Natural Looking Breast Implants

Want Natural Looking Breast Implants?

Thinking about getting breast implants, but afraid they’ll look too obvious and want natural looking breast implants? The key to natural-looking breast implants not only lies in the kind of implant used, but also where they’re placed. We turned to our experts to find out how to get breast implants that look so good, no one will know they’re not real.

Natural breast implants is when a natural slope takes off from your chest and projects forward towards the nipple. Other characteristics include:

  • Most of the breast volume is in the lower half.
  • The breast has a gentle droop to it.
  • The breast sits at the mid-level of the arm.

If you want to have a natural look, then the implants must fit your chest, be proportional to your body and go under the muscle, not over it. 

“For most patients, a properly done submuscular dual plane placement of a silicone gel implant gives the most natural result,” says our Phuket, plastic surgeon. With an implant underneath the muscle, there is less rippling of the implant that can be seen or felt, there is a more natural slope to the upper part of the breast, mammographic interpretation is better, and there is a lesser chance of capsular contracture (hardness) of the implant.

Although an implant behind the muscle can give a natural look, they should be placed differently depending on your body type. For someone with large breasts or a lot of fatty tissue, either in front or behind the muscle looks about the same because the implant is hidden by the tissue. If you have a lot of muscle built up, preference may need to be given to an implant placement in front of the muscle to avoid the unattractive movement of the implant that may occur with pectoralis major muscle contraction.

If you’re extremely thin, avoid the dual plane position entirely. Unnatural rippling of the muscle may occur in the lower part of the breast

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