How Can I Save On Cosmetic Surgery

Saving On cosmetic Surgery

Phuket SurgeryAging is, well, a totally natural process. When we happen to be in our younger years, not often do we tend to think of ourselves with a criss-cross of wrinkles on our face, grey hair, or even a bald head. However, as those younger years slowly look to be a passing cloud, aging seems like a worrisome curse almost naturally. We all definitely feel like going back to those great looks we possessed about a couple of years ago. We all want to look a lot younger than the present!

We turn to the Hollywood celebrities, who are known to largely extend their screen years, and keep looking younger as they age! We look for that likely secret that keeps them going, and if such procedures would also apply to our case.

The answer is, of course they would! If our dear celebrities on screens can benefit greatly from such procedures, it would definitely be fine for us too.

However, despite the fact that anti-aging care is possibly a good way to go about it, don’t you think it’s a tad too expensive? In fact, it’s highly unlikely that you are going to go about spending $50,000 on anti-aging. Even, just about any cosmetic surgery cost in the US or Australia can easily set you back by $8,000, and that is taking the minimum prices into consideration.

Such plastic surgery costs almost put off any spark that we might have in our minds about getting that face lift done, or the lip surgery that would make us look better.

So what’s the viable alternative?

What if there was also the option of getting the same face lift, liposuction, neck lift, or eyebrow lift done for a much cheaper price?

This is practically where medical tourism comes across as a fine alternative. Not only is it a lower priced option, when compared to getting the same done in about any place in the UK, Australia, or the US, but also hassle free.

Of late, there are numerous businesses that have been working effectively to promote such surgery holidays that can be very beneficial to patients. They are known to arrange trips for patients to countries such as Thailand or Singapore, where one can also look to have a holiday of sorts. Hence the coinage of the term ‘medical tourism’.

When you compare plastic surgery costs of, say, Thailand to Australia, you can see the vast difference. A cosmetic surgery that costs about $A 5000 in Thailand, would start at around $A 7-8000 in Australia. This basically means on a trip to Thailand for such a surgery, you tend to save an extra $A 2-3000. Also, the trip doubles up as a perfect holiday too.

Destiny Meditravel, which is a promoter of medical tourism and based in Australia, is known to send a large number of patients each year to Phuket, Thailand. Most of these patients look to get a wide variety of plastic surgeries done at about two-third of the prices that would be applicable in Australia. Also, there’s additional help in terms of financing, in case, you cannot afford the surgery at once. Easy installments and flexible payment options are a breather in such cases.

So, such an alternative for cheap plastic surgery certainly bodes well for many of the normal folks. And just in case you are doubtful about the procedures, you can always refer to testimonials and also, call the company up to seek more information.

Concluding, a cosmetic surgery coupled with a holiday, and that too at a much cheaper price doesn’t come across as a bad option for prospective patients.