Best Facelift Surgeon In Thailand

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Best Facelift Surgeon In Thailand

It has become apparent over the past few years that an emerging trend has started to gain momentum amongst Australians. It has been well known and advertised to our younger generation throughout Australia, that you can get cheap Breast Augmentation in Thailand. What we see now is that the mature generation has also jumped on board too, looking for facial rejuvenation surgeries with Facelifts, eye lifts and Neck lifts.

New, less invasive techniques offered in Phuket, Thailand provides Australias with an affordable  alternative to the cost of facelifts in Australia. The widespread evidence of celebrities having procedures has also made facial plastic surgery more in demand and more acceptable.

More and more Australians are choosing Phuket as a venue for cosmetic surgery, and with good reason. Plastic surgery performed overseas means less embarrassment and social stigma, as well as being far less expensive than the same procedure at home. What they all want to know is who is the Best Facelift Surgeon In Thailand?

Average Face Lift Cost in Australia $15,000 Vs Cost Face Lift Phuket Thailand $4900

Although the cost is an important contributing factor in the decision to have surgery overseas, it is not the only motivator! The highly skilled and trained in minimal scarring facelift techniques Surgeons in Phuket Thailand plays an important part in the final decision to have surgery in Phuket. Below we have put together a few of Best Facelift Surgeon In Thailand, whose expertise is in Face Lift and Facial Rejuvenation procedures in Phuket.

Dr. Narupon expertise in Face Lift and Facial Rejuvenation make him a sought after surgeon among Australians. Trained in Minimal Scar Facelift techniques makes him a favorite for face lift and neck lift patients.



Dr Rushapol Sdawat is one of our most requested surgeons by our clients wishing to have a Facelift with minimal scarring. He is a member of many Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Societies in Thailand.