Surgery Packing What to Pack when having a Surgery Holiday

Surgery Packing As a Medical Tourist

We suggest that you get your suitcase out a few weeks prior so that you can add things and remove as you think of them. There will be essential things that you will need to take and then there is the wish list if you have room. If you fold clothes in half and then roll them instead of folding you will find you keep things wrinkle free as well as have a lot more room. Make sure all toiletries are in plastic bags so if they spill won’t ruin all your clothes, from experience we know toothpaste especially has the bad habit of doing this so put it in a ziplock bag.

Your hotel will have hair dryers as well as shampoo, conditioner soap, and basic toiletries so don’t over pack on these items. Don’t panic if you think you forgot something you can always buy it when you get there. Don’t overfill your suitcase on the way over as you want to leave room for all your new purchases.

  • Passport (with at least 6 months before expiry).
  • Etickets – Copy flight itinerary
  • Hotel reservation documents
  • Meditravel Info folder with Treatment Plan
  • Any prescription Medication + script
  • Birth Control
  • Female Hygiene Products
  • Basic Make-Up
  • Basic Hair products (if long you will wear it up)
  • Sunscreen + Repellant
  • Charger for Phone
  • Adapters for Thailand (cheap to buy there)
  • Books, Magazines, E-reader
  • Mini First Aid
  • If Purchase Compression Garments
  • Basic Toiletries
  • Spare phone for local SIM to call home + text or overseas data pack
As clothing is so cheap in Thailand and the temptation to shop daily is hard to resist, best to not overpack as you may find yourself paying for excess luggage when you leave (not cheap)
  • Sleepwear 2-3 pairs
  • Undergarment for duration of trip
  • Shoes = Thongs, Sandals, runners
  • Light Jacket for night and on plane
  • Cargo Pants
  • One nice dress for going out
  • Swimwear and cover-up for around pool
  • 1-2 Pairs of Short Skirts
  • Tank Top or Light T-shirts
  • Optional Camera + Charger
  • Optional Laptop or Ipad and Chargers
  • Optional Travel Insurance




To save you the trouble of creating a checklist, we have done that for you. This can be download and printed on our website here. 

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