Face Lifting Procedure Options

Face Lifting ProcedureFace Lifting Procedures can be discussed when you visit our plastic surgeons in Phuket to enhance the appearance of your face, there are different facial lifting options that need to be considered. In fact, when you go in for Face Lifting Procedure, you’re really looking at different kinds of targeted facial lift options that can be performed. The team at our Phuket Plastic Surgery Insitute practice would like you to know the different kinds of Face Lifting Procedures and just what they can accomplish for a patient.

Face Lifting Procedure Options

Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

The brow lift is a facial lift surgery that targets the forehead. Given how deep those furrows in the brow can get and that these lines may be there due to sag facial skin, this surgery is an important facial lifting option if you want to smooth out your brow area.


The facelift is the facial lift surgery that targets the middle section of the face. During a Phuket facelift, your surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue in order to tighten the facial skin and reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The facelift can be retargeted as needed to also address issues with the cheeks and jowls.

Eyelift (Blepharoplasty)

The skin of the upper eyelids is susceptible to sagging and drooping, which may leave people looking haggard and prematurely old. The sagging skin may even affect part person vision. The eyelift surgery is performed to remove this excess skin and restore a more youthful and energetic appearance.

Neck Lift

The skin of the neck area can droop or sag with age or after pronounced weight loss. This leaves some people with unappealing loose skin. The neck lift surgery is performed to help remove that excess skin and make a more appealing neck contour and appearance. The best results are achieved when combined with a lower facelift

The best part of the facial lift surgeries that are mentioned above is that they can be performed on their own or in combination with each other in order to achieve a complete enhancement of the face. If you would like more information on these and other facial plastic surgery options, be sure to complete your facial lifting free assessment with one of our Plastic Surgeons


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