Surgery Holiday Thailand

Surgery holiday – a holiday with results

Surgery Holiday equals white sand beaches, lush jungles, beautiful animals and delicious food are what come to mind when you think of having a surgery holiday in Thailand. Can you also have an inexpensive breast augmentation liposuction in there? Or maybe an eyelid lift? No, I’m not rambling. Let me explain. As of 2014, Thailand is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. And it is obvious to see why. Top notch medical care at an unbelievable price at a tourist friendly location is what makes Thailand so attractive.

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure of any sort or have had any Plastic Surgery then you know how it goes. You schedule your procedure, get yourself to the hospital and check in. After surgery, you have to get yourself back home and stay holed in your home for the recovery period. One of your biggest embarrassments would be to meet someone with a puffy face or swollen lips. Imagine that picture on facebook! You don’t want to draw attention to your plastic surgery; you just want to look better; make a subtle difference. The best way to avoid any potential embarrassing situation is to get away from home and have a surgery holiday. Consider the same procedure in a different setting. Say you get it done in Phuket or Bangkok – you get picked from the airport, check into a five-star hotel, are chauffeured to and from the hospital. You spend the first few days of the recovery period lounging by the poolside with waiters at your beck and call, to me it sounds more like a holiday. All this at a fraction of what it will cost you in Australia. It is entirely possible if you decide to have your Cosmetic Surgery holiday in Thailand.

I hear all the time that biggest concern about medical tourism and surgery holiday is the quality of care. Thailand has always been one of the countries where this is not an issue. The Surgeons are highly qualified and experienced with several of them being trained in the West. Western patients are a big customer segment of these hospitals, and they are designed to cater to their patients’ needs in the best possible manner. Estimations reveal that every year around 15,000 ‘tourists’ from Australia goes to Thailand for cosmetic procedures.

A Medical Tourism agent is a word that’s been around for awhile, but very few knew what they were. Now “medical tourism agencies” are popping up everywhere you look. Advertising Breast Augmentation in Thailand is $4400, Liposuction in Thailand for as little as $2250 and Tummy Tucks in Thailand for $4800, why wouldn’t you take notice!  Don’t be fooled into thinking that all Medical Tourism agents are the same, having surgery in Thailand themselves does not qualify as being a Medical Tourism Agent. A lot of strategic planning goes on in the background to safely send client to Thailand for Surgery, you need to choose your agent carefully to avoid things going wrong.

The two most important thing to consider when choosing your Medical Tourism agent is Knowledge and 10+ years of experience successfully sending clients to Thailand, this is something a start-up company does not possess. Group Surgery Holidays in Thailand may be tempting for the inexperienced traveller, but beware when they focus on all the tourism activities you can do after surgery.  The reality is, you are travelling specifically to have surgery in Thailand. Your focus should be on your health and safety, not sitting by a pool all day drink cocktails and partying at night.  As a  good Medical Tourism agent, Meditravel will take care of all logistics such as flight, hotels, travel and appointments and surgery. We can even assist your family or friends to coordinate with your travel and surgery commitments. You could then be back relaxing with them for your recovery period before you head home.

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Taking a holiday with your girlfriends has taken on a whole, new meaning, with friends all having surgery together. You don’t just get to save even more money; you will have them with you during your recovery. Thailand Surgery Packages can be arranged uniquely to each patient’s needs.Packages are designed to save you money on both the travel and the surgery, fitting into your budget. When travelling with friends or family, you’ll have the comfort of being with those you know, spend some quality time with them. Let’s face it, cosmetic surgery is getting to be as common as any other beauty routine. It is no longer a luxury of the select rich; it is very much within the realm of possibility for everyone. When considering locations such as Thailand for your surgery holiday, with the cost much lower not only do you have the option of comfortable payment plans should you need them, you also get a five-star experience with a two-star expense.

Having said all that, you do have to think about this rationally. It is true that a possibility of risk exists, but then there are dodgy hospitals or surgeons at home as well. You should know that your risk do not increase because you choose to have surgery in Thailand, they are the same no matter where you have surgery. The best way to minimise risk and ensure a good result is to choose an excellent Medical Tourism Agent like Meditravel.

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