Risks Not Increased When Choosing Phuket For Surgery

When choosing Phuket for Surgery, one of the most frequent questions we get asked by our clients when choosing Phuket for surgery is

Are the risk of something happening higher  if I go to Phuket for surgery

Quite simply the answer is “NO”  all surgery has its own set of  Risk and Complications that can occur and they can occur both in Australia and in Thailand.

Choosing Phuket SurgeryIn the past 18 months Australia has decided to reduce the price they are charging for Breast Augmentation to compete with the ever popular Thailand Cosmetic Surgery Market. This new initiative of Australian Plastic Surgeons offering Breast Augmentation below $6000 has unfortunately brought some negative attention to the practices used to provide this pricing.

There has been three publicised cases this year of incidents occurring in New South Wales. The most recent a 28 year old responded badly to the general anaesthetic administered before the surgery. That coupled with the 21-year-old Amy Rickhuss who suffered a cardiac arrest while undergoing a breast augmentation in January and the 22 Year old in September who had an adverse reaction could make you question having surgery in Australia.

New.com.au reported on the 16th October:

A News Corp investigation revealed earlier this year that doctors with no specialist training in anaesthetics are allowed to provide high doses of local anaesthetic during cosmetic surgery, even though there is a risk of life threatening complications.

And there is no requirement they have defibrillators or breathing apparatus to revive a patient if the surgery takes place in their rooms putting patients at even greater risk.

An earlier investigation found there was no formal training requirement for cosmetic surgeons. Any doctor straight out of medical school can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon.

Compared to the minimum 7-year training required in Thailand to become a Plastic Surgeon it would appear that Australian surgeons training and experience is in fact placing patients at risk not so much the actual surgery being performed.

You can be assured when choosing Phuket for Surgery with Meditravel as your coordinating agent for your surgery that you will be in the hands of Plastic Surgeons who have the experience, training and facilities to ensure that you are not put at an additional risk. Meditravel offers surgery both in Sydney, Brisbane and Phuket for our clients all with Plastic Surgeons. In Sydney and Brisbane you have the option to have under general anesthesia or local both options have a qualified anesthesiologist on hand and are performed in hospital or well equipped and staffed clinics.

When choosing Phuket for surgery, all procedures are performed in PIAC – Phuket International Hospital  regardless if they are under local or general anesthesia.You can have your surgery and confidently know that you are in good hands from the time you arrive,to the time you depart Phuket.

Choosing Phuket for Surgery -Breast Implants Phuket:

  • Breast Augmentation 115,000 THB approx $4300 AUD
  • Surgery cost  include, surgery, checkups, compression bra/wrap, hospital stay, implants, meals and Medications
  • Mentor or Silmed Implants used
  • 1 Night in Hospital
  • Stay Phuket – 7 Nights recovery from day of surgery mandatory

To book  your surgery please contact Meditravel who will take care of arranging surgery and travel package to suit your budget starting at $5500pp for flights, hotel and surgery.