Breast Reduction Phuket Package

Breast Reduction Phuket Surgery Package~$9,990

Take advantage of Meditravel Breast Reduction Phuket Surgery Package – Breast Reduction Phuket just add travel approx $1600 per person to include flights and hotel for 16 days.



Prices subject to change based on currency conversion rates on the day of surgery.

When working with Meditravel, you know that you will have a choice of the surgeon you wish to use from a selection of the most experienced Thailand Surgeons. Our Thailand surgeons are among the best at Phuket Plastic Surgery institute, all highly experienced in Breast Reduction Surgery
Booking travel for someone headed overseas for medical care is altogether different to booking holiday or business trip. As a medical tourism agent, we provide expert travel planning to Thailand where we arrange your Plastic Surgery.We view ourselves as a full-service ” Surgery Travel Agent” our focus is riveted on the medical aspect of our clients and creating Surgery Travel Package that suits our client’s needs.Each customer is Individual, and we know each customer has different preferences to how they would like to travel. In knowing this, we have created a selection of Phuket Thailand Surgery travel options for your choose.This Package includes 14 nights in our 3.5 Star Hotel Patong Beach Resort with buffet breakfast included with the possibility to choose your hotel or upgrade to one of our other recommended recovery hotels.
We don’t like our clients left wondering where they have to be and when so we arrange all your transfer based around your travel, surgery and appointments. We organise to collect you from the airport on arrival and deliver you to your hotel and then to returrn you safely back to the airport to head home.All transfers to and from the hospital are arranged on your behalf from your initial consultation right through to all your check ups and final appointments. All nominated transfer are free of charge to Meditravel surgery clientele.
All Meditravel  Services are included in this package which covers all services in Thailand and Australia pre and post-surgery – with no additional Fees! We will coordinate all your surgery and travel arrangements and provide you with a copy of all documentation.
Prior to your departure every Meditravel Client receives a personalised ‘Client Information Folder’ with your personal travel details which include – Hospital, Clinic, surgery, payment option, transfers and other documentation and records required to make your Surgery travel stress-free. We will include our client information booklet that covers checklist before your depart, money matters, recovery information and other essential travel-related hints and tips.If you require post-surgery garments these will be sent with your folder.

Your Next Steps~Moving Forward

No matter what procedure you want to get done, or where you want to get it done, you will need to get a surgical assessment done first. Approval by the surgeon and confirmation that you can get the procedure done at the advertised prices.

Every client is required to undergo an assessment to ensure they are a candidate.Having this valuable information is essential in a customer’s research as it greatly assists in qualifying the financial viability of traveling to Phuket for surgery or staying in Australia for surgery. You will know up front your surgery and all the associated costs.We will not hide any fees or associated cost as we don’t like our clients getting any surprises.In this package, every client is required to undergo an assessment to ensure they are a candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery. To complete the assessment you will need to provide medical and personal details together with submitting the required photographs.

A free Plastic Surgeon assessment by one of our highly experienced and qualified Plastic surgeons at PIAC Hospital is available to all our surgical clients.The first and most essential step to a successful surgery is for the doctor to learn as much about the patient as possible.The surgeon assessment allows you to know all the information you can up front about your surgery choices.Firstly it is a good idea to ensure that they are a candidate for your chosen surgery and second to enable a qualified Plastic Surgeon to provide you with professional recommendations.

You will know up front what surgery the surgeon advises and all the associated costs, recovery time and surgery date availability.We will not hide any fees or associated cost as we don’t like our clients getting any surprises. All that is required is that you complete your Patient registration providing all your personal and Medical information.It is important that you take all the necessary photos as per the instructions so that the surgeon can provide an accurate assessment and recommendations.You can view and download the photo requirement for Breast surgery by clicking the image.If you have any issues uploading the photos into the form, you can choose to email or text them through to us, and we can manual add them for you.

Breast Image Required

After submitting your registration form and the required photographs, these are sent off to our Thailand Plastic surgeons to provide you with an assessment.

We ask that you be patient as this can take 5-7 days to receive a response from the Plastic Surgeons. While this is happening we continue to work with you to look at appointment availability and assist with travel arrangements to Phuket. 

If you would also like to explore options in Australia for your surgery using Meditravel Exclusive Discounted Plastic Surgery Cost with our surgeons in Sydney, please let us know.

You will be emailed a copy of your surgical recommendations once they are received from he surgeon. One of our consultants will then be in touch to discuss further the recommendations and to commence the booking process.

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