Evaluate Cost Plastic Surgery

Evaluate Cost Plastic Surgery – Is The Price right For you!

Evaluate cost plastic surgery and comparison shopping can get a bit tricky because you may not be comparing oranges to oranges. If you’re looking online for pricing as mand do these days, it’s not always clear what the cost includes. And it’s important to remember that the price of plastic surgery in Phuket is going to typically be different than it is for the same procedure performed in Australia..

Online research with medical tourism agents can provide a general range of prices for specific procedures, but a personal assessment is needed to determine exact costs associated with any procedure, based on the patient’s body type and her or his aesthetic goals.

The most important things to be aware of regarding price fro and recommendations include:

When evaluate cost plastic surgery know what the price include?

This is sometimes called the “final” cost. It’s usually the actual price of the procedure plus all the associated fees and related costs. These can include additional office visits, the surgeon’s fee, facility and anesthesia fees, and, in certain cases, the price of implants. You should get a detailed list of all costs and fees as part of your quoted price.

When having surgery in Phuket with Meditravel your recommendations will be provided inclusive of all surgery associated cost these include:

  • all surgeon fees for surgery and all appointments including follow up
  • Anethesiaolgost
  • Hospital nights (required for specific surgery 1-4 nights)
  • All Meals in hospital
  • Compression garment (breast surgery only)
  • Medications in hospital as well as take home
  • Transfers to and from hospital for all appointment/surgery

What payment options are offered?

Most plastic surgery procedures are considered elective cosmetic surgeries and are not covered by health insurance plans. Many of our patients choose to finance the costs through Mac Credit for both surgery and travel cost— spreading payments out over several months — so that the surgery fits their budgets. Meditravel, financing is available to qualified applicants through Mac Credit and may include the costs of the procedure and travel cost.

Other costs?

There are additional costs that patients often overlook when they’re penciling out a budget for plastic surgery in Phuket. For example, will you need to take unpaid days off from work during your recovery? These costs also include travel expenses flights and hotel for getting to Phuket, staying for required recovery time and returning home.

During the assessment, our surgeons may suggest how combining procedures in a single operation can be cost-effective. For example, a mommy makeover patient can have breast augmentation, liposuction, and a tummy tuck performed at Phuket Plastic surgery Institute and save the expense of additional facility and anesthesia fees that are charged when the procedures are performed separately.

While we all have individual budgets, and the cost of plastic surgery is something patients have to consider, it should never be the primary reason for choosing a plastic surgery practice. A plastic surgeon’s experience, training, the before-and-after photos of actual patients, and whether you feel comfortable discussing your cosmetic concerns with the surgeon are more important when it comes to selecting someone to perform your plastic surgery.

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