What is a Surgery Group Tour?

Group Surgery

This has become a very popular form of travel in the past few years for Australian wishing to have Surgery in Thailand. It is a great travel option for for many reason, which is why Surgery Group tours fill up very quickly. A group tour is a fully escorted Surgery and or Dental tour, with up to 12 clients PLUS partners or companions. These groups depart through out the year so there is always one that you can join to have your cheaper surgery in Thailand.

Meditravel Groups traveling to Thailand for surgery are escorted by one of our most Experienced Meditravel Client Managers, who have had surgery so know what you will be going through.These ladies are there to ensure that you have someone there when you come back from surgery and then to oversea your recovery. They are their primarily to assist you through the surgery day and return back to your hotel. On the surgery day they can sit with you in the consultation to ensure that you understand everything that is discussed. Many times patients end up like bunnies in the headlights when discussing the surgery. They get caught up in the realisation that they are finally going to have the surgery they have been planning for months and forget to ask some of the more important questions.

After surgery once you are able to look after yourselves, you are returned to your hotel for your recovery period until your check up 7-10 days later. During your time at the hotel the escort is on hand should you need them to ask questions or need assistance with medications and bandages. The escort is not there as a social event  coordinator but as a guide to assist client in knowing what restrictions their surgeries will have on their ability to engage on tourist activities. Having travelled to Phuket many times the escorts knowledge on the area and all things shopping is invaluable to clients.

Who should consider joining a Thailand Surgery Group a tour you ask?

  • Single Travellers .
  • First Time Travellers
  • Few Friends travelling together
  • Wanting a unique surgery travel experience
  • Wanting a little extra TLC
  • Or those who just want that extra reassurance of someone on hand.

Within a few days of returning to the hotel clients rarely need the assistance of their escort, however knowing that they are staying with them at the hotel make them accessible and easily contactable. As not all client will have surgery on the same day the first few day for the escort is very hectic and they still always make sure you know how to get in touch with them at the Phuket Hospital when they are there, should you need.

Stay tuned for our blog for the post  coming up from a client who just returned from the latest Phuket Surgery Group Tour…

Coverage Insurance Plastic Surgery Thailand

Thinking of having plastic surgery in Thailand? Although your travel, surgery, appointments and any other necessary surgery costs can be organised into one package, you may wonder about your insurance.

Some insurers will provide cover for accidents, mishaps or complications that occur during surgery offered overseas. This means in the unlikely event that something goes wrong you wouldn’t need to worry about those deep seated costs.

In fact, one of Australia’s insurance companies, health fund NIB, has recently promised a 12-month guarantee on surgeries overseas.

The fact that insurers are jumping on board suggests how overseas providers are just as trusted as those at home. After all, thousands of Australians head abroad for medical reasons and insurers wouldn’t take the chance on the unknown.

Phuket hospitals are all internationally accredited and you can easily find out which qualifications your doctors have, so you can make an informed decision.

Having a 12 month guarantee means any rare complications can be dealt with on your return Down Under, or you could return for additional treatment if required. You would not need to pay for it out of your own pocket, so you can have peace of mind about your decision.

What is covered by insurance?

If you elect to have medical insurance set up for your surgery, it will cover any emergency medical transportation, 24 hour assistance, additional medical or surgical treatment required as a result of a complication and any travel, meals and accommodation required to correct any flaws, as well as dependent care for your family.

It also covers accidental dismemberment and death and repatriation of mortal remains.

Top 3 Reason Other Than Cost To Travel For Surgery

travel for surgery

While the low prices are often a major draw card for people considering plastic surgery in Thailand, there are plenty of other great reasons why Asia has become a hot spot for medical tourism.

Here are three great reasons to consider jumping on a plane and heading over.


While there are always risks associated with medical procedures such as tummy tucks and breast implants, you can rest assured you will be in good hands in Thailand.

Most private hospitals are internationally accredited so you know you will receive the best service on offer.

Not to mention, many of the doctors in Thai hotels were trained in Western universities or have spent time abroad. This may help reassure you that the world class surgeons will be treating you.


Want to be treated like royalty? Thai people are renowned for their friendly and hospitable service and you are sure to enjoy your stay with them.

According to Business in Asia, there is a plentiful supply of registered nurses in Thailand so jobs that may be performed by orderlies in Australia will be completed by nurses.

Almost all the doctors you will encounter speak flawless English and most of the nurses will also be proficient in this language.

This may help you feel more relaxed and comfortable ahead of your operation.


After all, you have headed over for medical tourism for the holiday as much as the medical procedure!

Thailand has much to offer and offers a beautiful location in which to relax, recover and recuperate after your surgery.

Why not spend time in a bungalow with an ocean view following your operation?

You will be just as comfortable, if not more so, than you would be at home.

Plus, you can send your family off on an adventure if you need a spot of peace and quiet.

What to Pack when having a Surgery Holiday in Thailand

Packing for surgery

We suggest that you get your suitcase out a few weeks prior so that you can add things and remove as you think of them. There will be essential things that you will need to take and then there is the wish list if you have room. If you fold clothes in half and then roll them instead of folding you will find you keep things wrinkle free as well as have a lot more room. Make sure all toiletries are in plastic bags so if they spill wont ruin all your clothes, from experience we know toothpaste especially has bad habit of doing this so put in a zip lock bag.

Your hotel will have hair dryers as well as shampoo, conditioner soap and basic toiletries so don’t over pack on these items. Don’t panic if you think you forgot something you can always buy it when you get there. Don’t overfill your suitcase on the way over as you want to leave room for all your new purchases.

  • Passport (with at least 6 months before expiry) .
  • Etickets – Copy flight itinerary
  • Hotel reservation documents
  • Meditravel Info folder with Treatment Plan
  • Any prescription Medication + script
  • Birth Control
  • Female Hygiene Products
  • Basic Make-Up
  • Basic Hair products (if long you will wear it up)
  • Sunscreen + Repellant
  • Charger for Phone
  • Adapters for Thailand (cheap to buy there)
  • Books, Magazines, E reader
  • Mini First Aid
  • If Purchase Compression Garments
  • Basic Toiletries
  • Spare phone for local SIM to call home + text
As clothing is so cheap in Thailand and the temptation to shop daily is hard to resist, best to not over pack as you may find yourself paying for excess luggage when you leave (not cheap)
  • Sleep wear 2-3 pairs
  • Undergarment for duration of trip
  • Shoes = Thongs, Sandals, runners
  • Light Jacket for night and on plane
  • Cargo Pants
  • One nice dress for going out
  • Swim wear and cover-up for around pool
  • 1-2 Pairs of Short Skirts
  • Tank Top or Light T-shirts
  • Optional Camera + Charger
  • Optional Laptop or Ipad and Chargers
  • Optional Travel Insurance

To save you the trouble of creating a check list, we have done that for  you. This can be download and printed from our website here.  http://www.destinymeditravel.com.au/packing-essentials

Sun Care After Face-Lift

Planning a holiday is almost the most fun you can have. As the anticipation builds, you’ll no doubt be adding more and more activities to your itinerary.

When you head to a tropical destination such as Thailand, many of these activities may well be planned for outside – in the heat of the sun.

If you are also planning to have a facelift while you are in Thailand, you may need to take extra care.

After the operation, it is best to keep your face out of direct sunlight for the first couple of days.

This is to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays as these can lead to wrinkling, discolouration and can even cause superficial growths to crop up.

Once you have recovered from the operation, you may want to get out and about, making the most of the gorgeous beaches, shops and other attractions.

Make sure you cover your face with a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 plus and wear a hat that shades your face. This will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your surgery.

Sunscreens with a higher SPF have the potential to block your pores, President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery told WebMD, so it might be best to avoid these.

It is important to select a sunscreen that blocks both alpha and beta sun rays to ensure your new look will stay fresh.

Further down the track it is still important to take extra care when you are in the sun.

If you have any scarring, this must be protected from sun exposure for six months, as it can increase hyperpigmentation, making the scars appear darker.

This is particularly important to maintain when you are in the harsh Australian sun. In fact, it is recommended to wear a moisturiser or foundation with at least an SPF 15 plus on a daily basis to protect the delicate skin on your face.

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