Neck Lift or Neck Liposuction?


Neck Liposuction or Neck Lift,
Which One Should You Have?

Neck Liposuction has gained in popularity as a less invasive alternative to a Neck Lift  for those seeking a more contoured neck. One of the reasons for this increase in popularity may be due to advances in technology such as Facetime, Skype, and social media, in addition to the popularity of posting “selfies” online. Our faces and necks are more visible than ever before, and, unfortunately, some of these don’t always show us in the best light. Every wrinkle, line, and area of loose skin suddenly becomes visible, and the neck is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.

Neck liposuction can improve the contour of your neck, jaw and chin areas.  If the fat has accumulated below your chin, you might see the youthful angles of your lower face virtually disappear.  With Neck liposuction, the surgeons at Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC) can sculpt the neck area to restore that attractive, youthful angularity. Neck Liposuction of the neck is a procedure that selectively removes fat and has no visible scars.

Neck contouring isn’t defined by a surgical technique, but rather the patient’s aesthetic goals in knowing, if Neck Liposuction would achieve your desired result or a Neck Lift. A Thailand Plastic Surgeon will use an entirely different surgical approach for a patient who wants to reshape a full chin versus a patient who wishes to eliminate a sagging “turkey neck.” Neck contouring can be performed as a single procedure, or be combined with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures for more comprehensive improvements.

The question now is which one  do you think will be right for you! A Neck Lift or Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction


Neck Liposuction creates a smooth contoured neckline

In order to be considered for Neck Liposuction, your skin needs to exhibit a sufficient degree of elasticity.  Liposuction can remove fat, but achieving a smooth contour depends on the elastic qualities of your skin to shrink after surgery.  If you have reached an age or condition where your skin is lacking elasticity, a neck lift (possibly combined with liposuction) may be a more appropriate procedure. The typical neck liposuction patient will be younger, in his or her 20’s through early 50’s, as younger patients typically have good skin elasticity.

Candidates for neck liposuction often report the following conditions:

  • Double chin
  • Lack of jaw definition
  • Fat deposits in the neck
  • Sagging neck tissue
  • Patients with good skin tone will typically see the best results

Recovery time is relatively short with neck liposuction.  For the first 24 hours, you’ll be wrapped in tape and gauze, followed by an elastic chin strap for about three days.  As skin contraction and healing occur, and swelling subsides, you’ll see an improved neck contour emerge.  A well-defined transition from your face to your neck will show, and your appearance will greatly improve, as a result.

Neck Lift

The goals of a Neck Liposuction patient and Neck lift patient will be slightly different in that a Neck Lift patient;s primary concern will be the sagging and aging of the neck area. If you are bothered by sagging, loose skin on your neck, then a neck lift surgery procedure, may provide a solution. You may hear neck lift surgery referred to as cervicoplasty (to remove excess skin) or platysmaplasty (to tighten loose neck muscles). Your Thailand surgeons can perform one or both of these procedures to tighten loose neck muscles and remove excess, sagging skin, restoring a smoother, firmer, and better-defined appearance to the neck.

Here is a brief list of things to look for to know if you are a good candidate for the neck lift surgery in Thailand.

  • Lax neck skin.
  • Turkey neck
  • Banding within the neck.
  • Loss of sharp neck (cervico-mental) angle.
  • Loss of jaw definition.
  • Double or triple chin.
  • Your neck looks shorter and older than it used to.

Recovery time after a neck lift will depend on the individual, as well as the extent of surgery. Typically, patients return to daily activities, within two weeks after surgery. Expect your neck to feel tight for a few weeks, and know that bruising and swelling are normal. These effects should subside gradually, with visible bruising usually gone after the first week, and that “tight” feeling remaining for up to several months.

Still Not Sure If You Need Neck Liposuction or Neck Left ?

After reading the information above on Neck lift candidates and Neck liposuction, you still find that you are still confused then your next step would be to have a free photographic assessment with a Thailand Surgeons. It easy enough to do, you need to take photos per the example below and complete the Patient Registration Form

. The photos are uploaded into the form after completing your personal and medical information, then sent off to the surgeon. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive via email your personalised recommendations from Destiny Meditravel Staff. Then once you know what would be the most suitable surgery for your situation you can make an informed decision if you wish to proceed, without any financial commitment.


Face Lift Thailand -What Happens?

Face Lift Thailand Cost

Face Lift Thailand

Have you been thinking about having a facelift?

I think that anyone who is at the stage of their life that they are now considering the option of a face lift find the prospect of it all a bit overwhelming. Initially fear and concerns about what’s involved in a face lift happen naturally, these feelings are quite normal and to be expected.

However, when you understand the benefits of a facelift, you will soon realise that it is an attractive solution to ageing prematurely.

We believe the first steps in learning the procedure is through educating yourself, finding the right facelift surgeon. Engaging the services of an excellent plastic surgeon and getting to know their work them beforehand, goes a long way to making you feel better about the prospect of the procedure.

If you’re considering a facelift Thailand there are no doubt a few questions you have about the whole process? What results will you have? How long is recovery? What are the risks involved? These are just a few of the many things you need to know before making such a huge decision. We have put together an information sheet that covers your initial questions, so you can educate yourself without the pressure to actually have the surgery. Looking at Face Lift Before and After is a good indication of the types of results you can have. You need to be realistic in your goal for the onset and not expect the surgeon to have you looking 30 years younger. A realistic expectation should be 10 years maybe 15 years younger, ask your surgeon what he thinks is achievable during your consultation.

Face Lift Information Download Sheet

The following information sheet has been created as a general guide to assist patients considering having Face Lift Surgery in Thailand and is intended to provide a broad overview of the important considerations related to the decision to having Face Lift surgery. The specific nature of the surgery will vary between individuals and is dependent on the unique circumstances of each person.


As part of our Face Lift Thailand Surgery Patient Education, we now have 3D animations of Facelift Surgery.If you wish to view the animation and are on a phone or iPad you still can by clicking here