What Does A Neck Lift Do?

Understanding a Neck Lift

The skin-genes ( I know I’m making up this term but stay with me here!) in my friend, S’s family, are good. Her mother at 58 has a smooth face that disguises her age and makes people ask about her beauty routine. The secret of her beauty routine is that she has none. She stays out of the sun to a large extent and lets her genetics do the rest. The weird thing is that though her face is smooth and more or less supple, her neck has started to look pretty scrawny. She has a slightly sagging jawline now and a wrinkled neck. S’s mom is a huge fan of jewelry, and she is almost never without a necklace but now feels that it doesn’t look the same. S and I talked about it, and I helpfully pointed out that S was probably also going to have the same issue when she grew older. And she had not stayed out of the sun and hadn’t been too careful about the kind of cosmetics she used in her dewy youth.

In preparation for S’s future, I gave in to my curiosity and sat down to figure out what could be done. I discovered that a neck lift was what was needed to smooth everything out. A neck lift  is a single procedure or can be a set of complimentary surgeries that can improve the appearance of your neck. Procedures can be done to remove excess skin, remove or change neck muscles. Liposuction may be done to remove excess fat and Botox can be given to improving the scrawny look or wrinkles.

As with any other cosmetic surgery, you must be in good health to be a good candidate for a neck lift.

Conditions that can be improved  with a neck lift:

  1. Turkey wattle neck or loose jowls
  2. Excess skin on the neck
  3. Excess fat

It must be noted that a correct neck lift cannot be a non-surgical procedure. Treatments like Botox are given in addition to the surgery and do not have the same results when given in isolation. You can expect to see a tighter, more youthful looking neck after surgery. However, results depend on your age and medical condition. If you are a healthy individual, non-smoker and have no serious medical conditions you can expect to see best results.

Risks and Recovery:

Risks with a neck lift are the same as with any other kind of surgery without being exaggerated in any way. Risks can be mitigated and controlled to a large extent by choosing the right surgeon, the right hospital and following precise recovery instructions.

It can take up to 2-3 weeks for the swelling and bruising to heal such that it is not visible. You will need to take it easy for at least a couple of weeks. As with any surgery, the swelling and bruising first gets worse before it starts to get better. To see full results, you need to be patient with the swelling. It may take some time so you need to be optimistic and not try to rush the process.


A neck lift in Australia can cost around $6000 – $8000 for Surgeon fee alone with hospital and anesthesia costs not included. A neck lift is not covered by insurance unless it is needed for medical reasons.

If you would be open to considering medical tourism, you can get the same for around $3000 which includes all surgery related expenses except travel. A 14 night package with flights and hotel still only sets you back another $2000 staying in a 5 star cheaper for 4 star. Thailand has several reputable hospitals, and there are tons of reviews and feedback on the hospitals and surgeons on the internet. If you do your due diligence, choose the right doctor and hospital you could end up having a neck lift in very pleasant surroundings at a very attractive price.

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