Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast Augmentation Cost Phuket

When it comes to considering having breast implants, corners should not be cut.  It should be acknowledged that a woman’s breasts are essential to her female figure and sense of self; as such, any procedure involving surgery of the breasts should be performed with meticulous care and an acute eye for aesthetics. At the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, our surgeons are the best in the region under the lead of world renown Dr. Sanguan centre patients can be assured that they will be placing their trust in the very best of healing hands.

When researching and selecting a plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, the cost will always be a consideration.  Breast Augmentation cost should not just be your primary concern. Don’t forget that you are trusting your body and your appearance to your surgeons’ care. An unsatisfactory surgery result may inevitably cost your more, both financially and psychologically, Just because you chose not turn to an experienced plastic surgeon. As a patient of Destiny Meditravel, knowing that your breast augmentation surgery will by with a professional specialist with Breast surgery experience and a history of success is you guarantee of success.

At  Destiny Meditravel we are always transparent about cost, ensuring that there are no hidden surprises when you arrive in Phuket. Your particular Breast augmentation pricing the surgeon will confirm during your initial consultation on arrival in Thailand.

Three  Levels of Pricing Confirmation.

Breast augmentation costs are provided and discussed with you three times to ensure you are receiving the correct pricing.

  1. Standard pricing for round and teardrop implants is given on initial contact via email or over phone
  2. Next, we request you to have a photographic assessment free of charge with one of our surgeons. This evaluation will take into account your specific requirements and confirm a preliminary surgical plan as well as pricing.
  3. During your Phuket consultation on arrival with one of our renowned plastic surgeons, a physical examination will be conducted. This exam will confirm the information provided in the photographic assessment and your final price provided.

Factors In The Cost Of Breast Augmentation

At Destiny Meditravel your breast augmentation is always specific to the unique needs and individual goals of you the patient. The cost may be variable from patient to patient. Thailand Surgeon will do a photographic assessment to give you preliminary recommendations and will confirm with you recommendations for surgery and estimated cost. This cost orovided in photographic recommendaions will not replace the face to face consultation where the surgeon will then have the opportunity to meet with you, listen to your goals, evaluate your case, and determine the final appropriate course of treatment.

One of the factors that influence the cost of breast augmentation, in general, is the patient’s choice of breast implant type. At Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, the surgeons all recommend cohesive gel breast implants, as they are currently the safest and the most natural-looking implant available. Your plastic surgeon will advise you of your breast implant options, and any associated costs with each, and ultimately the choice will be yours. Cost notwithstanding, cohesive gel implants offer many advantages unmatched by their counterparts, however. here are  factors that can change the cost of your breast augmentation. Depending on your needs and goals, you may need to combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift to provide you with uplifted and full breast.

Whatever your needs and goals, we want you to be assured that we will work alongside you to deliver the surgical results using the highest-qualified  surgeons and materials at the cheapest cost possible.

Breast Augmentation Round Implant  99,000  $3,800  115,000  $4,300
Breast Augmentation Tear Drop Implant  135,000  $5,200  160,000  $6,100
Breast Augmentation Endoscopic Round  130,0000  $5,000 140,000  $5,400
Breast Augmentation Endoscopic Teardrop  160,000  $6,100  185,00  $7,100
Breast Augmentation Internal Lift (Round)    180,000  $6,900
Breast Augmentation Internal Lift (Teardrop)    220,000  $7,700

Note : Revision case from other hospital: plus 30% of above package price

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