What does Having Surgery in Thailand Involve ?


#Surgery holidays – a holiday with results

White sand beaches, lush jungles, beautiful animals and delicious food are what come to mind when you think of Thailand. Can you throw an inexpensive liposuction in there? Or maybe an eyelid lift? No, I’m not rambling. Let me explain. As of 2014, Thailand is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. And it is obvious to see why. Top notch medical care at an unbelievable price at a tourist friendly location is what makes Thailand so attractive.

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure of any sort or have had any Plastic Surgery then you know how it goes. You schedule your procedure, get yourself to the hospital and check in. After surgery, you have to get yourself back home and stay holed in your home for the recovery period. One of your biggest embarrassments would be to meet someone with a puffy face or swollen lips. Imagine that picture on facebook! You don’t want to draw attention to your plastic surgery; you just want to look better; make a subtle difference. The best way to avoid any potential embarrassing situation is to get away from home. Consider the same procedure in a different setting. Say you get it done in Thailand – you get picked from the airport, check into a five-star hotel, are chauffeured to and from the hospital. You spend the first few days of the recovery period lounging by the poolside with waiters at your beck and call, to me it sounds more like a holiday. All this at a fraction of what it will cost you in Australia. It is entirely possible if you decide to have your Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand.

I hear all the time that biggest concern about medical tourism is the quality of care. Thailand has always been one of the countries where this is not an issue. The doctors are highly qualified and experienced with several of them being trained in the West. Western patients are a big customer segment of these hospitals, and they are designed to cater to their patients’ needs in the best possible manner. Estimations reveal  that every year around 15,000 ‘tourists’ from Australia goes to Thailand for cosmetic procedures.

A Medical Tourism agent is a word that’s been around for awhile, but very few knew what they were. Now “medical tourism agencies” are popping up everywhere you look. Advertising Breast Augmentation in Thailand is $4000, Liposuction in Thailand for as little as $2000 and Tummy Tucks in Thailand for $6000, why wouldn’t you take notice!  Don’t be fooled into thinking that all Medical Tourism agents are the same, having surgery in Thailand themselves does not qualify as being a Medical Tourism Agent. A lot of strategic planning goes on in the background to safely send client to Thailand for Surgery, you need to choose your agent carefully to avoid things going wrong. The two most important thing to consider when choosing your Medical Tourism agent is Knowledge and 6+ years of experience successfully sending clients to Thailand, this is something a start-up company does not possess. Group Surgery Holidays in Thailand may be tempting for the inexperienced traveller, but beware when they focus on all the tourism activities you can do after surgery.  The reality is, you are travelling specifically to have surgery in Thailand. Your focus should be on your health and safety, not sitting by a pool all day drink cocktails and partying at night.  A good Medical Tourism agent will take care of all logistics such as flight, hotels, travel and appointments  and surgery. Your agent can even coordinate your family or friends to coordinate with your travel and surgery commitments. You could then be back relaxing with them for your recovery period before you head home.

Taking a vacation with your girlfriends has taken on a whole, new meaning, with friends all having surgery together. You don’t just get to save even more money; you will have them with you during your recovery. Thailand Surgery Packages can be arranged uniquely to each patient’s needs.Packages are designed to save you money on both the travel and the surgery, fitting into your budget. When travelling with friends or family, you’ll have the comfort of being with those you know, spend some quality time with them. Let’s face it, cosmetic surgery is getting to be as common as any other beauty routine. It is no longer a luxury of the select rich; it is very much within the realm of possibility for everyone. When considering locations such as Thailand, with the cost much lower not only do you have the option of comfortable payment plans should you need them, you also get a five-star experience with a two-star expense.

Having said all that, you do have to think about this rationally. It is true that a possibility of risk exists, but then there are dodgy hospitals or surgeons at home as well. You should know that your risk do not increase because you choose to have surgery in Thailand, they are the same no matter where you have surgery. The best way to minimise risk and ensure a good result is to choose an excellent Medical Tourism.


How to use VASER Liposuction for body sculpting and slimming


Medical tourism has been a growing force in the tourism industry in Australia for the past several years, with Thailand mainly attracting a large number of Australians who go there for various cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction is one such cosmetic procedure that is in high demand. The cost of liposuction surgery in Thailand is almost half of what you have to shell out in Australia. So, it is little wonder that many Australians are choosing to get their liposuction done in Thailand.

Liposuction is a procedure that is used to remove excess body fat from any specific section of the body so as to mould it as per one’s wish. Helping you transform your bland, shapeless body to a slim, athletic one without much effort. You can do liposuction on  almost any part of the body including, but not limited to neck, cankles, abdomen, back and thighs. Surgeons are now offering a breast liposuction to reduce your breast size so that it fits the proportion of your body. Select  Male Liposuction services can help men deal with gynecomastia or the unwanted enlargement of breast tissue.

How to sculpt your body as per your wish using VASER Liposuction?

One of the most in demand Liposuction procedure is the VASER Liposuction technique. This method uses ultrasound waves to remove the unwanted fat from your body. The process is relatively straightforward –

  • Firstly, little incisions will be made near the body parts targeted for liposuction.
  • Then, a small probe is inserted through these incisions.
  • These probes will then generate ultrasonic waves that will melt the fat in that area
  • Melted fat is then suctioned out of the body

VASER is a fairly pain-free Liposuction technique that is safe and allows you to recover faster. A person, after the VASER procedure, can return to his normal day-to-day activities within about a week. He can also begin his routine exercises in about 4 weeks.

How to get a VASER Liposuction in Thailand?

It is ideal that you contact a well-experienced medical tourist agency should you wish to have a VASER liposuction in Thailand. Destiny Meditravel is a leading company in Australia that specializes in servicing clients looking to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand. They can guide you through the entire process, from helping you contact and choosing a good hospital, taking care of your flight, accommodation needs and more. The company has more than 9 years of experience in this field and has served over 1000 clients. They can quickly take care of your desire to have your liposuction surgery in Thailand. The company guarantees you the surgery. Plus, you also receive medical insurance. Protecting you from any unwanted expenses you may have to incur as a result of the procedure. In short, Destiny Meditravel is an excellent choice should you need help in having a liposuction in Thailand. Visit them at http://www.destinymeditravel.com.au

Internet #1 Source of Plastic Surgery Information

Online Marketing

Long gone are the days when people only looked to newspapers and magazines as their only source of information. The Internet, as we know, has pioneered possibly one of the biggest revolutions in the way people perceive information these days. Practically all forms of communication take place over the Web. Now, this trend has also given plenty of businesses a new edge. Of all, even marketing policies are implemented, keeping in mind social media, blogs and the company websites.

If you happen to trace back to a few years, you would see that Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery  advertisements generally appeared in print media. Although this might have come across as a good option at that time, they eventually started to die out.

The Reason Plastic Surgery Marketing Not Print Focused.

Ads slowly started to get more and more expensive in terms of the space they occupied, and had more of a local reach, confined only to those who were reading that particular magazine or newspaper. Another thing, which, was missing from such ads, was detailed information regarding the cosmetic surgical processes.

After the 2007 fiasco, where London-based Harley Medical Centre’s ad campaigns were banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for having unethical cosmetic surgery advertisements

The banned Plastic Surgery ad campaign displayed in the London Underground were promoting “easy” breast enlargement operations as they were suggesting the process is risk-free.

The poster campaign featured a brunette woman with shots “before” and “after” breast enlargement.

Harley Medical Group ad

Banned Plastic Surgery Campain

In the first image, she was not smiling, but in the “after” picture she was shown grinning.” Within days of the launched of campaign, a number of the complaints, including one from a doctor, said that it was misleading and irresponsible to promote a surgical operation to young women as “easy” without warning that there were risks attached

It was not long after this incident and many other similar, that the Plastic Surgery marketing trend switched to online, which not only was a cheaper option, but also offered other significant advantages. That practice has remained till date, and many businesses are also welcoming this change.

Some of the advantages of cosmetic surgery marketing online are

  • Offers a global reach as people have access from any part of the world
  • Comes across as a cheaper option when compared to traditional marketing methods
  • Has more space to convey detailed information to prospective customers
  • Offers other advantages in business, such as selling of products, customer enquiry, etc.

Here are some statistics that you need to see.

  • 1 out of every 3 people seek medical information online, before checking out other means
  • Almost 57% of patients are believed to have searched the Web for information on plastic surgery
  • Social media photo sharing has accelerated the demand for cosmetic surgery. People want to look great in the photos that they share. And Photoshop seems to be no longer cutting it. Social media have also led to a 31% increase in requests for cosmetic surgeries.
  • A massive 77% of the people tend to resort to popular search engines on the Web to look for medical information.

Now, what these four stats suggest is but the fact that the future, indeed, is online!

How can online cosmetic surgery marketing tactics be successful?

In the present day world, cosmetic surgery patients are better informed, and also technically sound about the entire process. Therefore, people are obviously a lot more observing and demanding.

Also, it is no longer something that only the rich can afford. Even the common person, today, can choose to get a cosmetic surgery done and has a lot of resources in place to make it affordable.

Keeping that mind, online cosmetic surgery marketing can come across as a powerful means to run a business. For e.g. online marketing offers a great set of tools, necessary ways and means and a stable platform to go about implementing your strategies. You can always reach out to your patients online, and keep them connected and engaged with your offers. Engaging with your patients, both past and present, is the key!

For e.g. at Destiny Meditravel, a pioneer in medical tourism industry, there is a lot of focus on engagement with the patient. If you are going to embrace medical tourism, and perform your cosmetic surgery abroad (Thailand, in the case of Destiny Meditravel), it is certain that you will have a great many doubts and queries that needs answering. Going through the website can, in fact, offer you a great deal of information and answers too. Right from the basics of the process you wish to undergo, to your travel, stay and back. Even your expenses can be arranged for by communicating with Plastic Surgery financial partners. Besides that, you always have a customer support in place to answer all your queries.

So, what one can learn is, that, the future of cosmetic surgery marketing lies online, and in proper ways to reach out and communicate with your prospective patients.

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What to Expect After Labiaplasty Surgery


In this article, we try our best to explain how you can best prepare yourself for the recovery period after Labiaplasty. Before you have your surgery, there are some supplies you need to have handy and things you may want to consider.

First let get you prepared for the surgery, there is some shopping to be done for some supplies you may want to have handy and things you may want to consider.

  • You can start taking arnica and bromelain pills the week before surgery to help with bruising and swelling. When you start taking the medication a week before, it has a chance to get into your system and work more effectively. Less swelling means less pain and we all want that!
  • Buy a spray bottle which you will fill with water. You will learn the use for this below.
  • Purchase come Sanitary Napkins Do not use tampons
  • You may want to clear the area of hair prior to the procedure. 
  • Wear loose undergarments for two weeks after the surgery to prevent rubbing
  • Shower regularly
  • Wash the vaginal area after every toilet visit
  • Avoid sitting for the first few days after surgery.  It is best to stick to bed rest as much as possible
  • Sex! If you can’t go without sex for longer than three to six weeks, you are not a candidate for this procedure. Your incisions need adequate time to heal or you can end up ruining your result and needing revision/reconstructive surgery.

What happens after Labiaplasty Surgery?

So, you’ve had your lady parts, specifically your labia, trimmed to an appearance you feel more comfortable with. Surgery part is over but, this is only the beginning. Knowing how to care for your incisions after labiaplasty will make your recovery much smoother and less painful, figuratively and literally.

Day 1-2

The day after surgery, expect, your woo hoo be quite swollen. The skin over your clitoris may be bulging as well even though no cutting was done in this area. Absolutely do NOT expect them to look “normal.” The tissue down there can stretch significantly. It may look alarmingly swollen. It may look even “worse” than where you started due to swelling. Don’t freak out!

Your surgeon will have given you specific advice concerning medication and let you know when your post-operative consultations will be.  They will want to see you to ensure that the wounds are healing properly and that the labia are even and a correct shape

Applying a cold compress to the area will help with pain relief and swelling. Avoid keeping the cold compress on the area longer than 15 minutes at a time. Take your pain mediation given to you from your surgeon before you feel the pain to get a head start on the pain. 

Mild blood-tinged drainage is normal. You may have some stinging with urination. Using a spray bottle filled with water to squirt on the incisions as you urinate will dilute the urine running over your incisions and take away the sting. Additionally, it gives the added benefit of cleaning the area after urination.

Day 3-7

Expect that the swelling may get a bit worse before it gets better. Do not be concerned. Keep using the spray bottle with urination to give pain relief and to clean the area. You should continue to take your pain medications and apply ointment as directed by your surgeon. You may continue to ice as directed if your surgeon has okayed this. Friction from your underwear or more fitted clothing may cause discomfort.

As you start to move about a bit more, you may notice ups and downs in the amount of swelling of your labia. Pain and/or discomfort is still to be expected but improving daily. Blood-tinged drainage on your underwear or sanitary napkin/pantiliner is normal. You may still not be wearing any tight clothing/underwear if you’re sensitive to the pressure. Ointments and pain medication should be used as directed by your surgeon. Keep using your spray bottle when you vist the toliet for as long as you feel discomfort. 

If during this first week you have unbearable pain, foul odor, pus, excessive drainage, fever, or any other concern, you should call your surgeon.

Good news is after the first week everything starts to feel less intense, although you may still have pain and discomfort it will be nothing like the past week!

Day 8 and Beyond

You should start to see the light at then end of the tunnel about now with all your symptoms starting to dissipate. We ae not telling you that there may not be some pain but it will be a lot less. You will still have some swelling and tenderness although your toliet visits won’t need you water bottle buddy from last week by now.

At day 7 or 8 your will go visit your surgeon again for check up and have stitches removed

You will start to notice a huge improvement by the time you reach day 14, the swelling will have almost gone with none or very little pain. You may still have discomfort when any pressure from clothing is applied, this just means that you may have to stick to those granny knickers a little longer!


The wounds will heal quickly and should be sealed within a few days.  It is very important that you maintain a very high standard of hygiene in order to keep the area clean and free from any infection.  You should use a sanitary napkin to keep the area clean and to prevent any rubbing.  Showering twice a day and spraying the vagina with water after toilet visits will keep the area nice and clean and will help speed up your recovery.  The wounds, if not treated properly, can weep and make the incisions take longer to heal, increasing the risk of infection. 

The scars left by a labiaplasty are minimal, the incisions are contoured to blend in with the folds of your skin and over time the scar tissue will be barely visible.  The tissue itself will be made to feel as pliable and supple as possible, so there is no continuing or long-term discomfort. 

You will need to wear loose underwear for two weeks following a labiaplasty in order to prevent any rubbing.  You will also have to abstain from sexual intercourse for four to six weeks and use sanitary napkins instead of tampons for around the same amount of time.  Any disturbance within the vaginal area could irritate and inflame the wounds and put your recovery back.  

Other everyday activities can be resumed once you feel ready.  This is usually a couple of weeks after the labiaplasty took place.The healing will not be totally complete until about two months after the surgery. 

Do you know the best Thailand hospital for breast implants?


The best hospital in Thailand for breast implants is the PIAC International Hospital in Phuket. It is one of the most renowned plastic surgery hospitals in Thailand. Being accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), a well-respected accreditation body, providing added assurance that patients are in great hands.

Benefits of having cosmetic surgery at PIAC Thailand international hospital
Deciding to have your breast implant at PIAC Thailand has many benefits. These include

  • Cheaper Price: The foremost benefit, of having your cosmetic surgery in Thailand, is the cost savings. For example, the cost of breast implants at PIAC is only about 30%-50% of what it would cost in Australia. Even if you factor in the travel, accommodation, and other expenses, you will still be saving money by having your preferred cosmetic surgery in Thailand. As such, it is a complete no-brainer should the choice arise whether you should do your plastic surgery in Thailand or not.• World Class Surgeons: PIAC offers its customers the services of world class surgeons in Thailand. Some of them have had extensive training and experience in the US while some are renowned in their respective areas of specialisation. The Thailand Surgeons are all highly competent in  breast implants, face lifts, tummy tucks and liposuction and many other plastic surgery procedures.• First Class Facilities: Some of the facilities offered at PIAC can easily beat those offered in Australia – luxurious and well-maintained private rooms, a top class service and more. Plus, keep in mind that you get all this at a lower price!• 24 Hour Care: During your stay at the hospital, you will have 24 hour nursing care available and ready for you. In the unforeseen event that you develop any complications after the surgery, you can be rest assured that you will receive immediate help and medical attention.

PIAC Surgery Guarantee
The PIAC Hospital surgery guarantee is a unique promise given by the PIAC to its clients. You have coverage if any complications should arise from any operation that is a result of either the hospital or surgeon when you return home to Australia. PIAC promises to compensate you for the associated cost so you may go back to Phuket for correction (including travel cost). The hospital review board will assess  your case and will decide on a compensation amount. You will then be receiving 50% to 100% of the amount depending on your complication. Read full details of PIAC Surgery guarantee at www.destinymeditravel,com.au.

How do I arrange breast implant surgery in Thaland at PIAC?
You can try to arrange your entire surgery holiday yourself, believe me it’s not as easy as it seems. Take our advice, engage the services of a medical tourist agency in your country to arrange for your Plastic Surgery at Phuket International Aesthetic Centre.

Destiny Meditravel is one such agency that has over 10 years of experience in sending Australians for cosmetic surgery at PIAC. Once you request their service, you need not worry about another thing! They will help you in scheduling your surgery, book your flight tickets, book your accommodation and manage other details that will make your plastic surgery holiday in Thailand completely stress free. To know more about Destiny Meditravel and how they can help you, visit their website at www.destinymeditravel.com.au

How Eye Correction Options in Thailand can save you money

Thailand Eye Correction

Nothing is more important than good health, and now thanks to the development of high standards of vision correction and ophthalmology. In countries like Thailand being on top of your eye care doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you have astigmatism, cataracts, want Lasik laser eye surgery or simply need a new pair of glasses, there are numerous eye Correction Options in Thailand that can save you money. Both prescriptions and reading glasses are on average 50-75% cheaper than in Australia. The advances in wavefront eye surgery of Lasik, as well as the price, make not considering Thailand as an eye surgery option for vision correction just not an option.

Lasik Eye Surgery

Improving your vision means improving your lifestyle, so maybe it’s time to examine the lifestyle benefits the iLASIK Procedure. Custom LASIK surgery, also known as wavefront LASIK or wavefront-guided LASIK. Wavefront Lasik uses 3-dimensional measurements of how your eye processes images to guide the laser in re-shaping the front part of the eye.The iLASIK Procedure uses exclusive LASIK technology, only from AMO and is the result of a more than a decade’s worth of technical refinement. It combines all of the most highly advanced all-laser LASIK technology in one efficient LASIK procedure. It simply doesn’t get any better, safer or more affordable, so now’s the time to have eye correction surgery in Thailand.

Eye surgery option for vision correction in Phuket, Thailand:

  • Cataract Removal Surgery
  • Pterygium Surgery
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Refractive Lens Exchange (Phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation)
  • Vitreoretinal Surgery (Retina and Vitreous Surgery)

Like never before eye correction options in Thailand can save you money and improve your quality of life. Having your vision correction done at Phuket International Hospital can save the customer up to $2000 when compared to considering eye surgery options from Australia of New Zealand. The eye specialists at the centre of Phuket International Hospital is a full-service eye care practice. With the latest technology, the Phuket International Hospital provides the full spectrum of prevention, diagnostics and treatment options for eye conditions and examination. The include, glaucoma, cataract removal surgery, eye care for elderly people and vision screening. The introduction of the iLASIK Procedure means the wait for perfect vision is over and it’s safe and simple because:

  • Most people are candidates for treatment, make an appointment and have an exam
  • The technologies used in the iLASIK Procedure are safe, efficient and used in more than 10 million procedures
  • The iLASIK Procedure is simple — it’s fast and virtually painless
  • The vast majority of iLASIK patients have seen 20/20 OR BETTER after surgery

In short, you no longer have to spend a fortune on laser eye surgery. Whether you have astigmatism, want vision correction surgery of just a new pair of glasses, options in Thailand range from Lasik vision correction to eye tests to affordable contacts and a variety of designer frames. Eye correction options in Thailand can save you money by providing the access to safe and effective vision correction at an affordable price.

Phuket Travel Information

Phuket Travel

Phuket Currency Name: Thai Baht

Code: THB

There is a vast supply of ATM’s (automatic teller machines) available throughout Phuket accepting most major cards from the major international networks such as Cirrus. Check the symbol on the back of your ATM card against the symbols on the ATM machine. However, transactions fees can be considerably high, and it is wise to check with your bank prior to departure. Maximum withdrawal amount per day is usually 20,000 baht. Rates of exchange at banks and any authorised money exchangers are more competitive than those offered by hotels and retail outlets.

Money can be easily changed at currency exchange counters on retail strips such as Patong, Kata and Phuket City. Always ask in advance how much Baht you will receive for $x and count it back carefully. Some money changers are very quick and slightly alter their first offer in their favour if you are not attentive. Credit card Major credit cards are accepted in most retailers and restaurants.

Phuket  International Airport

Phuket International Airport is a 40-minute drive from Patong, Kata and Phuket City tourist areas. DMT Client will have pre-arranged transfers so will not need to worry about the barrage of taxi drivers offering their services.

The Internet Access

Most Phuket resorts offer wireless broadband internet access. Alternatively there are plenty of Internet Cafés available in the main tourist areas of Phuket.

Electricity Outlets

Electricity – 220 Volts. Several different plugs and sockets are in use, but two pins flat (US type) or round (European type) are pretty universal. Adapters can buy at local stores.

outket2 outlet1

Non Surgical Facelift Trending for 2015

non-surgical facelift

We have all made it through another Christmas and New Year period, but thankful it is over. As much as it may be lovely catching up with family and friends, comes with that is always some form of judgment. We don’t like to admit it but at some point, we end up sitting at the Christmas table thinking to ourselves how much older we look since last year or even 5 years earlier.

You may start to notice the very first signs of aging, which are usually subtle, but still bothersome. What was once a smooth complexion may now be home to small sun spots, crow’s-feet, dark under-eye circles and uneven texture? Although you may be too young to consider a facelift or just not ready for such a drastic measure, there are other options. We will explore these options to enable you to take matters into your hands and correct the changes that you’re seeing. Many will prevent the signs of aging from progressing as you get older with the proper plan of attack.

Sagging skin, severe wrinkles, creases, shady circles, and weakening lips are just some of the symptoms of aging that seen on the face. These signs can make you look of age while you are not. There are many facial surgery procedures to help an individual look young and fresh again. It is also essential to identify that not every person needs or agrees to experience a facelift surgery. There are some alternative cures to cosmetic face-lift surgery, which give you a non-surgical face-lift, diminish wrinkles and help you look almost 10 years younger. A non-surgical face-lift is a feasible and cost-efficient means to improve the physical appearance of your face, reducing the look of aging.


Anti-Wrinkle Creams:

Anti-aging and facelift creams are marketed to consumers to look younger by reducing, masking or prevent the signs of aging.There are many anti-aging products and treatments that have proven to be unable to give lasting or major positive effects. The formulation and ingredients used in the creams will determine the effectiveness and results to expect. You should be looking for those that contain Retinol for smoothing wrinkles, unclogging pores, lightening superficial brown spots, and improving the texture of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, can add to the moisturizer’s hydrating qualities, and may even spur new collagen production. Niacinamide, when looking to address dark spots resulting from acne scars, the sun damage, or old age, this ingredient prevents melanin or pigmentation, from rising to the surface. The message here is to find the right ingredients that work well with you. Facelift creams are an exceptional first step for persons with mild symptoms of aging or individuals who are not ready for a dramatic treatment?

Botox Injections and Fillers:

Even dermatologists can’t agree on which products work best and last longest. Why? Off-setting wrinkles isn’t an exact science. Myriad factors — like skin texture, age and amount ofsun damage — are taken into account when plotting a patient’s best course of action when it comes to facial fillers. The four commonly used fillers are Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and Radiesse.

What the four have in common is the recovery/down time — itching, redness and/or bruising may occur at the injection site(s). Swelling may last for up to 7 days. And the basic procedure/pain factor: Usually a numbing cream (typically lidocaine) will be applied to the areas that will be injected, but most patients still experience moderate pain while being injected — especially around the mouth. 

Botox Injection (botulin toxin) Is an enormously standard noninvasive facelift cosmetic process. Botox is one of the finest non-surgical means to decrease or remove frown lines, neck bands, crow’s feet, forehead creases, and extra wrinkles. The toxin relaxes the muscles, stopping them from shrinking and decreasing the look of wrinkles. Botox is testified to be one of the successful superlative and harmless alternatives to having facial surgery.

Dermal Fillers are products that are designed to contour, create volume, fill lines and hydrate the skin. Our product range consists of dermal fillers for the treatment of lips, facial lines, wrinkles and facial folds. The results are immediate.

Ulthera Skin Tightening:

Ultherapy is a new type of non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for the face, neck and chest that uses ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin. 

The FDA-cleared device employed in the procedure utilizes the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin. Including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift–without disturbing the surface of the skin.

Now there’s a way to stand firm in the face of gravity—on your terms. With Ultherapy, there’s no downtime, no foreign substances, no radical change; just a healthy revving-up on the inside for a natural, noticeable effect on the outside.With Ultherapy, you can go about your day after a single, 30-60 minute in-office procedure. You may notice a short-term “boost”, but the natural process of creating new, more elastic, collagen builds over time. Much like the effect that exercise has on building muscle (but without the multiple workouts!).

Laser Skin Tightening:

Laser therapy is a great non-surgical facelift treatment that uses an infrared light for the sake of smoothness of the skin. Through the laser face-lift process, lights of low-intensity beams are introduced on to the skin to encourage collagen production. Increases oxygenation and moisture, to secure skin and to stimulate skin repair, and to improve texture and appearance. The laser light steadily decreases wrinkles, and tones the face and muscles of neck lifting, the cheeks, jaw lines and also eyebrows for getting a natural face-lift. The most interesting thing of laser facelift is that there is no downtime involved. Ideal results may take up to three distinct treatments, and extra skin tightening will arise during the following few months after the process.

Thread Lift:

Thread lifts preserve the natural contours of the face, so that the results are more subtle and natural looking. The results are achieved without hospitalisation, without scarring and with a minimum of downtime. In fact, you can return home within a few hours and resume normal activities after a few days.

The advantage of absorbable threads is that they will not impact on any future procedures (should you wish further thread lifts or other lifts in years to come).

In addition to restoring the natural facial contours, there are also other advantages of a thread lift procedure, including new skin firmness, and the treatment may improve skin colour, tone  and texture. Unlike traditional face-lifting procedures, the Thread Lift dissolvable threads offer a “soft” non-surgical approach and in typical cases, do not leave any scars on the skin. The standard thread lift takes from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the number of threads, after which you can return home within a few hours.

Selfies Create Plastic Surgery Boom

Selfie Surgery

With selfies and groupfies gaining more and more prominence, imagine if one such profile picture of yours revealed those wrinkles or faults on your face? Not a good way to go about it, right? We all want to look good and clean in our photos. The fact that the word ‘selfie’ has gained prominence and even made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary is something that outlines the importance of having a clean facial appearance. And simply not just photos, we all want to look good every other time too, or else our virtual lives would be rather a stark contrast to our real one. For e.g. you could imagine how important a clean face would naturally be for an aspiring model or TV personality. However, sometimes no matter what, certain natural elements in the face can be a roadblock. Photoshopping was the old school option to make the face look flawless. Photoshop seems very much of an old trend that’s dying now Selfie Surgery phenomena grows!

What is Selfie Surgery?

Well, believe it or not it is an emerging trend these days with Selfie Surgeries creating an additional demand facial improvement surgeries and treatments. In fact, they have become hugely popular as more people realise the wonders it can actually do to your face. A face lift or

Well, believe it or not it is an emerging trend these days with Selfie Surgeries creating an additional demand facial improvement surgeries and treatments. In fact, they have become hugely popular as more people realise the wonders it can actually do to your face. A face lift or fillers are an ideal way to remove any sag, creases, loose skin or fats. Often, a patient is also likely to undertake other forms of facial rejuvenation or cosmetic improvement surgeries like using fillers or nose corrections, brow lifts, neck lifts, lip and eyelid surgery along with face lifts. The non-surgical option of using fillers and lasers is a safe process to undergo for any patient. Because these options provide an entirely nonsurgical process with instant results it eliminates any fear with patients, when they hear something like a surgery. In case you do not agree, then here are some facts and stats for you.

The number of nose jobs done in America has seen a massive 10 percent rise in 2014 while that of eyelid surgery shows 6 percent. The American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says there is an increasing demand in patients who are ready to undergo cosmetic surgeries, mainly because of the selfie trend on social media. And, it’s also out there that the early weeks of January 2015 is probably the best to get a face lift done. Why? You might ask! Here’s why. Is there a better time than the first month of the year to get started with a fresher and cleaner look? Yes, most people think not! Huffington Post reports of a talent agent in LA, who spent as much as $15,000 on multiple cosmetic procedures, to look great in her selfies. London-based Weymouth Street Hospital  states that these days there is an enormous rush to cosmetic surgeons for all sorts of options. These include, eyelid surgery, brow lifts, Rhinoplasty (nose lifting) and partial and full facelifts. In fact, the demand for face lifts has gone up by around 37% when compared to last year.

One might question whether the self-image, which results from a cosmetic surgery, is worth the cost of undergoing it? So for that answer, you can always turn to some of the well known celebrities who have experienced it, be it Ashley Tisdale or Britney Spears. Most celebrities, who have resorted to some form of cosmetic surgery, have always pointed out that they have mostly gained in terms of rejuvenation. Also worthy of note, is the fact that men are no alien to cosmetic surgeries either. Famous actors and TV personalities like Bruce Jenner, Mickey Rourke and Simon Cowell have all undergone some cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Some are also on the lookout for beard transplants these days. Another thing, which patients are pretty concerned about, is how and where they are getting their surgery done, with associated costs also being a primary reason that comes into the question. Cosmetic surgery can be mostly expensive in most nations like the UK, the US or Australia.

A number of factors contribute to such costs, mainly the surgeon’s consultation fees, his/her experience and the location. The source of funding needs consideration on the part of the patient wanting to undergo such a surgery. For e.g. In Australia, one cannot avail Medicare or private insurance for any cosmetic surgery. Because available disposable income makes monetary matters difficult for many people, a wiser option would then be to have it performed abroad, and by availing financial help from institutions that offer help for such surgeries. These intuitions are also known to offer very flexible application and payment options, which make it easy for patients to adhere. Coming to the choice of destinations, especially for those who prefer a surgery abroad, Thailand is emerging as a booming place for all sorts of cosmetic surgery. Not only does it serve as a cheaper option, but also that it has fantastic cosmetic surgeons in place to carry out the procedures for you. Let not forget the recovery period in. Thailand doubles up as a great holiday destination, so something like a cosmetic surgery holiday sounds perfect!

Destiny Meditravel happens to be an excellent option for those looking to have their cosmetic surgeries or face lifts done in Thailand. Phuket is the ideal destination, with great travel packages in the offing. In fact, a sixteen night long package will set you back by around $A4900, something that would start at around $A6000 in Australia alone. On a similar note, costs in the US and the UK can be a whole lot higher as well. Destiny Meditravel is known to provide for an estimated cost for the process, so you will not have to worry about any hidden costs either. There is also all round support for application for funding, for when you need it, and also the ease of having it done online for convenience. As we are well into the first month of 2015, it expected that more and more people will continue to visit surgeons for cosmetic surgeries.

Just as Melanie Bawden CEO of Destiny Meditravel, says, “In 2014, we saw a significant increase in clients traveling to Phuket for Facial Rejuvenation. We had huge increases in clients having facelifts, eyelift, and rhinoplasty. Facial rejuvenation treatments have gained popularity such as facial laser resurfacing, fillers and especially lip augmentation.” “User engagement on social media sites grows daily, and the selfies phenomena will continue to escalate the number of Cosmetic Surgery clients we send to Thailand this year.” With your favorite celebrities, even male ones, taking to cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks, don’t you think it’s time for you to get going?

Let be honest now, many of you would be willing to go for a facial rejuvenation scheme to take part in the selfie surgery trend that seems to have taken the world by storm?

Ready, Set, Go Thailand Surgery

Phuket Surgery

Ok, So you have been researching into the cost of having Breast Augmentation or a Tummy Tuck in Thailand. You have now found out that the cost of having surgery in Phuket is significantly lower than the quote you received from your Australian Plastic Surgeon. Only downside if you can call it that,  is that you have to fly to a tropical island and stay for a predetermined time frame for recovery. (hey there are worse thing you could be doing in recovery)

You now ask yourself – “What is the Next Step to Booking Surgery?”

Firstly you also have to remember to add the cost of travelling to Phuket to the Surgery Cost or use one of the many Surgery All Inclusive packages Destiny Meditravel has put together. As not everyone’s requirements are identical we, customise Travel packages specific to Surgery recovery times. Depending on the surgery that you are having the recommended recovery time required in Phuket varies from 7-16 days. Our most popular is the Breast Implant package for $5500 that includes Flights, Hotel 9 nights and surgery.

Step 1 – Ready

Contact Meditravel and have one of our experienced staff provide you with a full quote including Travel. Your consultant will explain you package inclusions and what your next steps will entail.

Step 2 – Set

You will be required to complete a Patient Registration and supply images for one of our highly qualified Thailand Surgeons to provide an assessment. You will receive an evaluation that will include recommendations for your chosen surgery as well as confirm the pricing for surgery and required recovery period.

Step 3 – Go

Once  you have recommendations from the surgeon and have accepted them, you will then need to decide when you wish to have surgery.Once we have that we will book your appointments for consultation and surgery with your surgeon. We will then if required commence putting your surgery package together with your Travel Package, providing options and pricing on flights and hotels. Once all complete and confirmed it is just a matter of counting down the days until you depart.

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