Men having Surgery in Thailand too!

male plastic surgery

The Secret could be on it way out..

Unless you are suffering a vision impediment then you surely could not miss the the current expanding number of glossy male magazines with awesome-looking dudes on the cover, you could easily say that male swagger is on the way to content with the heights of female vanity. This trend is not just about the male model, it speaks of men all over the world whose vanity has increased regardless of the industry they are in.

Why else would these almost immaculately groomed male versions of the Roman goddess of beauty be presented as though they were sculpted and chiseled to perfection? The increasing number of such male magazines glorifying the incredible physical attributes of the male populace is setting the trend of promoting cosmetic surgery among men travelling to Thailand to have surgery. They head off on a relaxing break coming back all refreshed and younger looking ( or so they would like everyone to think) The popularity of men now choosing to join the ladies on Surgery Holidays to Thailand has noticeably increased over the past few years. 

Popular Male surgeries in Thailand include having liposuction to help chisel out those abdominal muscles that no matter how may crunches they do just wont pop out to that 6 pack. Many males also have the unfortunate situation of developing Gynecomastia which is commonly referred to as “Man Boobs” this is a surgery commonly preformed by out Thailand Surgeons. Male facial surgery in Thailand is probably the most popular surgery that our Aussie Men tend to be having, rejuvenating their face to a fresh younger look.

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