Prepare for Breast Augmentation

Prepare for Breast Augmentation – What you need to do!

We need to talk about how to Prepare for Breast Augmentation. We all do a lot of talking about what to expect after breast augmentation in Phuket. However, prepare for breast augmentation also takes some advance planning. Take a look at our timeline for preparing for surgery in Phuket to learn more about what to expect:

At least 2-3 Months Before

The first step in having any surgery in Phuket or Bangkok is to contact our Meditravel Consultants and gather the initial information on the surgery and pricing and to ensure you’re a suitable candidate.

  1. Email Meditravel to inquire about your proceedure.
  2. Complete the Photographic Assessment to receive your free recommendations from our surgeons.
  3. Choose and book your surgery date.
  4. Book Travel.

The Month Before

While there’s still plenty of time before your surgery, it’s a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered. Although it’s a good idea to come to your initial consultation in Phuket with a list of questions, it’s natural to have a few that crop up prior to your departure. Give your Meditravel a call or send an email. They will be happy to answer your questions on the spot or have the doctor get back to you. You’ll want to go into your surgery feeling confident and prepared.

This is also a good time to start talking to family and friends about your surgery. Of course, you don’t have to tell everyone. But sharing your procedure with your innermost circle can help ease any anxiety you might be feeling and also improve your recuperation.

As you are travelling for surgery now is a good time to double check that you have all your details correct and that a copy of your itineray is sent to Meditravel staff as well as a family or friend.

2 Weeks Before

Now is the time to discontinue certain medications and supplements that could affect the safety of your surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with a list of medications and supplements to avoid. Typically, it’s important to avoid products that thin the blood, including aspirin, St. John’s wort, warfarin, and more.

The Week Before

Time to get packing and arranging yourself for your departure. If you want to use your mobile phone then you need to contact your provider to ensure that mobile roam is activated and to purchase a travel data pack to save on excess charges. Keep an eye on your skin at this point, too. If you notice any rashes or infections, let Meditravelstaff know. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible to ensure healthy healing.

The Night Before

Your most important task the night before surgery is to relax. It’s normal to feel some nerves and anxiety. Although many are travelling the night prior remember, no alcohol.  You must stop eating and drink at midnight and eat nothing prior to your appointment. Check you have your overnight bag packed for hospital and don’t forget your chargers to phones and laptops.

Morning of Surgery

You will be collected from the lobby of your hotel at the specified time on your treatment plan provided to you by Meditravel. Your transfer details will be listed with a time to be collected so allow at least 10 minute prior to be in the hotel lobby.

Hopefully, we have now made you a little more educated on how to best Prepare for Breast Augmentation

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