Breast Implants and Tummy Tuck Overseas Popularity

Thailand Breast Implant package

In a report released on 9th Janurary 2015, it was reported in their story “It is estimated that around 15,000 Australians are heading overseas for breast enhancements and tummy tucks costing $300 million every year”. This was part of a Health Check Survey on Australians, conducted by Medibank. The survey revealed that half of all Young Adults worried more about their body shape than a healthy life style. This poor self image it would appear has young adults looking for quick solutions, thus where Cometic Surgery come in.

Due to the high cost of Cosmetic Surgery prices in Australia, Australians have for many years travelled overseas for Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand. Breast Implant surgery in Australia costs range from $8000 up to $15,000 with many Queensland and Sydney surgeons. These cost are just the Plastic Surgeon fees and do not include Hospital and theatre fees. It also does not include the anesthetist fee, medication, post surgery garments or check up appointments. It is when Australian realise all the associated cost in having Cosmetic surgery in Australia that the average person financial is unable to proceed. Although they still want the surgery financial they are unable to commit to having the surgery in Australia.

This is when they start shopping around and researching other options. When typing into google “Breast Implant Cost” many of the paid advertisements at the top of search results are for agencies like Destiny Meditravel who offer to coordinate having surgery in Thailand. When someones sees the cost of Breast Implant Surgery in Thailand for as little as $4000 or the offer of $5550 packages that include flights, hotel and surgery it then goes back to being affordable.

The $4000 for Breast Implant Surgery at Phuket International Hospital is all inclusive of everything surgery related including a compression garment for post surgery recovery. All hospital fees, meals, checkups and take home medications are included in the one cost, preventing any hidden cost occurring. Knowing this information it is little wonder that Australian are heading to Thailand for surgery instead of opting to pay the excessive high fees in Australia.

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