Thailand Male Breast Reduction

Thailand Male Breast Reduction

There are surgical procedures available for the reduction or enhancement of women breasts. When we talk about Breast Reduction the first thing that strikes our mind is a picture of the breasts of a woman. There is not just only a female breast reduction procedure, but also there is a procedure for male breast reduction. If you are a male, and you are worried about your chest because it is very similar to a woman’s breast, then it is not just you alone suffering from this problem.There are many men that are suffering from male breasts that hide behind their clothes. Thailand Male Breast Reduction allows you the opportunity to have your surgery done in private and save money.

What are Male Breasts?

The enhancement in the chest of men that appears like women breasts is known as the Male breasts. Another term that used according to the medical point of view to referring Male breasts is Gynecomastia. It is a disorder of the endocrine in which the breast tissues in male begins to enlarge. Up to 70 percent of teenage boys when meeting the time of puberty experience some development of breasts because of the change in hormones during puberty. Gynecomastia mostly takes place in males because of the pubertal changes but in some cases, it is also said to be the state of disease. A Thailand Male Breast reduction could be your solution.

Causes of Male Breasts or Gynecomastia

Although there is no perfect reason found in the patients that lead to gynecomastia it is often found mostly in the males that have obesity issues. Causes other than obesity include particular types of medications, tumors, alcohol or marijuana. Still, no proper cause is yet found.

Gaining more weight also cause enlargement in male breasts and even if the patient loses weight than also the male breasts will remain as it because of the enlarged tissues the only way to remove the breasts tissues is by male breast reduction surgery.

Ideal Candidates for Male Breast Reduction Procedure

A patient who is healthy and the one who is not suffering from any severe disease are known to be perfect candidates for the surgery of male breast reduction. If you are about to have this surgery, then you must have expectations of results after this surgery by realities.

Procedures Used In Male Breast Reduction

The techniques to reduce your male breasts depend on your body structure, preference of your surgeon and the type of results that you desire. You can have chest wall liposuction, or you can have your tissues removed inside the breasts.

Male breasts make you less with the confidence, so it is better to have surgery for its reduction. Phuket International Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Thailand and all over the world for the plastic surgery of male breast reduction because the surgeons that are part of this hospital are extremely experienced and reliable

 (Gynecomastia)  THB  AUD  THB  AUD
Male Breast Reduction Breast Glandular Excision  100,000  $3,800 120,000  $4,500
Male Breast Reduction Breast Glandular Excision + Vaser 160,000  $6,000  200,000  $7,700
Male Breast Reduction Horizontal Breast Reduction + Liposuction  POA  POA 250,0000  $9,500

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