PIAC Best Hospital in Phuket for Plastic Surgery

PIAC Hospital

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand attracting thousands of visitors each year, Phuket has some superior quality hospitals that are used to dealing with foreigners that have all manner of holiday related health problems. The medical tourism industry in Thailand is burgeoning, and tourists are increasingly coming to Phuket for elective surgery combined with a holiday in the sun, since the private hospitals have low waiting times and it’s normally cheaper than in Australia, Europe and elsewhere for those looking for affordable Plastic Surgery Packages. Thai private hospitals are rather like decent quality hotels, with good inpatient facilities and comfortable rooms. Many Thai doctors are educated abroad, highly trained and speak excellent English and other European languages. You can have an exceptional surgeon and cheap surgery without compremise.

Phuket’s two main private hospitalsPhuket International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital Phuket, are both staffed with doctors and coordinators who speak English and other foreign languages making them the #1 Choice for Australian wishing to travel for surgery. Both hospitals have emergency care and Destiny Meditravel uses them both as our recommended hospital for our Phuket Plastic Surgery Clients medical tourism services including cosmetic surgery, Lasik eye surgery and dental procedures, even sex-change surgery.by highly trained internationally accredited surgeons.

These hospital are not just all about Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgeries for Westerners. No one likes to think about getting sick or having an accident while on holiday, but if you do fall ill when travelling in Phuket Phuket has by far the best health care facilities in the north Andaman coast region, so tourists in neighbouring Krabi or Phang Nga in need of health or emergency care may end up in Phuket for treatment.

You should always be aware that you can easily become sick or have an accident whilst on holiday, and it’s essential to have adequate health insurance to cover even the most unlikely scenarios. If you’re in an accident or have a serious health problem in Phuket, medical treatment costs can easily spiral into thousands, even millions of baht so ensure that you buy adequate travel insurance before you arrive. This can be done through your Travel Agent or through many online sitesThere have been reports of non-insured accident victims stuck in a Phuket hospital while their relatives back home make desperate efforts to raise the cash to pay their hospital bills – don’t be one of these people.

Phuket International Hospital has staff that are well trained to deal with foreigners and the facilities are excellent. It’s widely regarded as one of the best hospitals on the island. All the usual medical specialisms are covered such as cardiology, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, eye operations, and many more.such as a hyperbaric chambers affiliated with the hospital to treat decompression sickness, or “the bends”, a common ailment suffered by divers.


What Do I Expect After Breast Implant Surgery

Breast Surgery recovery

Getting breast implants  or any Breast Surgery in Thailand is a big decision, one that thousand of women make each year. Along with the joy of having larger breasts comes the responsibility of taking care of one’s body. There are many things that you should be considering as you recover from breast augmentation in Phuket.

You need to accept that, the recovery process is just as important if not more than having the surgery, since this is the stage during which the risk of complications can be minimised by the choice you make!

Before you even travel to Thailand to get your breast implant surgery, your Client Manager will help you plan out your recovery, which be done prior to your departure It is important that you do not over commitment yourself to anything beyond resting and recovering, especially for the first few days following the operation, since this is the time when you will need the most rest and assistance from your travel companion or Group surgery coordinator.

Immediately following your breast augmentation, your chest will be wrapped in a tight surgical dressing. While it may be uncomfortable, the snugness is intended to prevent excess swelling.

Your Thailand Plastic Surgeon will place one or more drainage tubes at the surgical sites, which will allow fluids to leave your chest during the initial stage of healing. Upon your discharge from the hospital you will receive instructions explaining how to take care of your incision sites over the coming week until your check up.

You remain in hospital overnight after surgery to ensure you are observed and assistance provided as required after surgery. Besides being in no state to return to your recovery hotel, you will be groggy, heavily medicated and in need of help when performing basic tasks.

Fortunately, you should be able to walk with minimal assistance. In fact, it is always recommended that women get up and take a brief walk every hour or two during the first day after the operation. This will reduce the risk of blood clots.

After your  Breast Implant surgery in Thailand is complete, you will begin the recovery process. It’s important that you take good care of yourself during this time to ensure that your body has time to heal and look its best. Once you have made it through the first 24 hours of your recovery following breast augmentation, you are well on your way to healing and getting back on your feet. Read on to learn what to expect in the days and weeks following your surgery.

  • You may experience considerable discomfort. Breast augmentation incision sites can ache or throb, requiring use of prescription medications which will be provided to you at your discharge from hospital
  • Its normal to feel some stiffness, soreness, tenderness or itchiness of the breast during the first two to five days following surgery. Having the assistance of a friend can make it much easier to move around or manipulate objects.
  • You will probably feel fatigued and sore for several days after the breast augmentation surgery, so rest is essential.
  • It’s normal to experience a feeling of tightness in the breast area as your skin adjusts to your new breast size and your breast implants. You may also notice diminished feeling in your breasts and nipples during immediate recovery. Your plastic surgeon may recommend breast massage or other exercises to speed recovery and help alleviate any discomfort.
  • Your surgeon may ask you to wear a postoperative bra or compression wrap, for extra support and positioning while you heal.
  • It is common to experience bruising or discolouration after surgery. Typically, this goes away within days,within a month, post-operative swelling should be all but gone.


  • When can you get up and starting moving again? Most surgeons will recommend doing regular walking and other light, non-strenuous activities within a day or two or surgery
  • Many women have trouble lifting their arms during the first week of recovery. Likewise, your surgeon will likely suggest that you avoid lifting, pulling or pushing anything, as well as exercising or doing anything that involves twisting your abdomen. Such activities can affect the speed at which your incisions heal.
  • It’s best to avoid any strenuous activities that could raise your pulse and blood pressure, or which require strenuous use of your arms and chest.
  • Your breasts may remain swollen and sensitive to physical contact for a month or longer.
  • Your surgeon will be able to provide you with more specific details about the recovery process. Contact your surgeon should any problems occur after your surgery.
  • Important note: If you experience a fever, or noticeable swelling and/or redness in your implanted breast(s), you should contact your surgeon immediately.

What is Downtime after Liposuction

Liposuction Suurgery Recovery
Liposuction is a great way to sculpt the body and remove pockets of stubborn fat. It has evolved over the past several years. Liposuction has become a much safer procedure and the lipo downtime has been reduced dramatically for the patient.
Tumescent Liposuction or “Liposculpture” allows the surgeon to target specific areas with much greater accuracy and control. Risks and recovery time are virtually eliminated and most patients return to their normal routine within 48 hours of their liposuction surgery in Thailand.

To make sure that you have the best recovery and minimal down town after Liposuction surgery you first need to make sure you are a good candidate for the liposuction surgery by discussing your desired outcome with your surgeon and getting his recommendations.

Those who are extremely overweight, have major medical conditions, expect perfection or are smokers might not be good candidates for liposuction or recovery from the procedure. If you expect perfection, talk to your liposuction surgeon before undergoing liposuction. Though most individuals are pleased with their results, perfection is not likely.

Healing and Post-Surgery Activity
Recovery from liposuction in Thailand is relatively quick and easy. Expect some swelling and bruising following the liposuction surgery. The patient will be required to wear a compression garment to minimizs swelling and provide support for about 7-14 days after their liposuction
Results are recognisable almost immediately. The swelling will subside and the patient will recognize a vast improvement throughout the healing phase. Clients walk out of the hospital the following day and remain active during the entire recovery period. Many clients return to light activities in 1-2 days, and can return to work upon their return from Thailand depending on what type of job requirements they have. More active jobs may require more down-time, per your Thai surgeon discretion.

Get plenty of rest the first few days following liposuction surgery.


What Happens in the Liposuction Surgery

3D animations of Lipo

Celebrities aren’t the only ones getting a sleeker look with surgery. Doctors perform an estimated 500,000 liposuction procedures in the United States each year, making it the most popular type of cosmetic surgery, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Most people know that liposuction involves removing fat from certain parts of the body to create a more streamlined shape. But how exactly does it work?

First, what is fat? It is tissue (otherwise known as adipose tissue) made up of cells that store energy and insulate the body. Fat is generally subcutaneous — located underneath the skin. Where fat is deposited around the body depends on a person’s gender. In men, fat tends to congregate in the chest, abdomen and buttocks. In women, it generally gathers in the breasts, hips, waist and buttocks.

­There are two layers of subcutaneous fat: deep and superficial. During a liposuction procedure (also known as lipoplasty or suction lipectomy), the doctor makes a tiny incision and inserts a hollow, stainless-steel tube (called a cannula) into the deep fat layer. Working on this layer is safer than working on the superficial layer, because there is less risk of injuring the skin. In a typical procedure, the doctor pushes and pulls the tube through the fat layer (a new technique, power liposuction, automates the movement). As the cannula moves, it breaks up fat cells, and a vacuum pump or syringe removes the fat with suction.

View a 3D Animation of what actually happens during the Liposuction Surgery

Will A Face Lift Makes Me Look Younger

Face Lift in Thailand cheaper

Having a facelift in Thailand is a great way to rejuvenate your look and turn back the clock on ageing.

But, you may wonder just how much younger it can make you look.

A 2012 study by Dr Nitin Chauhan, a plastic surgeon from the University of Toronto had medical students estimate the age of patients in their before and after photos.

Published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery journal, the study revealed facial surgery lowers the estimated age of patients by around six to eight years.

Not only that, but the age the students guessed patients to after surgery was in fact an average of nine years less than the patients’ actual age. Most patients were believed to be a year or two younger than their actual age in their before shots.

While this is just a rough estimate and does not work for everyone, it gives some indication of what you can expect to see in the mirror after you have recovered.

This difference can depend on the surgeon, however, but you can rest assured that the doctors in Thai hospitals are well qualified and their work is sure to leave you impressed.

You may have a different goal for your face lift, wanting to look less tired or more refreshed or simply better for your age. A holiday abroad combined with your surgery will help you look more relaxed, too!

However, for best results you should make sure you protect your skin when you are in the sun and maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Your surgeon will also be able to work with you to determine the best course of action as everyone’s needs and faces are unique and require an individualised opinion.

Reduce Scaring after Breast Surgery

If you are looking at having breast augmentation surgery in Thailand, you might have a few concerns about scarring.

Here are some of the ways you can minimise this so you will be bikini ready in no time.

Choose a good surgeon

An internationally accredited surgeon will be able to perform surgery in such a way that he or she leaves behind a very minimal scar.

The doctors in Thailand use the very latest in equipment and technique in order to reduce the chances of scarring.

Are there products that can be used to minimise scarring?

Your surgeon will offer you advice about how to look after your skin to prevent scarring.

While no product can completely remove a scar, they can help to minimise the effect on your body and protect it from irritation that can lead to scarring.

Often silicone-based sheeting can be used to reduce the thickness of scars, but it is essential to ask your doctor about this before attempting it.

Another great product is Hyper Heal Scar Cream that can be used Post Surgery after any stitches are removed to accelerate healing and improve scar appearance significantly.

Stay out of the sun

The sun’s harmful rays can cause scars to become thicker and darker, so where possible avoid the sun on the affected areas.

For the six months following surgery, you should keep the area covered and use an SPF 30 sunscreen to ensure the area is protected.

Use a pressure bandage

Following your surgery, you will be advised about what kind of bandages you need to wear, but keep in mind that pressure bandages may be able to flatten scars.

Consider vitamin E supplements

This vitamin has been known to assist with scar tissue management, so might be able to improve the appearance of your skin.

Before you take anything though, it is essential to run it by your surgeon to make sure it won’t interfere with any of the medications you have been prescribed.

4 Things about Facelifts

While you might know what kind of procedure you want to get when you head to Thailand for plastic surgery, there may be a few things you should know before you go under the knife.

Here are four surprising facts about face lifts that you might otherwise not been aware of.

1. Your facelift may help your migraines

In fact, strategic injections of botox may be able to prevent migraine headaches, in those who have more than 15 headache days a month.

Although it is not yet understood how botox can help to reduce the frequency of migraines, the most common theory is that it is able to inhibit the release of peripheral nociceptive neurotransmitters that may have a knock-on effect on the central pain processing systems that cause the headaches, according to the Migraine Trust.

2. The first face lift took place in 1901

Eugene Hollander is believed to be the first surgeon to perform a face lift surgery in Berlin, Germany in 1901. He lifted a portion of the facial skin, removed it and then sutured up the wound.

The techniques have been further developed since that time and the muscles and tissues are involved in this procedure, alongside the skin.

3. There are different types of facelift

You can either opt for a full face lift or what is known as a mini face lift, which involves less extensive movement of the skin and shorter scars.

If you have only slight, fine wrinkles this may be a better option than a full face lift, which is more invasive.

4. You can choose to be awake

When you have a face lift, you have the option of choosing a general or local anaesthetic. This means you can opt to be awake if you want to be aware during the procedure. (not often a choice people make)

If you choose a local anaesthetic you will be given a sedative and painkillers to make you as comfortable as possible.

Thing To Know Before A Tummy Tuck

If you are planning to have a tummy tuck, you may have a  few questions on the tip of your tongue.

Here are some of the things you might want to know before you head over for plastic surgery in Thailand.

When will I have a bikini body?

Unfortunately, you won’t walk out of the operating room and be able to squeeze into those skinny jeans straightaway.

One of the side effects of plastic surgery is swelling, so it is likely you may need to wait up to eight weeks before you are ready to show off your trim belly to the world.

However, you will be able to start seeing results a month after surgery.

Do I need to stay in bed after surgery?

It is advised you book in at least two weeks rest after your operation – and why not spend this time in tropical Thailand?

Allowing at least a fortnight of relaxation will mean you should be fighting fit in no time. Immediately following surgery you will need to stay in bed to avoid problems with dizziness.

As you can damage the delicate muscles of your abdomen after surgery, you may need someone to help you get to the bathroom the first few times.

It is best to roll over gently to get out of bed, but if you have any questions, your medical team can help you out.

Do I need to wear an elastic abdominal pressure garment under my clothes?

For the first two weeks after your operation, you will need to wear an elastic band over your abdomen.

This will help reduce the swelling and bruising. Your medical team will provide this and advise you about how to wear it for maximum benefit.

Will I have a scar?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to perform this operation without leaving a trace. However, your surgeon will talk to you about the best ways to minimise this.

Most surgeons use techniques that leave a scar that can be covered by a standard bikini so others at the beach may not even notice a few extra lines!

FAQ’s Plastic Surgery Thailand

FAQ SUrgery

Australian’s seeking Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dental first concern is always about the quality of hospitals and doctors in Thailand. A common reason for this concern is the fact that Cosmetic Surgery and Dental costs are significantly lower in Thailand than in Australia. However, the cost difference isn’t caused by a lack of quality. Western countries are tied up in overwhelming administrative and insurance costs and surgeons charging exorbitant fee for their skills

Meditravel have chosen Phuket Thailand as our destination of choice for a number of reasons. The unique combination of world-class quality, service and expertise at affordable prices enable them to remain extremely attractive as destinations for cosmetic surgery and recovery treatments.

Of course, our personal knowledge and experience is something extra that you may not get from all agencies. We are with you every step of the way, and will be on hand if you need anything. We will help with all formalities with the hospital and clinics and then ensure you are comfortable and recovering well. When you are on your feet, we can offer a range of luxurious pampering treatments or tours to show you around Phuket.

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If you find that you questions are not answered below we encourage you to submit your question as if your are asking them surely someone else is thinking it too and we can added it to list below.

Ask Your Question

Breast Lifts Improve Breast

A woman’s breasts help define her femininity, and with the vast differences in shape, size, and appearance, breasts further help to define her individualism. Therefore, changes to the breasts can be dissatisfying and make women feel as if they are losing some of their femininity and youthful vitality.

What causes breasts to change shape?

Although there are many factors that can contribute to sagging of the breasts, the ageing process and the effects of gravity play a primary role in these changes. Just like facial skin, the skin around the breast loses its elasticity in response to a gradual breakdown of the skin’s support network, which causes it to become lax. In addition, the suspensory ligaments that attach the breast to the chest wall weaken and stretch in response to gravity.

The breasts also enlarge during pregnancy and breast feeding, which further causes the skin to stretch. As the breasts reduce in size following pregnancy, the skin that was once stretched, is now loose and sags.

Lastly, fluctuations in your weight and even hormonal changes can cause your breasts to change in appearance. In combination, these factors can cause the breast to droop and sag, or in some cases rotate in a downward direction.

Vertical technique

Majority of Cosmetic Surgeons use the vertical technique for all kinds of breast reductions , breast lifts and Breast Lift with Implants. It involves a v-shaped incision that extends around the top of the areola and down the midline of the breast.

Although this procedure is less invasive, as they reduce the scar (no horizontal scar), it also achieves a large degree of lift. This technique gives a better projection of the breast and a long-lasting result compared to the ‘anchor’ technique. Therefore, this type of incision is appropriate for individuals with larger breasts and moderate to severe breast ptosis (drooping).

Breast lift recovery

It is recommend that patients wear a type of compression garment following their procedure. This tight-fitting garment will help to reduce swelling by preventing fluid build up, as well as provide comfort and support as the patient heals. You will likely have to wear the compression garment for several weeks.

Most often surgical drains are present, they along with any bandages will likely be removed within 24 hours, while any dissolvable stitches may stay in place for one to two weeks. You may experience some minor pain, bruising, and swelling, as well as numbness around the areola-all of which should subside in several weeks.

Although you may feel well enough to return to work in approximately one week, you should continue to avoid strenuous activity such as exercise for three or four weeks after your procedure to allow your body sufficient time to heal.It is a requirement that client remain in Phuket for at least 16 days after surgery date for recovery.

Breast lift results

Patients will be able to notice a dramatic difference in the shape and position of their breasts immediately following your procedure and may continue to notice a change in the appearance of their breasts as swelling subsides and they settle into their new positions. In fact, it may take up to one year before the final results from the procedure are apparent.

Although there will be permanent scars following a breast lift, the scars will slowly face to thin white lines with time. It is important to realise that if you become pregnant after having a breast lift, the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding may compromise the results and cause your breasts to sag and change shape.

Although a breast lift cannot stop the ageing process, it can help you not only improve the position of your breast but restore the fuller, shapelier appearance that you desire for years to come.

Why have a Breast Lift in Thailand?  Cost of Breast Lift in Thailand?

One of the most convincing reasons is the price of Breast Lift  surgery in Thailand We do not like our clients to have any unexpected surprises with pricing when they arrive in Phuket to have their Surgery or dental we are always aware of being transparent about pricing. . We provide pricing both in Thai Baht (THB) and Australian Dollars (AUD) Our Pricing is provided direct from the hospital in Thai bah which we convert to AUD for the convenience of our clients

Breast Lift  Surgery Procedures

Phuket Price* (THB) from:

Phuket Price* (AUD) from:

Nights required in Phuket


Breast Lift 130,000 4,250 12
Breast Lift with Implant 210,000 7,250 14-16
1 2