Breast Implants and pregnancy, your expectations.

Breast Implants and Pregnancy

breast implants and pregnancy

Breast Implants don’t need to affect your pregnancy

Many women have doubts as to whether breast implants and pregnancy affect each other in some way. Generally speaking, having breast implants does not in any way affect your pregnancy, nor does pregnancy cause any harm to your breast implants. Whether you are planning to have a breast implants in Thailand or Australia, as long as you have a reputable hospital and surgeon, you can be sure that they will correctly advise you on what to do after taking your needs into consideration.

Having a breast implants after pregnancy also has an additional benefit that you can shape your breasts and lose all the extra tissue that it has accumulated during pregnancy. Post pregnancy implants enable, your breasts to look both firm and voluptuous.

Breast implants before or after pregnancy?

When deciding whether to have breast implants before or after pregnancy, you need to keep a few points in your mind. Usually, women feel that their breasts have lost volume or shape post pregnancy. This is not the case for women with breast implants – their breast shape often remains in shape. However, it is advisable that you do not have your breast implant and pregnancy within a short period. You should ideally space out both these events. Most surgeons will ask you to wait some months.

  • Pregnancy after Surgery: During pregnancy, your breasts will naturally enlarge. And if you already have an implant, then your breasts are likely to sag. However, if you have naturally small breasts, then having implants before being pregnant can turn out to be good for you since your breasts can become more firm and fuller.
  • Surgery after Pregnancy: If you have recently become pregnant, then you should put off having your breast implant surgery for a 6-9 months. Since you will be lactating during this period, having Breast Implant surgery can increases the chances of infections. It is ideal that you have the breast implants after pregnancy.

Breast Implants During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does not affect the breast implants, although the tissue and skin will experience some level of changes.  To minimize its impact, avoid excessive weight gain to limit stretching of the tissue and prevent the saggy appearance.

Take note that gaining too much and too fast during pregnancy could lead to breast ptosis or sagging, which requires mastopexy or “lifting” after giving birth.

During pregnancy, your breasts will somewhat become tender and larger in preparation for breastfeeding.  For this reason, it may have an impact on the appearance of your breasts to some degree, but not always to the point that you will need a Breast Lift.


Will my breast implants affect my ability to breastfeed my child?

If you have a breast implant, breastfeeding your child should not be much of a problem. But, if you plan on getting pregnant after the implants, just make sure that you tell your cosmetic surgeon about this so that he can conduct the surgery accordingly.

More often than not, after weaning your breasts will return to its original size without drastically affecting the result of breast implants.  While deflated-appearance in the upper poles and sagging may occur to some degree, you can minimize the impact of pregnancy on your augmented breasts by controlling your weight through balanced diet and light exercise.

Because it may be hard to predict the exact impact of pregnancy on the result of breast augmentation, some doctors advise their patients to postpone the surgery. Especially if they are not yet done having children or at least do not consider getting pregnant in the near future.

Where should I look for cheap and safe breast implants?

Many Australian residents have now chosen to have their breast implant in Thailand. The main advantage of having your cosmetic surgery in Thailand is that you can save money even after factoring in your travel and accommodation expenses. The cost of breast implant in Thailand will come to around $5,500 for surgery, flights and hotel. The price is incredibly cost effective when you consider that you will have to shell out about $10,000 for just the procedure in Australia.

Considering the cost of a Breast Implant done in Australia, cosmetic surgery holidays in Thailand are a clear cut choice. Plus, hospitals like the Phuket International Hospital offer world class surgeons with an international reputation. If you want to know more about getting a breast implant in Thailand, then you can contact an experienced medical tourist agency like Destiny Meditravel. Visit their website at for further information.