Cosmetic Surgery Thailand: What to look for at medical tourist accredited hospitals

Cosmetic surgery Thailand – Your Affordable Option

Cosmetic surgery Thailand is now well known and confirmed as a safe alternative to paying the high prices charged in Australia

If you plan to have your cosmetic surgery Thailand instead of Australia, then the first thing you should check for is whether the Thailand hospital has any international accreditation. This is because an accredited hospital is more trustworthy than a non-accredited one – the accreditation reaffirming that this particular hospital meets all required criteria for a safe and effective treatment.

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is a world renowned accreditation body that has given out certifications for thousands of hospitals worldwide. A medical tourist can easily trust a hospital that has been certified by JCI. And if you are planning to have your cosmetic surgery Thailand, then the JCI accredited PPSI and  Phyathai 2 should be an obvious choice for you.

What to look for when selecting a hospital for cosmetic surgery Thailand?

In addition to accreditation, customers should also check the following before they zero in on any specific hospital for having their plastic surgery –

  • Better Facilities: Usually a JCI accreditation is sufficient in this regard. But you may want to enquire further about the procedure used; the equipment etc and ensure that the hospitals do have all the facilities to conduct the procedure as advertised.
  • Quality Surgeons: JCI accredited hospitals like PIAC and Bangkok Hospital Phuket offer some of the most well respected plastic surgeons in the world. Talk to them about your expectations and clear any doubts or concerns you may have about the procedure.
  • Price: Thailand offers huge savings in cost when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The cost of breast implant, the cost of breast augmentation etc; are almost 50% less in Thailand when compared to costs in Australia. You can have the surgery at the hospital, travel and stay at luxurious resorts, and still save money by opting for Thailand! Once you have decided to carry out the cosmetic surgery Thailand, compare the costs of the procedure between the JCI accredited hospitals in the country and then choose one that offers the best bang for the buck.

The two most popular accredited hospitals in Thailand

  1. Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute: The Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC) is one of the most well known accredited hospitals in Thailand for medical tourists, accredited by the globally respected Joint Commission International (JCI). It offers all major cosmetic surgery procedures to its clients including breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, dental surgery and much more. You can not only benefit from the world class facilities of the hospital but can also get your surgery done by some of the most renowned medical surgeons in the world.

When you arrive at PIAC for your cosmetic surgery, you will be escorted from your airport to the hospital by the hospital staff. Your surgeon will then meet you and discuss with you the details of the procedure and carry out the surgery at the scheduled time. Once the procedure is completed, you can go to your resort/stay at the hospital under 24-hour medical care so that you can get help in case of any complications from the surgery.

PIAC also offers a surgery guarantee to you. This means that, in case you develop any complications from the surgery that cannot be resolved, then PIAC will compensate you for it. Once you sent in your request for compensation, a PIAC committee will check your request and determine whether your claim is valid or not. If approved, you will receive 50%-100% of the estimated compensation amount.

  1. Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Phyathai 2 International Hospital.- Bangkok is where our most sought after surgeon Dr. Boonchai now works.Phyathai 2 International Hospital formally opened its doors in 1987. The hospital has been a leading medical provider preferred by Australian in Bangkok Phayathaii offers a full range of health care services by highly experienced staff,   nurses and qualified doctors.  ThePhyathai hospital uses state of the art technology and innovations for the purpose of precise diagnosis and excellent treatment outcomes such as the newly opened Hybrid Operating Room that provides crucial treatment for patients requiring heart and brain surgery.Phayathai is conveniently located at 943 Phaholyothin Road and is within walking distance of Sanam Pao BTS Skytrain station.

Phayathai 2 Hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2014. Organizations that achieve JCI accreditation are considered to meet the standard of healthcare services and are committed to providing the best level of care. Having JCI accredited means undergoing strict evaluation based on over 300 standards.

How to protect yourself from unwanted losses during your plastic surgery holiday in Thailand

Once you have decided on any cosmetic surgery packages in Thailand, then you may also want to consider taking insurance for the same. Sometimes, your surgery may be canceled due to irresolvable reasons. In such a situation, all the expenses you have incurred till the moment will turn to losses. To avoid this, it is better that you consider taking a medical tourist insurance policy. Such a policy will be able to cover any losses that arise as a result of the surgery. This will include compensation for money spent on travel, accommodation etc but unable to perform the surgery, compensation for extra stay due to any complication arising out of the surgery, compensation for any long term disability arising out of the surgery and more.

If you are stressed about having to arrange your procedure, then you need not worry. You can arrange for a medical tourist agency in Australia like Destiny Meditravel to take care of your travel, accommodation, insurance and other procedures. Destiny Meditravel is a leading medical tourism agency in Australia and has more than 9 years of experience in helping clients plan their surgery holiday at Thailand. They will also help you to select the best Thailand surgeon for breast implant, liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery you wish to have.

And in case you are worried that you might not have the finances to go through with the surgery, you can check out the various credit options available for you. The increased demand for cosmetic surgery has resulted in specialized loans for cosmetic surgery patients. Financial institutions like MAC Credit can offer you $70,000 in credit for your cosmetic surgery. And you will not be required to put up any deposit for it. Plus, if extra treatments are needed, you can use the line of credit to redraw funds.

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