Affordable cosmetic surgery – think outside the box, or outside the home

Discounted Cosmetic Surgery

It is said that youth is wasted on the young, and there was never a truer adage, particularly in respect to looks. We don’t appreciate our tight, fit bodies, fresh complexion and wide eyes in our youth and then hanker after them once our prime has passed. The bad news is, this will continue for eternity – if you don’t believe me, try convincing your teenager that she doesn’t need to invest in that push-up bra. The good news is; we can do something about the rest of it – the “hankering after youthful looks” piece. We hear 70 is the new 50 and 50 is the new 30. My response to that is – maybe for celebrities but the rest of us not-living-in-Beverly hills folks. 30 seems to be the new 35 (at least) – and we sure can’t shell out the big bucks to look 30 when we’re 50.

That last statement was true for the longest time – today, maybe not so much. I’m coming around to the idea that youthful looks may not be so out of reach of us. Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic procedures are the fastest growing industry, and there is tremendous progress in terms of research and options available to customers. From holistic approaches such as SPA treatments, stress reduction techniques, massages and exfoliation to medical cosmetic procedures, we have a broad spectrum of possibilities. The pinch has always been in the cost. What’s the point in getting a facelift if you’ll starve yourself for the next three years to afford it? In western world, cosmetic surgery is still the luxury of very wealthy. Medical tourism, however, makes this luxury affordable.

Bargain hunting is actively discouraged in cosmetic surgery. It is said, that in this field you get what you pay for! I agree with that – mostly. You have to pay a certain price to get the services of a well-qualified surgeon and a reputable hospital. However, what about other intangible charges that get tacked on because of the environment in which these specialists and hospitals exist? In Australia, cost of health care is inflated to a large extent due to the huge malpractice insurances that practitioners and hospitals have to pay. Also, cost of equipment can be different in different countries. The support staff doesn’t have to be paid as much because the cost of living is lower in Thailand. All these factors allow foreign hospitals such as those in Thailand to give you a significant discount on the price. Lower price doesn’t directly equate to poor service here. In fact, Thailand has some hospitals catering specifically to medical tourists, and many surgeons are well trained in the West.

Now that we’ve agreed that we can get a discount on cosmetic surgery, the next question is how much? Look at the chart below for price comparisons between Australia and Thailand for most common procedures:

Cosmetic Procedure Australia Thailand
Breast Augmentation (Round Gel) $10,000 $4,000
Breast Augmentation (Tear Drop) $14,000 $4,900
Mid & Lower Face Lift $15,000 $4400
Tummy Tuck (Standard) $11,000 $5,500
Liposuction (first Area) $4,000 $1,800
Neck Lift $8,000 $2,750
Thigh Lift $13,000 $4,700
Eyelid Lift (lower) $6,500 $990
Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty) $9,000 $4,700

please note AUD conversion were correct at time of article and can change according to fluctuations in value of Australia Dollar affecting currency conversion 

But what about overhead cost, you ask? Yes, there will be travel and stay expenses. But even with those, you will still get a 50% discount in most cases with an excellent holiday thrown in for the price.

So what’s the catch, you ask? You will have to spend some time researching your options to make sure that you only deal with the best hospitals and excellent surgeons. You have to look for recommendations, ask around – you’ll be surprised to know how many folks have already done this, read up on blogs. You will be in a foreign location and have to spend a little more time to ensure that you heal properly after surgery before you come back home. If you choose a reliable medical tourism agent, all your logistics will be handled professionally. You’ll be spending some time in gorgeous surroundings and won’t regret the extra time spent. You will come back happy and won’t mind taking this bargain offered.