Selfie Surgery Creates Plastic Surgery Boom

Selfie Surgery is the new BUZZ word for those wanting to improve their selfie pictures without filters on social media platforms

With selfies and groupfies gaining more and more prominence, imagine if one such profile picture of yours revealed those wrinkles or faults on your face? Not a good way to go about it, right? We all want to look good and clean in our photos. The fact that the word ‘selfie’ has gained prominence and even made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary is something that outlines the importance of having a clean facial appearance. And simply not just photos, we all want to look good every other time too, or else our virtual lives would be rather a stark contrast to our real one. For e.g. you could imagine how important a clean face would naturally be an aspiring model or TV personality. However, sometimes no matter what, certain natural elements in the face can be a roadblock. Photoshopping was the old school option to make the face look flawless. Photoshop seems very much of an old trend that’s dying now Selfie Surgery phenomena grows!

What is Selfie Surgery?selfie surgery

Well, believe it or not it is an emerging trend these days with selfie surgery creating an additional demand facial improvement surgeries and treatments. In fact, they have become hugely popular as more people realise the wonders it can actually do to your face. A face lift or fillers are an ideal way to remove any sag, creases, loose skin or fats. Often, a patient is also likely to undertake other forms of facial rejuvenation or cosmetic improvement surgeries like using fillers or nose corrections, brow lifts, neck lifts, lip and eyelid surgery along with face lifts. The non-surgical option of using fillers and lasers is a safe process to undergo for any patient. Because these options provide an entirely nonsurgical process with instant results it eliminates any fear with patients, when they hear something like a surgery. In case you do not agree, then here are some facts and stats for you.

The number of nose jobs done in America has seen a massive 10 percent rise in 2016 while that of eyelid surgery shows 16 percent. The American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says there is an increasing demand in patients who are ready to undergo cosmetic surgeries, mainly because of the selfie trend on social media. And, it’s also out there that the early weeks of January 2015 is probably the best to get a face lift done. Why? You might ask! Here’s why. Is there a better time than the first month of the year to get started with a fresher and cleaner look? Yes, most people think not! Huffington Post reports of a talent agent in LA, who spent as much as $15,000 on multiple cosmetic procedures, to look great in her selfies. London-based Weymouth Street Hospital states that these days there is an enormous rush to cosmetic surgeons for all sorts of options. These include eyelid surgery, brow lifts, Rhinoplasty (nose lifting) and partial and full facelifts. In fact, the demand for face lifts has gone up by around 37% when compared to last year which may be due to increase in selfie surgery.

One might question whether the self-image, which results from a cosmetic surgery, is worth the cost of undergoing it? So for that answer, you can always turn to some of the well-known celebrities who have experienced it, be it Ashley Tisdale or Britney Spears. Most celebrities, who have resorted to some form of cosmetic surgery, have always pointed out that they have mostly gained in terms of rejuvenation. Also worthy of note, is the fact that men are no alien to cosmetic surgeries either. Famous actors and TV personalities like Bruce Jenner, Mickey Rourke and Simon Cowell have all undergone some cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Some are also on the lookout for beard transplants these days. Another thing, which patients are pretty concerned about, is how and where they are getting their surgery done, with associated costs also being a primary reason that comes into the question. Cosmetic surgery can be most expensive in most nations like the UK, the US or Australia.

A number of factors contribute to such costs, mainly the surgeon’s consultation fees, his/her experience and the location. The source of funding needs consideration on the part of the patient wanting to undergo such a surgery. For e.g. In Australia, one cannot avail Medicare or private insurance for any cosmetic surgery. Because available disposable income makes monetary matters difficult for many people, a wiser option would then be to have it performed abroad and by availing financial help from institutions that offer help for such surgeries. These intuitions are also known to offer very flexible application and payment options, which make it easy for patients to adhere. Coming to the choice of destinations, especially for those who prefer a surgery abroad, Thailand has emerged as a booming place for all sorts of cosmetic surgery. Not only does it serve as a cheaper option, but also that it has fantastic cosmetic surgeons in place to carry out the procedures for you. Let not forget the recovery period in. Thailand doubles up as a great holiday destination, so something like a cosmetic surgery holiday sounds perfect!

Destiny Meditravel happens to be an excellent option for those looking to have their cosmetic surgeries or face lifts done in Thailand. Phuket is the ideal destination, with great travel packages in the offing. On a similar note, costs in the US and the UK can be a whole lot higher as well. Destiny Meditravel is known to provide for an estimated cost of the process, so you will not have to worry about any hidden costs either. There is also all round support for an application for funding, for when you need it, and also the ease of having it done online for convenience. As we are well into the first month of 2015, it expected that more and more people will continue to visit surgeons for cosmetic surgeries.

Just as Melanie Bawden CEO of Destiny Meditravel, says, “In 2017, we saw a significant increase in clients traveling to Phuket for Facial Rejuvenation and related selfie surgery. We had huge increases in clients having facelifts, eye lift, and rhinoplasty. Facial rejuvenation treatments have gained popularity such as facial laser resurfacing, fillers and especially lip augmentation.” “User engagement on social media sites grows daily, and the selfies phenomena will continue to escalate the number of Cosmetic Surgery clients we send to Thailand this year.” With your favorite celebrities, even male ones, taking to cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks, don’t you think it’s time for you to get going?

Let be honest now, many of you would be willing to go for a facial rejuvenation scheme to take part in the selfie surgery trend that seems to have taken the world by storm?

Surgery Holiday Thailand

Surgery holiday – a holiday with results

Surgery Holiday equals white sand beaches, lush jungles, beautiful animals and delicious food are what come to mind when you think of having a surgery holiday in Thailand. Can you also have an inexpensive breast augmentation liposuction in there? Or maybe an eyelid lift? No, I’m not rambling. Let me explain. As of 2014, Thailand is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. And it is obvious to see why. Top notch medical care at an unbelievable price at a tourist friendly location is what makes Thailand so attractive.

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure of any sort or have had any Plastic Surgery then you know how it goes. You schedule your procedure, get yourself to the hospital and check in. After surgery, you have to get yourself back home and stay holed in your home for the recovery period. One of your biggest embarrassments would be to meet someone with a puffy face or swollen lips. Imagine that picture on facebook! You don’t want to draw attention to your plastic surgery; you just want to look better; make a subtle difference. The best way to avoid any potential embarrassing situation is to get away from home and have a surgery holiday. Consider the same procedure in a different setting. Say you get it done in Phuket or Bangkok – you get picked from the airport, check into a five-star hotel, are chauffeured to and from the hospital. You spend the first few days of the recovery period lounging by the poolside with waiters at your beck and call, to me it sounds more like a holiday. All this at a fraction of what it will cost you in Australia. It is entirely possible if you decide to have your Cosmetic Surgery holiday in Thailand.

I hear all the time that biggest concern about medical tourism and surgery holiday is the quality of care. Thailand has always been one of the countries where this is not an issue. The Surgeons are highly qualified and experienced with several of them being trained in the West. Western patients are a big customer segment of these hospitals, and they are designed to cater to their patients’ needs in the best possible manner. Estimations reveal that every year around 15,000 ‘tourists’ from Australia goes to Thailand for cosmetic procedures.

A Medical Tourism agent is a word that’s been around for awhile, but very few knew what they were. Now “medical tourism agencies” are popping up everywhere you look. Advertising Breast Augmentation in Thailand is $4400, Liposuction in Thailand for as little as $2250 and Tummy Tucks in Thailand for $4800, why wouldn’t you take notice!  Don’t be fooled into thinking that all Medical Tourism agents are the same, having surgery in Thailand themselves does not qualify as being a Medical Tourism Agent. A lot of strategic planning goes on in the background to safely send client to Thailand for Surgery, you need to choose your agent carefully to avoid things going wrong.

The two most important thing to consider when choosing your Medical Tourism agent is Knowledge and 10+ years of experience successfully sending clients to Thailand, this is something a start-up company does not possess. Group Surgery Holidays in Thailand may be tempting for the inexperienced traveller, but beware when they focus on all the tourism activities you can do after surgery.  The reality is, you are travelling specifically to have surgery in Thailand. Your focus should be on your health and safety, not sitting by a pool all day drink cocktails and partying at night.  As a  good Medical Tourism agent, Meditravel will take care of all logistics such as flight, hotels, travel and appointments and surgery. We can even assist your family or friends to coordinate with your travel and surgery commitments. You could then be back relaxing with them for your recovery period before you head home.

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Taking a holiday with your girlfriends has taken on a whole, new meaning, with friends all having surgery together. You don’t just get to save even more money; you will have them with you during your recovery. Thailand Surgery Packages can be arranged uniquely to each patient’s needs.Packages are designed to save you money on both the travel and the surgery, fitting into your budget. When travelling with friends or family, you’ll have the comfort of being with those you know, spend some quality time with them. Let’s face it, cosmetic surgery is getting to be as common as any other beauty routine. It is no longer a luxury of the select rich; it is very much within the realm of possibility for everyone. When considering locations such as Thailand for your surgery holiday, with the cost much lower not only do you have the option of comfortable payment plans should you need them, you also get a five-star experience with a two-star expense.

Having said all that, you do have to think about this rationally. It is true that a possibility of risk exists, but then there are dodgy hospitals or surgeons at home as well. You should know that your risk do not increase because you choose to have surgery in Thailand, they are the same no matter where you have surgery. The best way to minimise risk and ensure a good result is to choose an excellent Medical Tourism Agent like Meditravel.

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Breast Feeding After Breast Implants

Breast Feeding after Breast Implants Yes or No?

Breast feeding after Breast implants may be something you have thought about if you might be planning to breastfeed your future babies. If you are considering having Breast Implants in Thailand prior to having your baby, there will be many questions to ask. You may wonder if breastfeeding is possible if you have breast implants and if so, will your implants have an effect on your ability to breastfeed and the amount of milk you can produce. Finding the answers and preparing yourself will help you make better decisions about breastfeeding with implants.

Below is an excerpt from a article that explains some crucial issues raised by breastfeeding after breast augmentation.

Breast Feeding after Breast Implants, can I?
Most likely. It depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn’t cause any trouble. A “smile” incision around the areola increases your risk of having breastfeeding problems.

You won’t know exactly how your milk supply has been affected by breast augmentation surgery until you try to nurse. If you still have feeling in the nipple, you have a much better chance of having a full milk supply.

If you’re able to produce only a portion of the breast milk your baby needs, you’ll need to supplement with formula or donor milk.

Most mothers who have had breast surgery can breastfeed, at least to some extent. Some find that they:

  • Can breastfeed adequately (i.e., without the need to supplement).
  • A galactagogue might help (depending on the reason for a small supply)
  • Can partially breastfeed (i.e., with the need to supplement somewhat).

There is no clear way of knowing before the birth that of the above groups a mother, who has had breast surgery will fit within. How the surgery was done can impact upon how it may affect breastfeeding. For example, breast reduction surgery is more likely to cause milk supply problems as compared to breast augmentation surgery. It is particularly the case if the nipple was moved to a new position during the surgery as this disrupts the nerve supply to the nipple and areola.

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What else should I know about my breast augmentation procedure, If I want to Breast Feed?

When you breastfeed, you can expect your breast skin to become looser. Thus, there’s the possibility that the implant-breast relationship will change. Some women will experience negligible change, but there are those who will see that the position of the implant has changed considerably.

What can I do if the implant’s positions changed after breastfeeding?

You have plenty of options for restoring your breast’s pre-baby appearance. One of the most popular options is a breast uplift procedure. Surgeons highly recommended that you wait six months after you finish breastfeeding before you undergo this type of restorative procedure for your breasts. A consultation with a Shreveport breast augmentation surgeon will provide you with the best information on how to proceed with your implant-related concerns.

Ready, Set, Go Thailand Surgery

Ok, So you have been researching into the cost of having Breast Augmentation or a Tummy Tuck in Thailand. You have now found out that the cost of having Thailand surgery in Phuket is significantly lower than the quote you received from your Australian Plastic Surgeon. Only downside if you can call it that,  is that you have to fly to a tropical island and stay for a predetermined time frame for recovery. (hey there are worse thing you could be doing in recovery)

You now ask yourself – “What is the Next Step to Booking Thailand Surgery?”

Firstly you also have to remember to add the cost of travelling to Phuket or Bangkok (depending on where you choose to have your Thailand surgery), to the Surgery Cost or use one of the many Surgery All Inclusive packages Destiny Meditravel has put together. As not everyone’s requirements are identical we, customise Travel packages specific to Surgery recovery times. Depending on the surgery that you are having the recommended recovery time required in Phuket varies from 7-16 days. Our most popular is the Breast Implant package for $5200 that includes Hotel 8 nights including breakfast for two people and all surgery related cost.

Step 1 – Ready

Contact Meditravel and have one of our experienced staff provide you with a full quote including Travel. Your consultant will explain you package inclusions and what your next steps will entail.

Step 2 – Set

You will be required to complete a Patient Registration and supply images for one of our highly qualified Thailand Surgeons to provide an assessment. You will receive an evaluation that will include recommendations for your chosen surgery as well as confirm the pricing for surgery and required the recovery period.

Step 3 – Go

Once you have recommendations from the surgeon and have accepted them, you will then need to decide when you wish to have surgery.Once we have that we will book your appointments for consultation and surgery with your surgeon. We will then if required commence putting your surgery package together with your Travel Package, providing options and pricing on flights and hotels. Once all complete and confirmed it is just a matter of counting down the days until you depart.

What is Dual Plane Technique For Breast Augmentation?

Have  you been recommended to have a Dual Plane Breast Augmentation?
If you have, don’t freak out! It is becoming more common with Plastic Surgeons to recommend this technique be used when performing Breast Augmentation.

If you are researching or contemplating having Breast implant surgery there are many other decisions that you need to consider when you choose to have Breast Augmentation surgery, a lot more than you think. The question of whether to place the implant under the muscle, partial or over is the subject of much debate, with confusion and misinformation in every direction. Suffice it to say that there is no single best method that applies to every patient.

dual plane Breast Implant Placement Options

Breast Implant Placement Options

Until recently we knew of only Two techniques of breast augmentation in Thailand, the sub-glandular and sub-muscular implant placement techniques. Now we hear about Dual Implant placement, which is a combination of sub-glandular and sub-muscular.

Thailand Surgeons are now combining the advantages from both sub-glandular and sub-muscular placement, dual plane breast augmentation provides a slight breast lift and a natural breast appearance. Because no technique is perfect and has its advantages and disadvantages, each new technique is launched in order to offer something new.

Each of the implant pocket locations has specific benefits and indications, but each also has unique tradeoffs in specific breast types

Dual Plane Breast Implant Placement for Breast Augmentation client presents  a technique that allow two pocket planes (dual plane) to be developed in a single patient, adjusting the implant and tissue relationships to ensure adequate soft-tissue coverage while optimizing implant–soft-tissue dynamics, to offer increased benefits and fewer tradeoffs compared with a single pocket location in a wide range of breast types.

It is best if you look at the image on the below. Here you will see the above part of the breast implant is covered by the pectoralis major muscle and the lower part of the muscle fascia (a thin tissue that covers the muscle)

Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Dual Plane

How Dual Plane Implant Placement Works
During a dual plane breast augmentation, the pectoralis major muscle is released onto two planes. First, the bottom of the muscle is released from the chest wall; next, the overlying breast tissue is partially released from the muscle. This allows the top portion of the implant to be covered by both breast tissue and pectoral muscle while the remainder of the implant is covered by breast tissue only.

The exact degree to which the muscle is released from the breast tissue is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals. The fact that the dual plane technique can be adjusted to achieve optimal implant placement for each individual makes it a superior choice for most Thailand breast augmentation patients.

Why Should I have a Dual Plane technique when I have my Breast Augmentation?

  1. Fewer complications, such as the formation of capsular contracture. A complication that concerns 1-20% of women who have been submitted to breast augmentation surgery. By placing the implant below the muscle and the fascia you can minimise the implant’s contact with the mammary gland. This is a maneuver that can possibly minimise the formation of capsular contracture.
  2. A natural result particular for thin patients with very small breasts. This can be achieved as the upper part of the implant is then covered by the muscle.3. The possibility of implant dropping is reduced. The muscle and fascia secure the implant and keep it in the right position.4. You will avoid malformations to the implant due to the strength exercised by the pectoralis major (as is the case in the submuscular technique). The so-called “open breast” abnormality.5. The possibility of palpating the implant’s borders is reduced.6. No wrinkles are formed on the upper part of the body.

How Does a The Surgeon Determine which Breast Implant Placement is tight for me?

Final determination of what implant position is best for each patient must follow a complete evaluation of several factors:

  • The patient’s individual anatomy, inc: thickness of tissues and the degree  of sway in breast
  • The patient’s desire regarding volume increase
  • The patient’s lifestyle, inc: the exercise routine
  • The patient’s personal history of breast disease

Will it cost me more to have the Dual Plane technique?
In most situations, you will be charged slightly more when you choose to have a Dual Plane Breast Augmentation over a having your implant placement under or over the muscle. As explained above there is a lot more involved to ensure a positive outcome in creating not one but two implant pockets.

In Thailand, a Breast Augmentation with the implant placed either above or behind the cost would be approx $4000 AUD and if choosing to have a Dual Plane Augmentation you can expect to pay $200-300 more.

View Current Breast Implant Packages


5 Areas Most Improved with Liposuction Thailand

Liposuction Thailand – Saves You Money

With the advancement of cosmetic surgery in Thailand and the cost of liposuction Thailand being on average one of the most affordable in the world. There has never been a better time to consider if a liposuction procedure might be right for you. With a reasonable recovery time and minimal scarring neck and jawline, liposuction Thaland is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many people. Outlined below are the top 5 areas that Liposuction Thailand can improve.

1. Jawline

Neck liposuction Thailand can often be a tremendously valuable tool for helping a patient attain a nicely defined jaw and neckline. Slimming jawline under chin and neck to look thinner and take years off, and a Neck Lift procedure can  be done under local anaesthetic. The neck liposuction procedure removes excess fat deposits in the neck underneath the jaw, also known as submental adiposity. Fat around this area can, at times become disproportionate and accumulate in the neck either congenitally or as one ages over time.  The appearance of a “double chin” or a “turkey gobbler chin” may, unfortunately, be the result. It is widely considered that characteristics of a beautiful face usually include a well-defined transition from the jaw line to the neckline. When submental adiposity or excess fat, around one’s jaw line, obscures this connection, submental liposuction has proven to be highly beneficial.


The waist is a common area of dissatisfaction for women who may begin to develop a less defined waist as they age. Some younger women feel they don’t have a defined waist and seek liposuction as a means of improvement. Removing fatness in the back, upper torso areas that pop out from bras and swimmers can make the world of difference. Well targeted body contouring can have a range of benefits, often just targeting small areas around the waist, and torso can produce extremely effective results. Genetics is responsible for determining the basic body shape of each of us. If you are a woman that naturally has a very straight-waisted “boyish” shape, you may not be able to be altered with liposuction because there might not be any fat present to reduce. Depending on the needs of each woman, liposuction of parts or more, commonly the entire torso at the level of the waist is the best way to achieve a slender and sculpted appearance. A complete improvement to the waist often includes liposuction of the abdomen as well as at the posterior, or back of the waist. It is always best to seek out a consultation, especially if you’re not sure about whether your body shape will be enhanced with liposuction Thailand.

3. Cankles

Cankles, as they are commonly referred to, is the condition when one’s calf and ankles seem to blend. Creating delicate looking ankles with liposuction aimed at specific areas is often very useful for physical problems such as this. Both calves and ankles can be made thinner with body contouring through liposuction Thailand, so long as you have fatty tissue there to be removed. Again genetics play a role in determining whether this option is right for you or not. It ‘s hard to see many before and after photos, but for most people, especially those with large calves, surgery can be enormously beneficial. Obstinate fat in the calves and ankles or “cankles” can be difficult to improve with just diet and exercise and patients who experience this can benefit from liposuction. Calf and ankle liposuction can be performed as an outpatient procedure in many cases, as long as it’s performed in a fully accredited surgery facility with “Twilight” anesthesia. Cankles respond well to liposuction when done under local anesthetic and with the micro cannulas. The cost on average in the US is rough $5000-$6000. Alternatively, the same standard of cosmetic surgery in Thailand can save you around $1500 significantly lowering the cost of liposuction. This safe and affordable option does produce a problem that is hard to remedy with diet and exercise worth getting resolved with surgery.

4. Breast

In recent years, there have been several case reports and studies supporting the use of liposuction alone as an effective procedure for improving symptoms of breast hypertrophy and also as a natural and scar-free means of breast reduction. The effectiveness of liposuction for breast reduction has been proven in terms of outcomes, safety and speed of recovery after the procedure. The use of micro cannulas allows breast reduction surgery with minimal postoperative pain, a rapid recovery period and virtually no scarring. Not only can liposuction reduce the female breast by more than 50 percent in size, but also the breasts are commonly also lifted to a relatively substantial degree. The breast lift is the product of the reduced weight of the breast, which allows the breasts’ innate elastic properties to contract and produce the elevation.

5. Male Chest- Liposuction Thailand Option
Only a few things can have such a profoundly negative effect on a man’s life as having female-like breasts. The medical name for this condition is gynecomastia. However, it is more commonly known rather harshly as “man boobs.” Those ill-fated enough to suffer this condition frequently have a long history of low self-esteem from the ever present want to hide their body from the view of others.
Typically starting at puberty, the breasts in some men can grow, as they go through their teenage growth spurt and undertake a more female shape and size. If there is any unusual weight gain, the condition will usually become worse as fat over the chest muscles puts emphasis on the size of the breasts. The onset of gynecomastia can also begin later in life, often by taking certain drugs such as steroids that are commonly used to increase muscle mass.

When the embarrassment and ridicule arise in the locker room in high school, so does the need to hide the deformity. Teenage boys may start hiding their chest area from others by wearing heavier tops and avoiding situations that involve uncovering their bare chests to others. Some even go to the effort of taking down their breasts under their shirt. As a man in this position reaches adulthood, the resulting embarrassment associated with their breasts can impact heavily upon their lives and relationships. Importantly this disorder and its subsequent deformity can be easily rectified by a simple, effective, and reasonably priced surgical procedure.

Body contouring with Liposuction Thailand after major weight loss can significantly improve the shape and tone of your underlying tissue, which supports fat and skin and removes additional sagging. Despite having good health and a reasonable level of fitness, often people may still have a body with unbalanced contours due to random fat deposits. These areas are again often due to genetic traits rather than a lack of weight control or fitness. Choosing to have Liposuction in Thailand makes body contouring, for any reason, an efficient option that may not otherwise be affordable to many people.