4 Reason to Have Breast Implants

Reason to Have Breast Surgery

Now just to be clear from the onset, having small boobs isn’t really all that bad, thats why I told myself before I had Breast Implants in Thailand 9 Years ago anyway. I would tell myself that Fitted tees fit better, you won’t have to carry excess baggage, and people will actually look you in the eyes when you speak. It just so happens that there will always be moments when you want… more.

Hand Ups

Hands up if you ever wanter bigger boobs

All to often you’ll encounter any of these below top 5 problems that are so frustrating, it could tempt any flat-chested girl to get breast augmentation surgery. Now we are being honest, Hands up if you can relate to any of these five issues commonly faced by grown women with small chests.

  1. People Think you are Younger – Come to think of it that cannot be a bad option!The fact remains, however, that it can be a bit of a hassle to constantly asked for ID when you enter a bar, order alcohol, or even go into movies not meant for kids. Then to top to off if you have younger cousins or sisters, maybe even nieces, who are ‘bigger boobed’ than you, it raises that awkward question of… Who’s the big girl here?”

  2. The Bra has nothing to fill it – What is the point of wearing a bra when you barely have anything on your chest that needs supporting
  3. Some Clothes May you look like a boy -This is a lot worse than calling a friends newborn Baby Girl dressed in a pale Green jumpsuit a Baby Boy. Even worse  upon seeing a photo of you on Facebook  when your hair is/was particularly short. Wearing clothes that are only slightly unfeminine, like a comfy t-shirt and jeans, will make you look more of a prepubescent boy than a woman who simply likes to wear comfortable clothes.
  4. You have to have a flatter Tummy Than you Chest – Because if you don’t you’ll look like a lizard otherwise. Having no boobs at all is one thing, but if your stomach juts out farther than your chest, well – nothing is really more unattractive than that. Need we say more?

If those listed above and other flat-chested problems become too much to bear and you come to a point where you fear having to go without a push-up bra, don’t bother wearing a bra or just scared your chickenfillets may pop out in the middle of a hockey game then  breast augmentation may be the answer to end your woes. Have Breast Implant in Phuket will cost you $3900 AUD add in a 4 star hotel for 9 nights and flights and for less than $5500 you have a 9 day holiday and Breast Implants. What more could a girl ask for!

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