How Big A Breast Implant Can I Have?

Choosing Biggest Beast Implant

We all know by now that the size of breast implants is measured in cubic centimetres (ccs), and they increase the size of a woman’s breasts on average one cup size every 175 to 200 ccs. It all well an good saying that you would like to go from an A Cup to a DD, but physically can you? This is all determined by your Thailand Plastic Surgeon  based on a number of this one being, your anatomy and chest measurements that he will take during your consultation

Measure chest to get bigger breastimplants

Your key dimension for determining your breast size is the width of your breast. The breast width is measured (in cm) from the cleavage area to the outer part of your breast, next to your arm. This is measured in a straight line and is not curved around the arc of your breast. Most women’s breasts are about 11-14 cm wide.

Once your Surgeon has done your measurement and knows the width of your breasts you can now discuss with them the dimensions of breast implants that would be best for you. An implant slightly narrower or about the same width as the width of your breast is usually a good choice and should fit you well. So, if your breasts are 12 cm wide, you should choose a breast implant with a diameter of about 12 cm. If your implant choice is within 1/2 to one centimeter of your breast width, you should do well. But, it is best to select an implant that is slightly narrower, rather than wider than your breast. So, in the case of a 12 cm wide breast, an implant with a diameter from 11-12 cm should be satisfactory.

Your Plastic Surgeon will refer to a Matrix Sizing Chart for Breast Implants. These are distributed by the Breast Implant Manufactures, all of the available implants are listed in a logical format that allows an easy comparison between the different profiles of implants.

Example Only – May differ from each Manufacture and type of Breast Implant


Volume (cc)

A Diameter (cm) The Base B Projection (cm) Outward off Chest
120 cc 9.4 2.5
150 cc 10.1 2.7
180 cc 10.7 2.9
210 cc 11.2 3.0
240 cc 11.7 3.2
270 cc 12.2 3.3
300 cc 12.6 3.5
330 cc 13.0 3.6
360 cc 13.4 3.7
390 cc 13.6 3.8
420 cc 14.0 3.8
450 cc 14.4 3.9
480 cc 14.8 3.9
510 cc 15.1 4.0
550 cc 15.4 4.0
600 cc 15.8 4.3
650 cc 16.0 4.5
700 cc 16.4 4.6
750 cc 16.8 4.8
800 cc 17.2 4.9

What limits how big a Breast Implant you should go?

  1. Your current breast size. This matters a lot because you’ve got to have enough existing breast tissue to cover the implant. If you haven’t got a lot to spare, some implants may just be too big to fit.
  2. Your chest and shoulder width. Fortunately, implants come in different base widths so you can get a size that works well with your frame.

Knowing and understanding the dimensional characteristics of breast implants by your surgeon is very important in determining which implant is best for you. In majority of Breast Implant surgery in Thailand, moderate profile implants are used and usually fit the average size patient best. Moderate profile implants tend to create nicely proportioned, natural appearing breasts.

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