Herbal Supplement with anesthesia

herbs dangerous anesthesia

Although many of you may take herbal supplements and some are good but MANY are contraindicated with anesthesia or surgery in general.

Some reasons why you may not wish to disclose your herbal consumption information to your surgeon or anesthesiologist may be because you believe that since these supplements are over the counter (OTC) they must be safe to use. This isn’t true – may of these are contraindicated and can severally hurt you when used in conjunction with anesthesia, other medications or while undergoing surgery.

You may also think that because these products are safe – Most medications, supplements, dangerous drugs and poisons are made from plants. So please remember this.

You may also think that telling your surgeon or anesthesiologist would be embarrassing – especially if you shouldn’t be taking them, if you are taking them for weight loss, increase your sexual stamina, for acne or for depression. This is your life – don’t mess around! There is nothing embarrassing about any of this.

You can download a full list of supplements to avoid prior to having surgery in Thailand at our website.


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