What You Should Know Before Having Breast Implants

breast implant check list

Things You Should Know Before Having Breast Implants

It is so simple to get caught up in the moment of finally getting those bigger boobs you have always wanted. You are already looking forward to that day of not wearing “chicken fillets”, Gel Filled Bras and breast enhancers and forgot a few steps along the way. We don’t want to burst your bubble or anything we are just going to create a little checklist you can use to make sure that your fully informed prior to getting those Breast Implants of yours.

The first thing we tell all clients is to remember that although it is a straightforward enough surgery it is still surgery, and  you should take it seriously. You need to Know that no surgery is 100% guaranteed they all have risk associated, and you need to be aware of the risks of Breast Augmentation surgery. There are also many contributing factors that will affect your final result, which by this time you already have a preconceived idea of what you will look like.


The key to your successful surgery and choosing the right breast implants for you is highly dependant on through research on your behalf.

The biggest surprise that people find when they start the process and have an assessment or consultation with a Plastic Surgeon is that they may need a Breast Lift. We have done an article on this subject to give you a guide if the results you want and your current breast sagging require you to have a breast lift with your breast implants. The misconception out there is that by having the fuller breast with get rid of any excess skin or sagging caused by breastfeeding or weight loss. In some cases a bigger implant, teardrop shaped implant or Dual plane technique may help with small amounts of lifting. You need to be prepared not just mentally for a larger surgery and longer recovery but also financially if you require a breast lift with implants. The average cost in Phuket for Breast Implants is only $4300 AUD. However, if you need a breast lift with no implant, the

cost is $4900 AUD and with implants this price grows to $8100 AUD. As it is a bigger surgery, the recovery time increases from the eight day required in Phuket for recovery to 16 days recovery.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Breast Implants.

Choosing your Plastic surgeon is vitally important as you want to know that you have the best person for the job and that they are qualified with ample experience. Ask around with any friends who have had Breast Implant how they found the surgeon they had, what was good and what was bad about them to avoid the same mistakes. If you don’t have anyone close you know who has breast implants then you can choose to complete your research on the web or through agencies like Destiny Meditravel. Meditravel has extensive experience working with a number of different surgeons, even having had the surgery they can give you first hand account. Meditravel website like this one will have portfolios on the surgeons they recommend and access to before and after images of the surgeons work.

Thailand Surgeon Before and After Images and Recommendaions

When looking at before and after images be open minded that your situation may be different to those portrayed in the before and after images. The final results are a combination of the existing breast tissue, clients anatomy and the implants size, shape and placement. Like any artist will tell you the results may not be a true representation of the surgeons skills but more on the original canvas they were working on. Plastic Surgeons are known to be a perfectionist and want to achieve the best results for a client as it is their work being displayed. If you listen to the recommendations of your surgeon, then you can have a higher chance of getting the results that you are after.

Honesty and being realistic

Breast Implants

Be realistic about the results you want!

Being honest with your surgeon about your medical history, medications, drug use and any previous surgeries eliminates any surprises for both you and your surgeon. All of your Medical history information is important for the surgeon to know. This enables your surgeon to take into account this information when doing your surgical plan and take additional precautions if required.Be realistic about the results you can achieve

You also need to be realistic about the results that you want and those that can be achieved. This brings us back again to listening to the surgeon recommendations on breast implants placements, size, profile and placement. Although you may be an “A” cup and dream of being a “DD” realistically your anatomy specifically your breast cavity may not be able to accommodate such a big increase. You need to be open to change on your original plan to adapt to what is physically possible.