Group Surgery Travel Thailand Embraced By Australians

Group Surgery Travel

Plastic surgery certainly ranks high on the list of surgeries that are commonly performed by Australians. The power of undergoing a certain change, in order to look better, does appeal to everyone at large. This is totally appealing to both sexes, and a large number of them decide to undertake them every year.

Every year also throws up newer and unique trends that dominate the plastic surgery scene in Australia. Now, while there are numerous surgeons and clinics in the country, that offer the option to undergo cosmetic surgery. A huge number of patients are beginning to embrace a rather new, and yet very appealing, trend.

Plenty of prospective plastic surgery patients, these days, opt for medical tourism as an option, based on 50% saving on the cost alone. Group Surgery Tours is about travel to another country, in order to undergo any surgery. While this may pose the question, of why travel to a foreign country for a surgery, there is certainly a lot more to it than just the surgery cost alone.

One of the first things that come to mind is that a cosmetic surgery in another country allows for tourist activities, and as such, they can even be undertaken during your recovery period. Therefore, one can go through a successful recovery and then get back to the country, before resuming normal activities.

Group surgery travel, which involves traveling for surgery in a group, can also prove to be largely beneficial for many people. These tours are headed by a manager for the medical tourism company, who is appointed by the agency initiating the program. As such, group surgeries can offer numerous advantages:

  • Single travelers can largely benefit from group travels. As a single person does not have to foray into an unknown country alone. Group surgery travel also make up for good company during tourist activities.
  • Travelers, for whom a trip may be the first one, can overcome any fears in the presence of a surgery group.
  • People who need company and help during their recovery period can greatly benefit from group surgery travel.
  • If you are in a group of few friends or relatives, who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery, group travel comes across as a very fabulous option.

 Group surgery Travel with Destiny Meditravel

Destiny Meditravel, is a very well-known Australian agent for Thailand cosmetic surgeries, send their patients to Phuket in Thailand. Now, Phuket is a very attractive destination for Australian tourists and also boasts of numerous tourist activities that one can choose to opt to do once surgery completed. With great hotels for accommodation and, top class hospitals and surgeons in the area, one can be in for a very fruitful trip, to say the least.

Besides, every group surgery tour is always headed by client managers, who know the conditions and make every effort to make patients feel comfortable. These managers also stay in Phuket, initially for up to 10-14 nights, so that everyone receives extra assistance during the beginning of the recovery phase after surgery. Considering that these managers have local experience, you won’t have any problem pertaining to any assistance needed in Phuket.

Group Surgery accommodation is in 4 or 5-star hotels, including transfers from the airport, and the hospital are also handled easily. Fees that you usually pay are all-inclusive of surgery, flights, and accommodation. Despite that, you’d notice how it is still way cheaper than what you’d pay for a similar surgery in Australia.

Group Surgery Travel for cosmetic surgeries in Thailand has been gaining largely, in popularity. As more people seem interested and opt for Phuket as an ideal destination for plastic surgery and tourism, Destiny Meditravel always has future travel dates drawn up, just in case anyone is looking for them.

The next Group Surgery Tour, if you want to join, is scheduled for May 10th 2015 where the surgery group will be staying  in 5 Star accommodation at the Avista Resort, Patong. There are limited spots left so if your interested contact Destiny Meditravel and register.