Plastic Surgery Finance Options Available

Surgery finance

Most people delay or even avoid looking at the option of having any Plastic Surgery based on their financial situation and not being able to afford what is seen as elective surgery as it is not essential to our well being or health,  or is it who really decided if it is or isn’t?

People both Men and Women undertake Plastic Surgery procedures world wide for a various of reason. The number one reason someone has Plastic surgery is they are unhappy with what they currently have or see. The number one reason that people who would like Plastic Surgery but don’t proceed is Financial reasons.

Having available Plastic surgery finance options, now makes Plastic surgery procedures affordable to those who might otherwise not consider it an option.

In Australian Medicare and private health insurers do not cover most cosmetic procedures, or hospital cost associated with them. This then only leaves the alternative of cosmetic surgery financing as the only means by which patients can afford the more expensive procedures like Tummy Tucks, Abdominoplasty, Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants) and Face Lifts. Although surgery in Thailand is considerably cheaper than the options available in Australia Plastic Surgery Finance is still an option for patient, regardless if the surgery is performed in Australia or not.

There are many financing companies and alternatives are available, from payment plans arranged through speciality Surgery finance institutions. These finance institutions are not banks but work with all types of credit sources to provide you the best deal possible for the amount of money and your situation as possible.

You will find that cosmetic surgery or even cosmetic dentistry financing is available regardless of the type of procedure requested which can also include your travel cost if travelling to Thailand for Surgery. You can have monthly payments varying based on the cost of the procedure and the length of time you need to repay the loan.

Applications can be done online or by phoning through your information and loan application, to receive loan approval almost immediately. It is always a good idea to investigate the various rates for cosmetic surgery financing from different sources including your own bank

When you are considering multiple plastic surgery procedures and even combining high cost dentistry, surgery finance can allow you that greater freedom of choice, making more expensive options feasible.

It is important to know beforehand which procedure you are opting for and the costs involved including Travel Cost to Thailand before you make a loan claim. A Destiny Meditravel Client Manager  will enable you to learn how much you need to borrow including surgery and travel cost. Thailand surgery cost include all post-operative visits, only one post-operative garment when having Breast Augmentation but non for other surgeries, all post-operative medications, is included in the  Surgery fee structure. When you know your full cost then  approach the finance company for the cosmetic surgery loan.

The loan term for cosmetic surgery financing ranges from 2-5 years. Usually these loans require no deposit.

Payment Plan Examples:

$4000 loan = $36/ Week for 3 Years = Breast Augmentation
$6000 loan = $52/ Week for 3 Years = Breast Lift with Implant or Tummy Tuck or Mini Face Lift
$8000 loan = $68/Week for 3 Years = Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck
$10,000 loan = $82/Week for 3 Years
$15,000 loan = $121/week for 3 years

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