases with a little weight gain.

And you certainly know when your breasts have lost the perkiness of your teen years. You may not know the medical terminology, but you know that something about your breasts just doesn’t look the same.

There are certain measurements that plastic surgeons use to determine if you need a breast lift, a breast augmentation or a combination of both. Don’t worry – you don’t have to have a medical degree and plastic-surgery training to do these measurements. If you know how to use a tape measure, you can do these measurements, too!

Measurement Instructions

Do you need a Breast Lift

See if you need a Breast Lift

First, you will need to locate your sternal notch. The sternal notch is a groove at the base of your neck. It lies in the middle between your two collar bones (see illustration).Place the “0” of the tape measure at the sternal notch, and then angle the tape at a diagonal in the direction of your nipple. Make note of that number. Repeat the measurement for the other breast.

Do not be alarmed if the measurements are not exactly the same. Some asymmetry of the breasts is quite normal.

Write you measurements on the next page that you determined and then read how to interperpret the results.

How to Interpret Your Measurements
Now for the fun part! You’ve done the measurements, now what do they mean? What type of surgery may you need will depend on two factors:

  • The distance between your nipples and your sternal notch.
  • The location of the majority of your breast tissue in your breast – top versus bottom.

The measurements you take are not absolutes, but are to be used as a general guideline to help you assess your breasts and the amount of sagging or droopiness you may have.

There may be other factors that will guide your plastic surgeon in determining if you need a breast lift, a breast augmentation or a combination of both. By submitting your photos to a Thailand surgeon we can then provide you with a professional recommendation.

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are 21 centimetres or less:

AND your breasts are not bottom heavy, you may not need a breast lift.However, if you want your breasts to be larger in size you can augment them with breast implants.

If your sternal notch to nipple distances are 21 centimetres or less:

AND you have breast ptosis/sag (meaning the majority of your breast tissue is at the bottom part of the breast), you may need a breast lift.For a larger breast size, you will need some type of breast enhancement with Breast implants

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are around 22 or 23 centimetres:
AND your nipple and areola are in the middle of your breasts (not on the bottom portion), and your breasts are not bottom-heavy, you may not need a breast lift.

For bigger breasts, you’ll need some type of breast augmentation.

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are around 22 or 23 centimetres:
AND your nipple points toward the floor or is centered at the bottom part of your breast, you may need a breast lift.
If you desire larger breasts you can have augmentation with implants at the same time as the breast lift.

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are 24 centimetres or more:

You will need a breast lift to achieve the look of perky breasts.
For an increase in breast size, implants can be used to augment the breasts

If you are unsure if  you need a Breast Lift or Breast Lift with Implant use our
“Do I need a Breast Lift” guide

Mummy Make Over -Post Baby Surgery Cost

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How you feel as a mum is integral to the strength of your family. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel youthful, sexy, and confident after having your babies. Having a positive self-image certainly benefits you, but it also can improve your interactions with loved ones. You deserve to feel as wonderful as you truly are, and that’s exactly the philosophy behind  having a Mummy Makeover in Thailand where you get to rest, relax and be pampered after surgery.

You may feel like there are a lot of decisions to be made if you want to proceed with having surgery, and not just about the procedure itself we find that most patients also have concerns about kids, finances, and so much more.

What is a Mummy Makeover?
A Mummy Makeover is a combination of surgical procedures designed to restore a women’s body after pregnancy and childbirth or even after weight loss. The procedures are often performed all at once. The goal is to focus on those areas that are most impacted by childbearing, including the breasts, tummy, and waistline.

What are my procedure options for a Mummy Makeover in Thailand?
The surgical options vary greatly from person to person and will depend on your personal goals. Most women choose to combine breast and body procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuckbreast augmentation, or breast lift for their Mummy Makeovers. Others are more interested in facial rejuvenation techniques such as face lift or eyelid surgery. Our Thailand surgeons will help you choose the appropriate treatments to meet your needs.

How soon can I have a Mummy Makeover Surgery Package after giving birth?
Your body should be as close to “normal” as possible before having your Mummy Makeover. That means you should be at a steady weight for 3 months and be engaged in a regular fitness routine and healthy diet. You should also wait 6 to 12 months after breastfeeding so that your breasts return to normal. It is no point going through the surgery whilst your body is still changing. You want to be able to get the best results from your surgeries and this can only be achieved when your body has ceased changing.

What are the costs of having a Mummy Make Over in Thailand?
The finances associated with any surgery are integral in any decision to have surgery, more so when you are looking at having multiple procedures. When having a Mummy Make Over in Thailand you will need to also factor in the recovery time need which may be up to 17 Days and travel cost. An average cost of flights from Australia and a 18 day Hotel package would be $2000 AUD.

Breast Augmentation (Round Gel) 115,000 (under 500cc) $3,833 9 Nights
Breast Lift with Implant (round) 210,000 $7,000 16 Nights
Tummy Tuck (Standard) 165,000 $5,400 16 Nights
Tummy Tuck +2 Area Liposuction 190,000 $6,300 16 Nights

Common Mummy Make Over Surgery Options

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
If you’re a mum, you know the reality: that having a baby changes your body in ways that can’t always be erased with diet and exercise. No matter how long it’s been since you delivered, no matter how hard you’ve worked to get back in shape, if your abdomen still won’t completely retract, don’t blame yourself. Once skin and muscle have been stretched from pregnancy, they frequently will not return to their pre-pregnancy form

Breast Lift

Stretched and sagging breasts are common after childrearing, but they don’t have to be a requirement of motherhood. Many mothers just like you have made the choice to get back their beautiful, perky pre-baby breasts. It’s easier than ever – and can help you look better than ever in a dash with breast lift surgery. Read our article on if you need a breast lift here

Breast Augmentation

Although most mums are well aware of the way pregnancy changes a woman’s body, many are surprised to find that their breasts look smaller after having kids. This is not uncommon, especially among women who breast feed. To restore lost fullness, or to create the volume you’ve always wanted, as part of mummy make over you may be offered breast augmentation.