Post Surgery Compression Wear

Post Surgery Bra

An Overview of Post Surgical Healing

After an aesthetic or reconstructive surgery, you may experience some discomfort, pain, stiffness, or temporary numbness. Trauma in the surgical area leads to inflammation. A Medical Compression Garment or Bra assists in the healing process and improves procedure results.

The benefits of proper compression and support can reduce the risk of seromas, lymphedema, hematomas, and skin unevenness.

Accurate compression and support:
• reduces fluid buildup increases blood circulation
• promotes proper skin adhesion to newly contoured areas
• holds surgical dressings in place until removed
• supports incision to heal properly

Most of the swelling and bruising subsides within a few weeks though some light swelling can last up to six months. Doctors advise their patients to wear compression garments for at least the first 4-6 weeks after a procedure. Patients may find it more comfortable to wear the garments until all the swelling has completely subsided, and the final results are revealed.

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Thailand Surgery Packages

May Surgery Group

Next Surgery Group Departs 10th May

Our next Surgery Group to Phuket Thailand is departing on the 10th May.

Group Surgery travel is an excellent option for clients for many reason, which is why our Thailand Surgery Group tours fill up very quickly. Our group tour is a fully escorted Surgery and or Dental tour, with up to 12 clients PLUS partners or companions. Our Groups traveling to Thailand for surgery are accompanied by one of our experienced Meditravel Client Managers whom all have had surgery themselves, they know what you’re going through.These ladies are there to ensure that you have everything you need during your recovery.

Who should join a group a tour you ask?

  • Single Travellers.
  • First Time Travellers
  • Few Friends travelling together
  • Those wanting unique surgery travel experience
  • Wanting a little extra TLC
  • Or those who just want to have some additional company available in their recovery period.

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Thailand Surgery Client Testimonials

Thailand Surgery Review

Thailand Plastic Surgery Client Testimonials

Plastic surgeries happening through medical tourism have been on the rise of late. More and more people seem to realize that medical tourism can serve as a strikingly affordable option for both, undergoing a surgery, as well as the recovery period that can be spent on tourist activities.

Destiny Meditravel, an Australian medical tourism firm based in Adelaide, has been in this business for a long time and has sent numerous patients to undergo plastic surgery procedures in Phuket, Thailand. The firm, under the leadership of CEO Melanie Bawden, happens to have successfully carried out plenty of cosmetic surgeries by professional doctors based in Thailand. The most common cosmetic surgeries that people undertake are breast augmentation, facelifts, rhinoplasty, brow lifts, labiaplasty or dental surgeries.

Many of the patients that have undergone any of the above procedures have also cared to share how they felt during their surgery trips to Phuket. In general, these testimonials spell out a lot of information and also first-hand proof of what one can expect. Besides, testimonials are also a good way to judge any particular service, mainly for people who might not have any idea on the matter.

One of the testimonials, made by a patient who underwent Rhinoplasty in Thailand, says “Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with arranging my surgery, accommodation, and travel and to let you know that everything went very well, especially with the hospital appointments and picked up and returns to hotel, all went great and took all the worry out of the process. Also, I am thinking of having some more surgery next year, to fix up sagging skin on my face and neck, due to acne and sun damage and also my age.”

Another common surgery that women decide to undergo is breast implants. A patient testimonial on breast augmentation procedures in Thailand has this to say “Having surgery was always something I had wanted to do. I was held back at first by the daunting thought of having to organize consultations, finding the time to have surgery, paying for appointments, surgery, additional costs, etc, then I found Destiny Meditravel and from the first email, I found the whole experience easy and simple and in no time at all, I had booked my trip to Thailand to receive my long awaited BA. I cannot put into words the ease of the whole experience, from organizing my travel and surgery with Mel, to the experience in Thailand. From the moment I landed in Thailand itself, I was treated like absolute royalty throughout my trip and not once did I feel uncomfortable or unsure.

Phuket International Hospital is professional, and the hospital is lovely. I had the option of choosing where I wanted to stay during my trip, and I had a hospital appointed driver for the entirety of my stay. I paid one fee at the hospital, and this covered everything, from my transfers to my surgery, to the consultation and the anesthetist fee.

My only regret about the whole experience is that I didn’t book my surgery sooner! Had I known how easy it would be to organize everything, I probably would have. Destiny Meditravel is fantastic, and I will not hesitate to use them in the future.”

If you notice closely, both testimonials mention how plastic surgery in Thailand can be very cheap and yet, completely safe. Also, the fact that patients are taken good care of and treated luxuriously cannot be ignored.

While these are just two the patient testimonials, that have been included here, a whole list of them can be easily read more at Destiny Meditravel website by clicking HERE.


How do I know if I need a Breast Lift?

breast lift thailand

Have you thought about improving the appearance of your breasts? Do you wonder if you need a breast lift? How about a breast augmentation? Or do you need both procedures? How do you know which type of breast-contouring surgery you need? Wow that a lot of questions to get answered huh!

It all depends on whether or not your breast skin needs tightening, if your nipple and areola need lifting, and if you want your breasts to stick out further from your chest.

Some women joke about being able to tuck their breasts into their pants! Most of the time, it is not quite that obvious. Women are the biggest critics of their bodies. You know every fluctuation in your weight. You know when you’ve lost even a little bit of volume from your breasts with weight loss or when your cup size increases with a little weight gain.

And you certainly know when your breasts have lost the perkiness of your teen years. You may not know the medical terminology, but you know that something about your breasts just doesn’t look the same.

There are certain measurements that plastic surgeons use to determine if you need a breast lift, a breast augmentation or a combination of both. Don’t worry – you don’t have to have a medical degree and plastic-surgery training to do these measurements. If you know how to use a tape measure, you can do these measurements, too!

Measurement Instructions

Do you need a Breast Lift

See if you need a Breast Lift

First, you will need to locate your sternal notch. The sternal notch is a groove at the base of your neck. It lies in the middle between your two collar bones (see illustration).Place the “0” of the tape measure at the sternal notch, and then angle the tape at a diagonal in the direction of your nipple. Make note of that number. Repeat the measurement for the other breast.

Do not be alarmed if the measurements are not exactly the same. Some asymmetry of the breasts is quite normal.

Write you measurements on the next page that you determined and then read how to interperpret the results.

How to Interpret Your Measurements
Now for the fun part! You’ve done the measurements, now what do they mean? What type of surgery may you need will depend on two factors:

  • The distance between your nipples and your sternal notch.
  • The location of the majority of your breast tissue in your breast – top versus bottom.

The measurements you take are not absolutes, but are to be used as a general guideline to help you assess your breasts and the amount of sagging or droopiness you may have.

There may be other factors that will guide your plastic surgeon in determining if you need a breast lift, a breast augmentation or a combination of both. By submitting your photos to a Thailand surgeon we can then provide you with a professional recommendation.

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are 21 centimetres or less:

AND your breasts are not bottom heavy, you may not need a breast lift.However, if you want your breasts to be larger in size you can augment them with breast implants.

If your sternal notch to nipple distances are 21 centimetres or less:

AND you have breast ptosis/sag (meaning the majority of your breast tissue is at the bottom part of the breast), you may need a breast lift.For a larger breast size, you will need some type of breast enhancement with Breast implants

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are around 22 or 23 centimetres:
AND your nipple and areola are in the middle of your breasts (not on the bottom portion), and your breasts are not bottom-heavy, you may not need a breast lift.

For bigger breasts, you’ll need some type of breast augmentation.

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are around 22 or 23 centimetres:
AND your nipple points toward the floor or is centered at the bottom part of your breast, you may need a breast lift.
If you desire larger breasts you can have augmentation with implants at the same time as the breast lift.

If your sternal notch-to-nipple distances are 24 centimetres or more:

You will need a breast lift to achieve the look of perky breasts.
For an increase in breast size, implants can be used to augment the breasts

If you are unsure if  you need a Breast Lift or Breast Lift with Implant use our
“Do I need a Breast Lift” guide

What is Difference Between Cosmetic Surgeon Vs Plastic Surgeon in Thailand?

Plastic Vs Cosmetic Surgeon

In the present environment we live, where interest in cosmetic surgery is rising, any physician can act or declare himself to be cosmetic surgeon or even plastic surgeon, even without formally or internationally acceptable training.We believe there is a need for more patient education regarding the importance of credentials of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons.

With the rise in the number of people now seeking surgery in Thailand they especially need to do their research. We recommend you study more or contact us at Destiny Meditravel before having a cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Currently, there are some groups of physicians who do not have proper training but have formed organisations with names that sound similar the official accreditation issued by “SOCIETY OF AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGEONS OF THAILAND”. Many of them have been practicing for a long period and so well known that people forget they are not board-certified plastic surgeons. There are only a few hundred of real plastic surgeons in Thailand. However, there are more than thousands of cosmetic surgery services. Please do not make a decision based on a websites only

There are many questions and misconceptions about the Plastic Surgeons vs. Cosmetic Surgeon and many patients mistakenly believe that plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are equal when they are not.

Aesthetic vs. reconstructive
To explain the difference, we will start by defining plastic surgery. There are several specialised fields of plastic surgery including reconstructive surgery which involves the restoration of almost any body part that is abnormal due to a trauma/accident, cancer or birth defect; and aesthetic surgery, (sometimes referred to as cosmetic surgery), which is the aesthetic enhancement of the body or re-shaping normal tissue to improve appearance.

In other words, aesthetic surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is often considered ‘medically necessary’, and Cosmetic Surgery is elective.

Cosmetic vs. plastic: The training
Following the completion of medical school, a board-certified plastic surgeon serves first as a surgical resident for at least 3 years. They undergo rigorous training in all aspects of surgery, then 3 years of focused plastic surgery training. Plastic surgery involves a range of different components, including craniofacial surgery, burn surgery, hand and microsurgery, maxillofacial trauma. It also includes general and breast reconstructive surgery and, of course, cosmetic surgery (facelift, breast implants, liposuction, etc.). Because the field of plastic surgery is so broad and extensive, the training is essential and to become a plastic surgeon is between 6-8 years of further study after medical school.. The length of study and training is a key differentiator between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon.

Thailand Plastic Surgeon Training
The plastic surgeons Destiny Meditravel work within Thailand, are all board-certified by the Thai Board of Plastic Surgery.

They are also members of the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand and the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand.

They may also be members of other professional societies including

The Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand (Plastic Surgery)
The Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Surgery of Thailand
The Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
The International College of Surgeons
Some are American board-certified in plastic surgery. Many have received fellowships in U.S., Australian, Canadian and European hospitals.

Most of the Plastic Surgeons in Thailand have received additional training by the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society of Liposuction Surgery, the International Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, the European Society of Aesthetic Surgery, and numerous programs offered in Australia, England, France, Switzerland, and the United States.

Thailand Board certification
It is always important to confirm that a plastic surgeon has been certified by the relevant Board of Plastic Surgery in their country. The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand, are the main body representing all board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons in Thailand.

Cosmetic surgeons who claim to be board-certified may have received their certificate from a board that is not recognised officially as Plastic Surgery. Alternatively, they may be certified by their specialty board that may not even be a surgical specialty, such as internal medicine. Cosmetic surgeons referring to themselves as board-certified can be misleading if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

It is important to note that while all plastic surgeons have extensive training and can perform both reconstructive surgery and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. Not all cosmetic surgeons can perform reconstructive surgery because they have not received the same aesthetic training as plastic surgeons.

In conclusion, if you are considering any aesthetic/cosmetic procedure in Thailand it is prudent to be aware of the education and training of the surgeon you’re considering for your procedure.

Do Your Research

The highest priority of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is to promote patient safety. If you have chosen to travel to Thailand  for aesthetic plastic surgery, we encourage you to do your research. a. Choosing to have Plastic or cosmetic plastic surgery in Thailand demands careful planning and decision-making.

Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts

Myth-or-Fact Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Factsmyths-about-plastic-surgery

Our impressions about anything are formed from various sources – what we read, what we see, what we hear. While it is good to take into account all information, it is important to sift through it to come to the facts. The internet is not our holy grail and all what’s written on it is not the truth. Coming to cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery there are many myths, some of which were facts a long time ago but are no longer true and some are just plain yarns. Let’s look at the top ten myths (IMHO!) :

  1. Cosmetic surgery=Plastic surgery

Fact: This is not true. Cosmetic surgery is a specialisation within Plastic surgery. While technically a plastic surgeon can perform cosmetic surgery, a Cosmetic Surgeon is not nearly as well trained and experience as a Plastic surgeon at it. When choosing a cosmetic surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon, look at credentials and board certifications carefully to ensure that you are choosing what you really want.

  1. Cosmetic surgery is for only for women

Fact: Not true! More and more men are considering cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance or slow down the effects of aging.

  1. Cosmetic surgery is too expensive

Fact: This one use to be true but not so anymore. It used to be that cosmetic surgery was a luxury afforded by the wealthy elite. With new progress in cosmetic surgery, cost of cosmetic surgery is decreasing in some cases. Medical tourism offers several cost-effective options with the same excellent results making cosmetic surgery increasingly affordable.

  1. Botox is harmful

Fact: This is misinformation. Botox when administered by professionals in the purest form is very safe and has been so for over 25 years. When given correctly it can soften wrinkles and lines around the face without the “frozen” look that people fear.

  1. Breast implants are harmful

Fact: Both silicone and saline breast implants are approved by FDA for use in humans. This means that clinical studies were conducted studying the safety of these implants and the results showed that they are perfectly safe. There may be minor side-effects such as leaking but those are not harmful to the body and can be rectified.

  1. You cannot breast feed if you have implants

Fact: Not true again! You can safely breastfeed even if you have implants. Generally your surgeon and doctor will recommend that you breastfeed if you can since breast milk is the best form of nutrition for your child. It is true that sometimes very little silicone can mix in the breast milk but that is not harmful to your child.

  1. Breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer

Fact: There is absolutely not truth in this one. Breast implants have been around for tens of years and there is no indication that there is any link between breast cancer and breast implants. Regular checkup of your breasts is recommended as usual but there is nothing extra that needs to be done.

  1. Liposuction is an easy way to lose weight

Fact: Liposuction is body contouring to remove fat cells from your body. It does not lead to automatic weight loss. An active life style and good eating habits are essential to lose weight. Since liposuction removes fat cells from problem areas, even if you do gain weight after liposuction, your problem areas will gain even weight in comparison to the rest of your body.

  1. Cosmetic surgery is too risky

Fact: Not really. There is a risk of complication with cosmetic surgery as with every surgery but there is no exaggerated risk with cosmetic surgery. With the choice of right surgeon and right hospitals the risk can be mitigated and controlled.

  1. You will have ugly scars after cosmetic surgery

Fact: This is yet another one which was true maybe earlier but not so much now. Now scars are hidden in places not easily visible. For example, for breast implants, you may have scars in your armpit. For facelifts, your scars can be hidden along your hairline or behind contours

Double Bubble – After Breast Augmentation

Double Bubble After Breast Implants

Double bubble” is a descriptive term for a postsurgical complication that can occur after breast augmentation with breast implants. Specifically, double bubble happens when an implant drops down behind the natural fold (inframammary crease) where the lower breast meets the chest, rather than forward into the breast. This shifting creates an unnatural indentation or line across the bottom (lower pole) of the breast; this is particularly visible when the arms are lifted above the head. When viewed in profile, double bubble is said to have a “four-breast effect.”

Fortunately, double bubble is a relatively rare complication that is correctable in most cases.

Double Bubble After Breast ImplantsCauses of Double Bubble

There are several scenarios that can result in double bubble, including improper breast implant placement. Double bubble occurs most often in women with sagging breasts whose implants were placed under the chest (pectoral) muscles. (This placement is known as submuscular, and the implants are referred to as “unders.”) The breast tissue hangs low enough to look like one set of breasts. The implants look like another.

The risk of this occurring may be reduced by placing the breast implants over the muscle. (This is known as a sub-glandular placement, and the implants are referred to as “overs.”) Alternatively, the surgeon may recommend that the woman have both a breast augmentation and a breast lift.

Double bubble can also happen after pregnancy. Occurring when breast tissue droops from the excess weight gained during pregnancy, but the implants remain where were originally placed.

Also at high risk are women who have limited lower breast skin or a short distance between the bottom of the areola (dark skin around the nipple) and the breast crease.

Another contributing factor for double bubble after breast augmentation may be capsular contracture. When scar tissue tightens around the implant, causing aesthetic and physical problems, it is referred to as Capsular Contracture.

Capsular contracture occurs most often during the first two years following breast augmentation recovery.

Double bubble can also occur when:

  • Implants are too big (heavy) for the chest wall and cause the supporting tissues to stretch, settle or migrate below the inframammary crease
  • Implants are poorly positioned by the surgeon
  • The mammary crease is constricted
  • The woman has tuberous breasts
  • Scarring is present from previous breast surgeries

Double bubble can develop at almost any time after breast augmentation surgery. If you develop this complication, consult with your surgeon. Remedies do exist.

Correcting Double Bubble

There are several ways to correct double bubble, all of which involve surgical intervention.

One option is revision breast augmentation surgery involving a breast lift and submuscular placement of the implants.

Another corrective action for double bubble involves removing the implants and placing new ones in front of the muscle. This placement can fill out sagging skin, but rippling may occur.

Alternatively, the breast crease can be modified. A small incision is made in the crease, which is then tightened and raised by placing sutures along the bottom of the breast. This eases the implant back into its proper position.

The right double bubble correction for your situation should be determined during a consultation with your original plastic surgeon. If your breast augmentation was recent (within the past six months), your doctor may advise a “wait and see” approach to determine if it improves on its own. If you’re farther out from your original surgery date, you may need revision surgery. Depending on your surgeon’s review policy, you may not have to pay his or her surgical fee, although you may still be responsible for the anaesthesia and hospital costs. If you had, you’re original  surgery at Phuket International Hospital you may be covered under the Surgical guarantee.

What Does A Neck Lift Do?

Understanding a Neck Lift

The skin-genes ( I know I’m making up this term but stay with me here!) in my friend, S’s family, are good. Her mother at 58 has a smooth face that disguises her age and makes people ask about her beauty routine. The secret of her beauty routine is that she has none. She stays out of the sun to a large extent and lets her genetics do the rest. The weird thing is that though her face is smooth and more or less supple, her neck has started to look pretty scrawny. She has a slightly sagging jawline now and a wrinkled neck. S’s mom is a huge fan of jewelry, and she is almost never without a necklace but now feels that it doesn’t look the same. S and I talked about it, and I helpfully pointed out that S was probably also going to have the same issue when she grew older. And she had not stayed out of the sun and hadn’t been too careful about the kind of cosmetics she used in her dewy youth.

In preparation for S’s future, I gave in to my curiosity and sat down to figure out what could be done. I discovered that a neck lift was what was needed to smooth everything out. A neck lift  is a single procedure or can be a set of complimentary surgeries that can improve the appearance of your neck. Procedures can be done to remove excess skin, remove or change neck muscles. Liposuction may be done to remove excess fat and Botox can be given to improving the scrawny look or wrinkles.

As with any other cosmetic surgery, you must be in good health to be a good candidate for a neck lift.

Conditions that can be improved  with a neck lift:

  1. Turkey wattle neck or loose jowls
  2. Excess skin on the neck
  3. Excess fat

It must be noted that a correct neck lift cannot be a non-surgical procedure. Treatments like Botox are given in addition to the surgery and do not have the same results when given in isolation. You can expect to see a tighter, more youthful looking neck after surgery. However, results depend on your age and medical condition. If you are a healthy individual, non-smoker and have no serious medical conditions you can expect to see best results.

Risks and Recovery:

Risks with a neck lift are the same as with any other kind of surgery without being exaggerated in any way. Risks can be mitigated and controlled to a large extent by choosing the right surgeon, the right hospital and following precise recovery instructions.

It can take up to 2-3 weeks for the swelling and bruising to heal such that it is not visible. You will need to take it easy for at least a couple of weeks. As with any surgery, the swelling and bruising first gets worse before it starts to get better. To see full results, you need to be patient with the swelling. It may take some time so you need to be optimistic and not try to rush the process.


A neck lift in Australia can cost around $6000 – $8000 for Surgeon fee alone with hospital and anesthesia costs not included. A neck lift is not covered by insurance unless it is needed for medical reasons.

If you would be open to considering medical tourism, you can get the same for around $3000 which includes all surgery related expenses except travel. A 14 night package with flights and hotel still only sets you back another $2000 staying in a 5 star cheaper for 4 star. Thailand has several reputable hospitals, and there are tons of reviews and feedback on the hospitals and surgeons on the internet. If you do your due diligence, choose the right doctor and hospital you could end up having a neck lift in very pleasant surroundings at a very attractive price.

Visit to have them arrange surgery and travel for you!

How Can I Save On Cosmetic Surgery

Saving On cosmetic Surgery

Phuket SurgeryAging is, well, a totally natural process. When we happen to be in our younger years, not often do we tend to think of ourselves with a criss-cross of wrinkles on our face, grey hair, or even a bald head. However, as those younger years slowly look to be a passing cloud, aging seems like a worrisome curse almost naturally. We all definitely feel like going back to those great looks we possessed about a couple of years ago. We all want to look a lot younger than the present!

We turn to the Hollywood celebrities, who are known to largely extend their screen years, and keep looking younger as they age! We look for that likely secret that keeps them going, and if such procedures would also apply to our case.

The answer is, of course they would! If our dear celebrities on screens can benefit greatly from such procedures, it would definitely be fine for us too.

However, despite the fact that anti-aging care is possibly a good way to go about it, don’t you think it’s a tad too expensive? In fact, it’s highly unlikely that you are going to go about spending $50,000 on anti-aging. Even, just about any cosmetic surgery cost in the US or Australia can easily set you back by $8,000, and that is taking the minimum prices into consideration.

Such plastic surgery costs almost put off any spark that we might have in our minds about getting that face lift done, or the lip surgery that would make us look better.

So what’s the viable alternative?

What if there was also the option of getting the same face lift, liposuction, neck lift, or eyebrow lift done for a much cheaper price?

This is practically where medical tourism comes across as a fine alternative. Not only is it a lower priced option, when compared to getting the same done in about any place in the UK, Australia, or the US, but also hassle free.

Of late, there are numerous businesses that have been working effectively to promote such surgery holidays that can be very beneficial to patients. They are known to arrange trips for patients to countries such as Thailand or Singapore, where one can also look to have a holiday of sorts. Hence the coinage of the term ‘medical tourism’.

When you compare plastic surgery costs of, say, Thailand to Australia, you can see the vast difference. A cosmetic surgery that costs about $A 5000 in Thailand, would start at around $A 7-8000 in Australia. This basically means on a trip to Thailand for such a surgery, you tend to save an extra $A 2-3000. Also, the trip doubles up as a perfect holiday too.

Destiny Meditravel, which is a promoter of medical tourism and based in Australia, is known to send a large number of patients each year to Phuket, Thailand. Most of these patients look to get a wide variety of plastic surgeries done at about two-third of the prices that would be applicable in Australia. Also, there’s additional help in terms of financing, in case, you cannot afford the surgery at once. Easy installments and flexible payment options are a breather in such cases.

So, such an alternative for cheap plastic surgery certainly bodes well for many of the normal folks. And just in case you are doubtful about the procedures, you can always refer to testimonials and also, call the company up to seek more information.

Concluding, a cosmetic surgery coupled with a holiday, and that too at a much cheaper price doesn’t come across as a bad option for prospective patients.

Mummy Makeovers: How soon is too soon?

Mummy Make Over

Mommy Makeover is the latest rage in cosmetic surgery packages in Australia. A Mommy Makeover, as the name suggests, is specifically targeted to women who after pregnancy are unhappy about their body and wish to make it more youthful and attractive. And Thailand is one of the top destinations for Australian women to get their Mommy Makeover doneBeing a mother is one of the most satisfying experiences a woman can have. It involves a lot of responsibility, pushing mums to the point of exhaustion every day. With such a demanding job many mums simply have no time for themselves, especially when it comes to

Being a mother is one of the most satisfying experiences a woman can have. It involves a lot of responsibility, pushing mums to the point of exhaustion every day. With such a demanding job many mums simply have no time for themselves, especially when it comes to pitting effort into how they look. Mums are so selfless by nature but thanks to Thailand cosmetic surgery there is an inexpensive and safe way to tighten and tone up your body post pregnancy.

Muscles and skin become loose and they sag especially in the stomach, thighs, arms, and breasts. Stretch marks and fat deposits are the things that mommies cannot get away from when give birth, and these are really frustrating, limiting moms of what they should wear. What is A Mummy Makeover? A Mummy Makeover is basically a package of several plastic surgery procedures that restores a woman’s post-pregnancy body back to its former glory.

What cosmetic treatments are offered in Mommy Makeover?

The most demanded mommy makeover procedures in Thailand include –

  • Tummy Tuck: Also known as Abdominoplasty, this medical procedure is targeted to resolve the issue of your loose muscles and skin around your stomach. After pregnancy, most women feel absolutely uncomfortable with such excess skin. A Tummy Tuck procedure will remove this excess skin, tightening your stomach and giving you an athletic abdomen.
  • Breast Lift: Post pregnancy, another common problem women undergo is having sagging breasts. A breast lift procedure will help you make your breasts firmer, thereby giving you more confidence about your body. Some mothers may also choose for breast implants, in order to augment their breasts for a more voluptuous appearance.
  • Botox: This is an add-on procedure that is generally opted by older mothers in addition to tummy tucks and breast surgeries. A Botox treatment is used to remove the problem of wrinkles on the face. This helps to reduce the signs of aging.


Other treatments done in Mommy Makeover include Liposuction, teeth whitening, Vaginoplasty and  Neck Lift

Mommy Makeover and other surgery packages in Thailand

One of the main considerations for deciding a Mommy Makeover is obviously the cost. A cosmetic surgery in Thailand will cost far less when compared to that of Australia. A Tummy Tuck in Australia can cost you up to $8,000. However, you can get the same procedure done in Thailand for as less as $5,000. Similarly, breast implants In Thailand will only cost you about $4,000 when compared to the $10,000 you have to shell out in Australia. Even if you factor in your travel fees and accommodation expenses, you will still end up saving money. It is this incredible difference in costs that attract customers to Thailand to perform their Mommy Makeovers. Plus, cheaper costs do not mean lower quality of service. In fact, Thailand offers some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world, at hospitals that meet and exceed international standards.

If you need more help in deciding whether to have your Mommy Makeover in Thailand, you can contact an experienced medical tourist agency like Destiny Meditravel. A well known operator in Australia, Destiny Meditravel can guide you to select tour treatment package, arrange for the hospital, plan your travel schedule, take care of your accommodation and much more. Whether you are looking for a plastic surgery holiday or want to opt for a group surgery package, the company can easily service your needs. In short, once you decide on a Mommy makeover treatment package, Destiny Meditravel will take care of all the details regarding the procedure – you won’t have to worry about a thing.

In general, it is recommend that patients wait at least nine months after pregnancy before undertaking abdominal liposuction or a tummy tuck, and at least 6 months after breastfeeding before undergoing either a breast augmentation or breast lift. It is important to have stopped breastfeeding because after pregnancy breasts need to return to their regular size and shape and stop producing milk. Patience is key with even the smallest mummy makeovers to ensure the cosmetic surgery has long-lasting results. When you are within 5 or so kilograms of your ideal body weight, then you are at the stage where you may consider a mummy makeover. The best way to define which procedures are best for you is by discussing your goals and situation with a certified plastic surgeon.

The scheduling of a mommy makeover is really dependent how quickly you recover from your pregnancy in terms of returning to your pre-pregnancy weight, and whether sufficient time has passed to allow the abdominal wall and abdominal skin to stabilise. It varies from person to person, making a consultation with a professional a must before deciding if you are ready or not for the makeover. If you are in relatively good shape and had strong abdominal muscle tone before your pregnancy, then your abdominal wall will recover more quickly.

Because it is by and large a package deal a Mummy Makeover can be expensive, so it is worth looking into Thailand cosmetic surgery as it can drop the price from around $15,000 to somewhere around the $9,000 mark. Having this cosmetic surgery in Thailand allows you to not only save money but also provides the opportunity to consider what the best options might be for your body and tailor a package to fit.


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